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A Visual History Of Posing Naked With Hats

History Harper's BAZAAR

Following Kylie Jenner facing off with blogger Amanda Ensing, we've been pondering.. who exactly invented the phenomena of posing naked with a hat?
'In case you haven't noticed—and we can't believe that anyone hasn't noticed—there's some hat-related drama unfolding on Instagram. In a nutshell: Kylie Jenner posted a shot from her Turks and Caicos vacation wearing nothing but Jacquemus' Insta-famous 'La Bomba' hat. The beauty mogul is artfully arranged, the hat is pulled down to flop over the eye and only Jenner's neon yellow pedicure is on show. Soon after, Instagram blogger Amanda Ensing took to the comment section to write, \'This photo looks awfully familiar 😅\' Ensing, who boasts a casual 1.4 million followers, had also posted a similar shot—nude but covered partially with a non-La Bomba hat. All too happy to reply, Jenner wrote back, \'From the words of Kim K ur not on my mood board but I did get my inspo off of Pinterest.\' We were left with questions. Is the posing-naked-with-hat concept so niche that if two vaguely famous people do it within the same two months, it's considered plagiarism? Or is it so common that there are Pinterest search results for it? Plagued by these questions, we'd dived in: just how prevalent is naked hatting? Harper's BAZAAR A Visual History Of Posing Naked With Hats Kylie Jenner . Bella Hadid . Tina Kunakey . Emily Ratajkowski . Denni Elias . Katarina Petrovic . Denni Elias . Jessica Mercedes Kirschner . Tatiana Korsakova . Kim Zolciak-Biermann .'