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18 hilarious wedding photo fails

Wedding Now To Love

Hilarious wedding photos that will make you laugh out loud - from surprising photobombs to bridal wardrobe malfunctions..
'When you're fortunate enough to see a loved one exchange vows with their partner, it's pretty hard to resist snapping a couple (hundred) photos. However, while it's always fun to capture the heartwarming moments, nothing beats the classic candids and photobombs — or rather, the funny wedding pictures.. As much as we all dream of having the perfect wedding, it's actually the imperfect moments — like those unexpected delays and embarrassing mishaps — that make ceremonies even more special. Of course, most brides might disagree with this outlook (and we're probably guilty of panicking over these things at our own weddings too). However, when those moments are caught on camera, they turn into the best memories. All of a sudden, you realise that the flower girl who simply refused to cooperate was just the cutest little thing, and that borderline-violent tackle for the bride's bouquet is now something you just can't help but laugh at. These newlyweds were fortunate enough to capture some of the best moments, from surprising photobombs to hilarious bridal wardrobe malfunctions! Keep scrolling for more hilarity! Now To Love 18 hilarious wedding photo fails 'Just act natural.' (Image: Awkward Family Photos) This bride got a bubble in her eye at the wrong moment. (Image: Awkward Family Photos) When they tell you to jump and everything goes wrong. (Image: Awkward Family Photos) 'What the hell is going on here?' (Image: Awkward Family Photos) Everyone say cheese! (Image: Awkward Family Photos) We all know that feeling when you're *SO* hungry you just can't wait - and this little cutie perfectly captured that feeling, and stole the show in his Mum and Dad's wedding photo.Too cute! (Image credit: Dani Ford Photography) It helps to have a sense of humour about things! (Image: Supplied) Just roll with it. (Image: Supplied) Talk about a good photobomb! (Image: Supplied) Uh oh! (Image: Supplied) This couple had a surprise appearance from one keen swimmer. (Image: Supplied) This bridesmaid sure showed him who's boss! (Image: Supplied) One too many pre-ceremony champagnes there? (Image: Supplied) Best not send this one to granny.. (Image: Supplied) Peekaboo! We see you! (Image: Supplied) Not entirely sure who's crashing whose shot.. (Image: Supplied) Bet this bride is regretting inviting this guest. (Image: Supplied) Now that's what we call a party! (Image: Supplied) undefined'

Every Photo From Inside Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas' Romantic Maldives Honeymoon

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See all the photos from inside Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' stunning Maldives honeymoon..
'Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have always wholeheartedly embraced PDA and now, we can safely say they're enthusiastic proponents of honeymooning as well. Having officially celebrated their second wedding in France , the pair are currently on their honeymoon in the Maldives, arguably the most romantic destination on earth. Luckily for all of us, the pair gave us a little peek of their stunning escape by sharing images (and one seriously epic video) to their respective Instagram pages, and let's just say, the travel envy is real. But don't take our word for it, scroll on for all the photos from Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' romantic Maldives honeymoon. Sukriti Wahi Every Photo From Inside Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas' Romantic Maldives Honeymoon Sunset cocktails on the water AKA heaven. Chess and sushi, anyone? Exploring paradise. Just lounging around. Long walks on the beach.'

Should we take photos with phones at weddings?

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We'll put our hands up and admit that we aim to get that perfect kiss photo for our Instagram accounts but after this photographer's passionate plea to wedding guests to stop ruining professional photos by getting in the way with their phones, we
'From custom couple hashtags to getting that perfect bridal Pinterest board, weddings these days have changed a lot since our parents and grandparents' generations. We'll put our hands up and admit that we aim to get that perfect kiss photo for our Instagram accounts but after this photographer's passionate plea to wedding guests to stop ruining professional photos by getting in the way with their phones, we may have to re-think our strategy. Professional wedding photographer Hannah Mbalenhle Stanley took to Facebook and shared an open letter after taking snaps at a wedding where a guest blocked her view thereby ruining the shot showing the bride walking up the aisle. \'To the girl with the iPhone..,\' Hannah opened her letter. \'Not only did you ruin my shot, but you took this moment away from the groom, father of the bride, and the bride. What exactly do you plan on doing with that photo? Honestly. Are you going to print it out? Save it? Look at it everyday? No. You're not. But my bride would have printed this photo , looked at it often and reminisced over this moment as her dad walked her down the aisle on her wedding day. But instead, you wanted to take a photo with your phone, blocking my view, and taking a photo that you will not use.\' Hannah went on to urge guests to \'please stop viewing weddings you attend through a screen but instead turn OFF your phone, and enjoy the ceremony.\' \'You are important to the bride and groom, you would not be attending the wedding otherwise. So please, let me do my job, and you just sit back, relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment.\' . The post has since had over a thousand comments and has sparked a hot debate with people all over the world. \'This is extremely harsh to the poor person simply trying to capture a moment . If you don't want phones at your wedding, have a SIGN. This is unfortunate but is no one's fault but the bride and groom for not telling the guests it was a no phone ceremony,\' one person wrote. WATCH: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan share unseen photos for their first wedding anniversary. Post continues after video.. Watch video But despite backlash, Hannah received support from commenters who agreed that photography should be left to the professionals . \'I actually agree with the photographer..because every time I go to a school event I can NEVER see my daughter perform because there is always someone in front of me holding their phone up and capturing the show on video. It happens at concerts and it happens at even church!!!\' What are your thoughts on phones at weddings? Now To Love has reached out to Hannah for comment.'

EXCLUSIVE: Laura Byrne spills on her and Matty J’s upcoming wedding plans – and reveals she’d love to have another baby!

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New mum Laura Byrne and Matty J welcomed baby Marlie Mae into the world three weeks ago. And now The Bachelor star reveals she's already planning the next one as well as their wedding.
'The Bachelor's golden couple Laura Byrne and Matty Johnson's world got a little bigger recently when they welcomed their first child, Marlie-Mae into the world. And just three weeks after giving birth, Dyson ambassador Laura spoke candidly to Now To Love about how life has changed as a new mum, spilled on her wedding plans and revealed how the couple's little bundle of joy has made her clucky for another child. Laura on… how life changed in the weeks since giving birth The other day was actually three weeks since we had Marlie Mae. It's been a hell of an adjustment going from super autonomous to being every decision being like ' How do we get out of the house with a baby or how do we do this?' I haven't really had much time to myself at all in the last three weeks but it's been wonderful. Even when you're pregnant you can go and do whatever you want to whenever you want to but then as soon as you have a baby, you also have an identity shift where every decision you make in the morning has to be based around what you are going to do for the both of you. So that's the biggest thing that I've had to get my head around that you're not thinking for yourself anymore, you're thinking for two people. It's definitely an identity shift. WATCH: Matty J shares touching video of the couple's first ultrasound. Story continues after video.. Watch video Laura on…. the best thing about being a new mum Honestly, I could stare at her all day, she's amazing. She's the sweetest little thing. For all of the adjustments that need to be made… as soon as I had her, I was like 'I'll have another one!'\' But yeah, it's been really wonderful and she sleeps through the night really well and I think that everyone that has kids has very different newborn stories. I've been very lucky that I have still have been able to leave the house and do things and I don't feel too stressed so she's quite a calm and quiet baby. Earlier this week when we went into Dyson's new Beauty Lab, she slept the whole time I was there getting my hair done. She's just the dreamboat! Laura on… what Matty J is like as a dad Matt has done all the nappies. He's on nappy duty. And he's been really good too. Our sleep is really broken at the moment because she has to feed at all hours. But he will get up in the morning, just after her 7am feed and he will take her into the lounge room so I get three or four hours extra to sleep in the morning. He's been amazing. Hopefully his very hands-on approach continues Laura on… her and Matty J’s wedding plans We were actually just talking about it today. We put everything on hold, just while we were having Marlie and we wanted to enjoy having a newborn baby and didn't want to have the stress of trying to plan a wedding straight away but we definitely know it's going to be next year and we're hoping it will be towards the end of next year, but before it gets too hot. It will be in Australia but probably away from Sydney.I'm actually so excited to plan it. There's been no time to plan a wedding, we've been too busy in our little love bubble with the baby. Marlie will be more than one so she'll be walking by then. So we'll definitely have her involved in the wedding in some way but we have George and Millie as well which is Matt's nephew and niece and also we have my nephew who is only one now so we have quite a few babies in our family. So we have to try and include them all in some way. I haven't looked at wedding dresses yet, honestly, I want to try and fit back into a wedding dress first! WATCH: Relive the moment Matty J and Laura met for the first time on The Bachelor . Story continues after video.. Watch video Laura on… her hair and beauty routine In regards to my beauty routine, after being pregnant, I think it's really simplified. Like I don't really use anything that has any harsh chemical products in it anymore. I've been using a lot of Zoe Foster Blake's Go-To skincare routine. She was a big advocate of it during her pregnancy so for me, that's been really great for my skin as well. But in regards to hair, Matt actually bought me a Dyson for Christmas and that's how I got on the Dyson bandwagon. It was really quick and easy to use as opposed to my hair dryer which used to dry the hell out of my hair. And I've been really lucky. Because when you're pregnant, you get really thick hair when you're pregnant. So my hair has been the best it's ever been in the last nine months. That's the one upside when you're pregnant. Everything expands but your hair gets thick! It's really nice!'