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In a brilliant yet simple twist, the Apple Watch solves problems handed to us by its predecessors

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A little more than a month in, I’ve been spending radically less time on my iPhone and my computer — less time scrolling through social media feeds, less time idly lingering on screens, waiting for stuff to happen
'For Baker, Jobs was the undisputed “king of the world of making good things flow better.” But it wasn’t only that. It was that Jobs could make something superfluous seem totally indispensable. He could turn stuff you didn’t know you wanted into stuff you feel you need. This process has repeated itself every couple of years since the invention of the original iPod. Every time Apple devises something new, the world responds with a collective shrug: We’re supposed to be excited about that ? Then we use it, and about two days later we can’t imagine doing without. Apple is in the business not of satisfying needs, but of creating new ones. Read More'