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Business Round-Up: SAS to introduce Airbus A350

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In other news, stronger ties with Estonia look likely following Queen Margrethe's visit to Tallinn over the weekend
'Scandinavian Airlines has announced plans to introduce the upcoming Airbus A350 on its Copenhagen-Chicago route from 28 January 2020. The giant planes will have a new seat configuration, a unique cabin environment and an increased fuel efficiency.  More routes to come After the initial launch on the Chicago route, SAS plans on using the A350 on routes to seven more destinations: Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and San Francisco. SAS is currently revamping most of its aircraft, and by 2023 it aims to have received 95 new Airbus – in a variety of models. On board The new Airbus A350 will have an increased number of passenger seats in its business and economy classes. SAS also promises a cabin upgrade with minimal noise, optimised pressure, fresh air and controls to regulate temperature and humidity. SAS is confident the new fleet will play a big role in fulfilling its  goal of reducing CO2 emissions by at least 25 percent by 2030. Man working at Facebook’s Odense facility died in fire It has been confirmed that a British contractor died whilst working at the site of Facebook’s new data centre in Odense on May 20. A fire broke out at the nearby Kerteminde residential complex following a gas explosion, and the British contractor, John Gore, got caught up in the flames. Gore was hired by a British sub-contractor to supervise fire-prevention installations at the facility. Gore’s family claim they have still not received a proper explanation for his death from the Danish authorities. The Odense data centre is scheduled to open in 2020. Ex-OW Bunker director gets five years The Western High Court has increased the prison sentence of Lars Møller, the former director of Dynamic Oil Trading, from six months to five years. Under Møller’s supervision, the Singapore-based OW Bunker subsidiary lost 645 million kroner through oil speculation and giving massive amounts of credit to highly questionable customers. The company then understated the risks to potential investors. As a result, the mother company in Denmark, OW Bunker, went bankrupt on 7 November 2014. A number of pension funds and investors have brought cases for compensation. Denmark to strengthen ties with Estonia Queen Margrethe II’s visit to the Estonian capital of Tallinn over the weekend – during which she celebrated the 800th anniversary of the Dannebrog, Denmark’s national flag – has been inferred by many as a step towards stronger bilateral ties with the country. Relations have hit a rough patch recently due to the Danske Bank scandal. T he queen reportedly held discussions with Kersti Kaljulaid, the country’s president, about climate change, Baltic sea co-operation and mutual co-operation. Border trade king dies at 85 Hans Frede Fleggaard, the grocery shop owner who became a multi-millionaire on the back of Danes flocking to Germany to buy cheap goods, has died. He was 85 years old. Fleggaard, the company that he founded in the 1960s, confirmed that he suffered a number of blood clots in the brain. “Hans was a positive, festive and colourful person until the very end,” said the current Fleggaard CEO. “I will miss his visits to the office as I’m sure will many others in the company.” The businessman grew his father’s small Padborg grocery into an empire of 17 stores across the Danish-German border along with a restaurant.  JYSK founder on indefinite sick leave Lars Larsen, the founder of the retail chain JYSK, is on sick leave and, according to the company, there is no date on when he will return. No other details were given by the company. Larsen, a regular on the Forbes annual list of billionaires, is one of Denmark’s richest people.'

Blog: USAs hjemløseproblemer eksploderer, og nu kommer recessionen

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by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, All over America, large portions of our major cities are being transformed into stomach-churning cesspools of squalor.  Thousands […]
'by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, All over America, large portions of our major cities are being transformed into stomach-churning cesspools of squalor.   Thousands of tens cities are popping up from coast to coast as the homeless population explodes, even the New York Times admits that we are facing  “the worst drug crisis in American history” , there were  more than 28,000 official complaints  about human feces in the streets of San Francisco last year alone, and  millions of rats  are currently overrunning the city of Los Angeles.   And yet the authorities continue to insist that the economy is in good shape and that everything is going to be just fine. Perhaps everything may seem “just fine” if you live in a heavily sanitized wealthy suburban neighborhood and you only get your news from heavily sanitized corporate media sources,  but in the real world things are getting really bad. The other day, LZ Granderson  authored an editorial  in which he described what life is like in Los Angeles right at this moment… LA spent  nearly $620  million in tax dollars last year to address the issue, and yet the number of homeless people increased by  16%, reaching nearly 60,000 people. As a Los Angeles resident, I am among those who wonder what the mayor’s office is doing. When I lived downtown it was virtually impossible to walk a full block in any direction without seeing a homeless person. In Silver Lake where I live now, there are tent cities. On my drive to work I see people living underneath the highway overpasses. It’s no longer Skid Row here. The skid is everywhere. Of course that phrase, “the skid is everywhere”, could also apply to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis, Cleveland, Baltimore, Philadelphia and countless other U.S. cities. But without a doubt, L.A. is particularly disgusting at this point.  In fact, last weekend a columnist for the Los Angeles Times admitted that  “Los Angeles has become a giant trash receptacle” … A swath of Los Angeles has devolved into a wasteland with rats scurrying among piles of decaying garbage and squalid tent cities, according to a series of stomach-churning photos that the Los Angeles Times says depict the “collapse of a city that’s lost control.” “The city of Los Angeles has become a giant trash receptacle,” columnist Steve Lopez complained on Sunday. We are seeing this happen at a time when we are being told that the U.S. economy is still relatively stable. And I will concede that point.  Right now, the U.S. economy is a whole lot more stable than it will be in the months ahead. So if things are this bad already in our major cities, what are those cities going to look like once we get deep into the next economic downturn? On Friday, the Labor Department reported that 75,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy in May.  That number is consistent with the extremely disappointing figure that ADP reported  a few days earlier , and it is well below the number of jobs that we need just to keep up with population growth each month. Prior to this latest report, there were already more working age Americans without a job  than at any point during the last recession , and now things just got even worse. But the government conveniently categorizes the vast majority of working age Americans without a job as “not in the labor force”, and so officially the unemployment rate is “very low” right now. What a joke. The truth is that the middle class has been  steadily shrinking for an extended period of time , and all of the numbers that have been rolling in seem to indicate that an economic slowdown has begun. For instance, when economic activity is expanding demand for key industrial resources such as copper, zinc and lumber increases and prices tend to go up. But when economic activity is contracting, demand for those key industrial resources diminishes and prices tend to go down. And right now we are seeing prices for copper, zinc and lumber  decline precipitiously … Copper prices have fallen 6% in just the past month while zinc is down 8.5%. Copper and zinc are big components for many industrial and technology companies. People pay so much attention to copper as a barometer that traders jokingly call it Dr. Copper, as if it has a PhD in economics. Lumber prices are falling as well, plunging about 10% in the past month. That could be viewed as a sign that the housing market — particularly new home construction — is weakening. If you were looking for some exceedingly clear indications of where the U.S. economy is heading in the near future, you just got them. But most Americans will continue to live in denial until the very end.  And even though  59 percent  of the population is living paycheck to paycheck, people continue to rack up debt as if there was no tomorrow. In fact, we just learned that the average size of a new vehicle loan in the U.S.  just hit a brand new record high … People buying a new vehicle are borrowing more and paying more each month for their auto loan. Experian, which tracks millions of auto loans each month, said the average amount borrowed to buy a new vehicle hit a record $32,187 in the first quarter. The average used-vehicle loan also hit a record, $20,137. People ask me all the time about how they can prepare for the next economic downturn, and one of the key pieces of advice  that I always give  is to not take on more debt. Right now everyone should be building up their financial cushions, because what is coming is not a joke. Unfortunately,  most Americans are still completely in denial about what is happening,  and they will find themselves ill-prepared to handle the very harsh economic environment that is ahead.'

Jacobsen: Markedet tror på, at FED kan forhindre en recession, men…

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Fra Saxobank: Action: Take profit on long NASDQ from earlier this week (7300 vs 7014).  New position: Neutral Why it matters: The slow-down in data is now no […]
'Fra Saxobank: Action:  Take profit on long NASDQ from  earlier this week  (7300 vs 7014).  New position: Neutral Why it matters : The slow-down in data is now no longer “incoming” – it’s present tense, meaning risk goes from “buy the dip”, courtesy of the Fed, is not enough. The Fed is  seriously behind the curve  and in denial! Context:   If the market is only pricing the adjustment of lower rates – they should and will buy market. This only confirms that the Fed is cutting rates by June, but if market gets the feeling that the Fed is behind the curve and we risk an actual recession, then this is major market SELL SIGNAL…. The math: Assume 50% probability of recession during Q3 or Q4 – Average drop from peak to trough: 50% in recession, further assume there is 20% upside for balance of the year. hence  weighted risk is: Upside 10% expected return (50% * 20%) Downside 25% expected negative return (50% * 50%) Or more simply – right now there is 10% upside potential with a negative 25% risk – not a great risk/reward… Chicago FED – National activity level DEEPLY negative……   We continue to be surprised at how much the FED is in denial: New York Fed President Williams is the second most important vote on  Federal Reserve board  and he said yesterday:   Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams said the outlook for the U.S. economy remains solid while acknowledging that risks are rising and that investors expect the central bank to lower interest rates in response.“My baseline is a very good one but at the same time we obviously, as always, need to be prepared to adjust our views,” said Williams, answering questions from a moderator and the audience following a speech in New York on Thursday.     And then he made things worse by stating below – the only word for this must be “willful ignorance”?'

Ny musical. Vampyrerne kommer. ….

Nyheder minby

MUSICAL: Rockballader og vampyruhygge står øverst på menuen, når Det Ny Teater på Gammel Kongevej […] Mere Indlægget Ny musical. Vampyrerne kommer. …. blev først udgivet på minby .
'MUSICAL: Rockballader og vampyruhygge står øverst på menuen, når Det Ny Teater på Gammel Kongevej har premiere på musicalen ’Dance of The Vampires’ i det nye år. På scenen kan man se frem til at opleve talenter som Peter Jorde, Jesper Asholt, Charlotte Guldberg, Julie Steincke, Kim Hammelsvang og Henrik Lund. Forestillingen har premiere 23. januar 2020, og der er tale om den første premiere i Skandinavien. Det er navne som Roman Polanski, Jim Steinman og Michael Kunze, der har skabt musicalen, der både byder på storslåede rockballader, spektakulær scenografi og kostumer og forrygende dans. Står bag verdenshits Har du en svaghed fra musik fra Meatloafs verden, så kan du godt begynde at glæde dig, da komponisten Jim Steinmann, der har skrevet albummet ’Bad out of Hell’, står bag musikken. Han står også bag megahits som ’No Matter What’ af Boyzone, ’It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ af Celine Dion og Bonnie Tylers ’Total Eclipse of the Heart’. Foregår i Transsylvanien Handlingen i ’Dance of The Vampire’ foregår i en landsby i Transsylvanien, hvor man møder professor Abronsius og hans unge assistent Alfred ankommer for at opspore vampyrer. De bliver indlogeret hos kroværten Chagal, hvis datter Sarah får unge Alberts hjerte i flammer. Også så er der den mystiske og karismatiske Grev von Krolock, der har en meget stor svaghed for den unge varmblodige piges krop og sjæl og inviterer hende til bal på sit slot. Den invitation kan unge Sarah ikke sige nej til. Og pludselig befinder hun sig på grevens slot med skummel krypt og overdådig balsal. Kan professoren og unge Alfred redde hende, når nattens kommer og vampyrernes dans begynder? Mere skal ikke røbes her. Peter Jorde i hovedrollen Efter ti år har Det Ny Teater fået skuespiller Peter Jorde retur på de skrå brædder, hvor han har fået rollen som Grev von Krolock. Peter Jorde har tidligere spillet med i blandt andet Fantomet i The Phantom of the Opera, Udyret i Beauty and the Beast, Tony i West Side Story, Kongen i The King and I, Von Trapp i The Sound of Music og Billy Flynn i Chicago. Så er det bare med at vende tålmodigt på, at musicalen får premiere i det nye år, men du kan surfe ind på teatrets hjemmeside og sikre dig en billet.   Indlægget Ny musical. Vampyrerne kommer. …. blev først udgivet på minby .'

En flot karriere er slut

Nyheder Rødovre Lokal Nyt

Jannik Hansen har annonceret at han har spillet sin sidste professionelle ishockeykamp.En slidt krop, savnet til familien og endelig at vinde et mesterskab efter 16 år som professionel, gjorde beslutningen om at stille skøjterne på hylden let.
'I mod de fleste odds kan Jannik Hansen se tilbage på en glorværdig ishockeykarriere, der blandt andet indeholder 11 sæsoner i verdens bedste liga NHL og afsluttes som vinder af KHL mesterskabet. Her får du et tilbageblik på Janniks karriere, fyldt med højdepunkter. Året er 2003 og en ung Jannik Hansen med gitter for ansigtet skøjter rundt i Rødovre Skøjte Arena for Rødovre Mighty Bulls. Det står klart for de fleste at han er det nye store stjerneskud fra RSIKs talentudvikling, der har kastet flere dygtige ishockeyspillere af sig, både før og siden.   Året forinden havde Jannik Hansen imponeret stort til U18 VM, hvor han blandt andet drev gæk med et af de helt store canadiske backtalenter. Noget der blev bemærket af de canadiske medier. Og også klubberne i NHL. Samme år havde Jannik Hansen haft en kort afstikker til svensk juniorishockey i Malmø. En normal vej for de unge danske ishockeyspillere der har talentet med sig. Men Jannik Hansen besluttede fortrinsvis kort efter, at tage hjem og spille seniorishockey i Danmark. En noget utraditionel vej, når man har ambitioner til noget større. Draftet af Vancouver Canucks Sommeren 2004 blev Jannik Hansen draftet af Vancouver i den 9. runde som nummer 287 ud af 291 spillere. Det er samme år som Alex Ovechkin og Evgeni Malkin bliver draftet som henholdsvis nummer 1 og 2. At blive draftet er ingen garanti for at spille i verdens bedste liga. I draftåret 2004, har to spillere som er valgt i første runde (30 spillere) aldrig spillet en kamp i NHL og fem andre har spillet under 20 kampe. At blive valgt som nummer 287 og spille 11 sæsoner er nærmest uhørt. Året efter i sæsonen 2004/2005 bliver Rødovre Mighty Bulls slået ud af Herning i slutspillet. En storspillende Jannik Hansen modtager BTs gyldne puck som den yngste spiller nogensinde. Han bliver desuden udtaget til landsholdet der spiller A-VM i Østrig. Canadisk junior ishockey I sæsonen 2005/2006, bliver Jannik Hansen hentet til canadisk junior ishockey i ligaen Western Hockey League hos klubben Portland Winter Hawks efter anbefaling fra Vancouver Canucks. En liga som er sprængbræt til en professionel karriere i nordamerika for de største talenter i hele verden. Jannik Hansen imponerer og scorer 24 mål og laver 40 assists i 64 kampe. I slutspillet bliver det til 7 mål og 6 assists i 12 kampe. Han bliver desuden topscorer blandt rookies i WHL. På trods af muligheden for at blive et år mere i Western Hockey League, besluttes det af Vancouver, at Jannik Hansen skal spille i AHL for Vancouver Canucks’ udvikslingshold, Manitoba Moose i sæsonen 2006/2007 Der bliver arbejdet hårdt og i sin første sæson i AHL, får Jannik masser af spilletid i 2. kæden og spiller både i overtal- og undertalssituationer. 12 mål og 22 assists blev danskeren noteret for i 72 kampe. NHL debuten 12. april 2007 Slutspillet i NHL er lige skudt i gang og Jannik Hansen og Manitoba Moose nærmer sig afslutningen af sæsonen i AHL. Vancouver møder Dallas i første runde og kamp 1 går ud i 4. overtidsperiode, hvor Vancouver vinder. Sejren har dog kostet et par skader hos Vancouver. Og det skal vise sig at få stor betydning for Jannik Hansen. Tilbage i Winnipeg er Jannik hansen en tur i det lokale indkøbscenter da telefonen ringer. Det er Vancouver Canucks. Han får pludselig travlt med at få hentet sit udstyr og pakket en taske og så afsted til lufthavnen. Dagen efter er det atter kampdag for Vancouver og kl. 19 lokal tid den 12. april får Jannik Hansen debut – og endda som første dansker i NHL slutspillet. Vancouver taber desværre kampen, men Jannik Hansen spiller en fornuftig kamp, hvor han kommer frem til et par store chancer og disker op med nogle flotte afleveringer der skaber nogle store scoringsmuligheder. Første NHL slutspils point I kamp 3 bliver Jannik sat i 3. kæden sammen med Brendan Morrison og Jan Bulis og der opstår øjeblikkelig kemi. De tre spiller en stor kamp og Jannik bliver noteret for sit første slutspilspoint. Et yderst potent håndledsskud fra Hansen giver en farlig retur som Jan Bulis resolut sender i nettet til 1-1. Vancouver vinder kampen 2-1 i den forlængede spilletid. Vancouver ender med at vinde serien 4-3 i kampe. Jannik Hansen spiller generelt et godt slutspil og får faktisk fornuftigt med istid. Anden runde i slutspillet bliver desværre også endestationen for Vancouver og Jannik Hansen. De møder de senere Stanley Cup vindere fra Anaheim som ekspederer Vancouver ud 4-1 i kampe. Det afgørende mål har desværre Jannik Hansen i en mindre heldig rolle. Han modtager pucken langs banden på vej ud af egen zone, men ser ikke en Anaheim spiller der sender Jannik Hansen på røven, pucken glider op til en Anaheim back der kontant sender pucken mod mål. Vancouvers målmand Roberto Luongo står og appellerer for udvisning med armen i vejret og ser ikke pucken sejle ind i modsatte hjørne. Exit Vancouver. Slutspillet i AHL er i gang og Jannik Hansen tager derfor tilbage til Winnipeg og spiller slutpil der, hvor han når at spille seks kampe inden Manitoba ryger ud. Gennembruddet i AHL I 2007/2008 sæsonen blomstrer Jannik Hansen for alvor i AHL. På trods af storspil og 21 mål og 22 assists i 50 kampe for Manitoba, bliver det kun et kortvarigt ophold i Vancouver, hvor det bliver til 5 kampe. En anden rødovredreng har også gjort sit indtog i AHL og Jannik Hansen og Morten Madsen – de tidligere holdkammerater i RSIK står nu overfor hinanden på isen i Nordamerika. Jannik Hansen I nærkamp med Morten Madsen i AHL. Foto: Brian Poulsen Jannik Hansen spiller igen VM for Danmark hvor han scorer 2 mål og laver 2 assists i 6 kampe. 2008/2009 – nu venter NHL Den stærke sæson i AHL har gjort indtryk i Vancouver og en vellykket pre-season camp op til den kommende NHL sæson, stiller Jannik Hansen stærkt og ligner én der har spillet sig på holdet fra sæsonstart. Desværre koster et par brækkede fingre i en slåskamp i en pre-season kamp pladsen fra start. Da hånden er helet, er Jannik kort i Manitoba og spiller to kampe for at kommer op i fart. Jannik ryger ind og ud af holdopstillingen i Vancouver og spiller 55 kampe hvor det bliver til 5 mål og 15 assists. Han scorer sit første NHL mål den 16. Oktober 2008. 2009/2010 sæsonen ligner meget sæson før. Det bliver til 47 kampe med 9 mål og 6 assists som udbyttte. Mikkel Bødker får debut i NHL og i november skulle de to tidligere rødovrespillere have mødt hinanden, Rødovre Lokal Nyt var på plads i GM Place (Nu Rogers Arena) men en lyskenskade til Jannik Hansen forpurrer historie. Det ville have været første gang to danskere var med i samme kamp i NHL.   Jannik Hansen på isen alene, hvor en skadet lyske testes af. Han spiller desværre ikke mod Mikkel Bødker om aftenen. Foto: Brian Poulsen NHL gennembruddet Sæsonen er nu 2010/2011 og Jannik Hansen er i gang med sin 4. sæson i verdens bedste liga. Ambitionerne for holdet er store, og de spås store chancer for at nå langt i slutspillet. Jannik bliver en fast spiller i Vancouvers 3. kæde, hvor danskeren også får en bærende rolle når holdet er i undertal. Jannik Hansen spiller samtlige 82 grundspilskampe og scorer 9 mål og laver 20 assists i løbet af sæsonen. Vancouvers 3. Kæde vurderes af mange eksperter til at være ligaens absolut bedste. Vancouver Canucks vinder Presidents Trophy (vindere af grundspillet) og møder i første runde de regerende Stanley Cup vindere Chicago Blackhawks, som havde slået Vancouver ud af slutspillet de foregående to år. Vancouver vinder den dramatiske serie med 4-3 i kampe med en scoring I overtiden efter at have ført 3-0 i kampe. Jannik Hansen scorer to mål i serien, blandt andet denne perle. I anden runde møder Vancouver Canucks Nashville Preditors som bliver sendt ud af slutspillet 4-2 i kampe. Jannik bliver noteret for en enkelt assist i serien. I Western Conference finalen står Vancouver Canucks overfor San José Sharks. Vancouver vinder serien 4-1 i kampe og Jannik Hansen noteres for 3 assists. Jannik Hansen er dermed klar til Stanley Cup’en som første dansker nogensinde. I finalen venter Boston Bruins. Stanley Cup finalen En tæt kamp 1 afgøres 19 sekunder før tid, med Jannik Hansen i oplæggerens rolle. En flot pasning til kædemakkeren Raffi Torres udnyttes og Vancouver scorer til stillingen 1-0. Det blev også kampens resultat. Kamp 2 vindes igen af Vancouver, denne gang i overtiden. Kamp 3 tabes stort. Hele 8-1. Vancouvers enlige mål scores af Jannik Hansen. Kamp 4 byder på endnu et nederlag. Kampen tabes 4-0 og stillingen er dermed 2-2 i kampe. Kamp 5 er tilbage i Vancouver. Vancouver vinder 1-0 og har dermed “matchbold” når kamp 6 spilles i Boston. Vancouver formår ikke at udnytte den gyldne chance og taber 5-2 i Boston. Jannik Hansen noteres for en enkelt assist. Kamp 7 venter og Vancouver har en ny chance på hjemmebane. Nederlag i afgørende kamp Desværre for Jannik Hansen og Vancouver taber de kampen 4-0. Mod slutningen af kampen sender en frustreret Jannik Hansen en Boston spiller i isen på vej ud i spillerboksen. Vancouver taber den 7. og afgørende kamp. Farvel til drømmen om Stanley Cup’en. I 25 slutspilskampe scorer Hansen 3 mål og laver 6 assists. I sæsonen 2011/2012 har Vancouver mere eller mindre holdt på alle spillerne og ses igen som en af favoritterne til at nå finalen. Jannik Hansen har sin hidtil bedste sæson i NHL. Han spiller igen samtlige 82 kampe, hvor det bliver til 16 mål og 23 assists for i alt 39 points. Vancouver bliver igen vindere af grundspillet og møder i første runde af slutspillet Los Angeles Kings, der med nød og næppe lige får klaret skærene og når den sidste plads i slutspillet. Nedturen er total for Vancouver der sendes ud af slutspillet i første runde med 4-1 i kampe. Jannik Hansen noteres for en enkelt asssist i de 5 kampe. Kort besøg i Finland NHL-spillerne lockoutes af spillerforeningen inden starten på 2012/2013 sæsonen pga uenigheder om en ny aftale. Da den gamle er udløbet og de ikke kan blive enige om en ny, ligger ligaen stille. NHL spillerne søger derfor andre klubber så længe ligaen ligger stille. Der var længe spekulationer om at Jannik Hansen kom hjem og spillede i Rødovre så længe lockouten stod på, men han endte i finske Tappara. 20 kampe nåede det at blive til, hvor Jannik Hansen scorede 7 mål og lavede 10 assists. En aftale mellem NHL og spillerforeningen er underskrevet og en forkortet NHL-sæson kan gå i gang. 47 kampe bliver det til og Jannik Hansen får scoret 10 mål og 17 assists. Igen ekspederes Vancouver hurtigt ud af slutspillet. Den canadiske kystby taber 4-0 i kampe til San José Sharks. Kort før sæsonstarten på sæsonen 2013/2014 underskriver Jannik Hansen sin sidste NHL kontrakt. En 4 års forlængelse af sin nuværende kontrakt. En markant og velfortjent lønstigning. I december scorer Jannik Hansen desuden fra midterlinien i en sejr på 6-2 over Boston Bruins. Sæsonen er dog et lille tilbageskridt rent pointmæssigt for Hansen. 11 mål og 9 assists i 71 kampe blev det til. Vancouver misser slutspillet for første gang i 6 år. I 2014/2015 sæsonen går det igen fremad for Jannik Hansen. 16 mål og 17 assists bliver det til for danskeren. Hansen scorer sit første NHL hattrick den 23. november. Vancouver kvalificerer sig til slutspillet men ryger igen ud i første runde 4-2 i kampe. 20 måls skytten Jannik I sæsonen 2015/2016 når Jannik Hansen en milepæl. Han scorer 22 mål i løbet af sæsonen. At score 20 mål i løbet af en sæson har længe været en målestok for, hvor god en spiller er offensivt. Af alle danskerne der har været i NHL er det ud over Jannik Hansen, kun Frans Nielsen der har nået denne bedrift. Se all 22 mål fra sæsonen her. Jannik Hansen spiller størstedelen af sæsonen i Vancouvers førstekæde med de legendariske svenske tvillinger, Henrik og Daniel Sedin. Jannik Hansen scorer sit andet hattrick i NHL den 23. Januar 2016. Der går flere gange rygter om, at Jannik Hansen kunne være på vej væk fra Vancouver Canucks i bytte for talenter/draftvalg, da Vancouver er påbegyndt en genopbygning af holdet. Jannik Hansen er med til at spille Danmark i sin blot anden VM-kvartfinale ved VM i Rusland. World Cup of Hockey World Cup of Hockey er en uofficiel turnering bestående af spillere fra NHL. I 2016 blev det afholdt for kun 3. gang. Den er før blevet afholdt i 1996 og igen i 2004. Jannik Hansen udtages sammen med Mikkel Bødker til ”Team Europe”. De to Rødovredrenge når til finalen, der bliver tabt til Canada. Sidste sæson i Vancouver Sæsonen 2016/2017 bliver den sidste sæson i Vancouver. En ting som fans I Vancouver altid satte pris på ved Jannik Hansen var, at han uden tøven altid beskyttede sine holdkammerater. Efter selv at været blevet tacklet ret voldsomt, kører han ned og går i flæsket på en Toronto spiller der havde tacklet Daniel Sedin i hovedet. Jannik Hansen går ind i denne fight med brækkede ribben! Kort før transfervinduet lukker, bliver Jannik Hansen sendt til San Jose Sharks, hvor Mikkel Bødker også spiller. Ved sæsonstarten 2017/2018 træder et nyt hold ind i NHL ligaen – nemlig Las Vegas Golden Knights. Komplicerede regler gør at Vancouver kan risikere at miste Jannik Hansen til netop Las Vegas i en såkaldt “expansion draft” uden at få noget i bytte. Den chance vil Vancouver ikke løbe og bytter ham væk. Vancouver siger tak til Jannik Hansen for 10 år, med en hyldest video på storskærmen i hallen, da Jannik Hansen er tilbage i Vancouver som spiller for San José Sharks. Jannik ryger direkte ind i San Josés førstekæde sammen med Joe Thornton og Joe Pavelski og gør det godt. Han laver blandt andet en lækker assist i sin debutkamp. Men opholdet i San José bliver ikke den helt store succes. Det bliver dog til 2 mål og 5 assists i de 15 kampe han når at spille for dem i den resterende sæson. I slutspillet bliver det exit i første runde. Jannik bliver noteret for en enkelt assist i 6 kampe. NHL karrierens efterår I 2017/2018 sæsonen går det desværre den forkerte vej forJannik Hansen. Af en eller anden årsag, formår Jannik aldrig rigtigt at slå igennem i Californien og må af og til, se til fra tilskuerpladserne. Det bliver kun til 46 kampe med 2 mål og 12 assists på kontoen. San José bliver slået ud i anden runde af slutspillet. Jannik Hansen ser hele slutspillet fra tilskuerpladserne. Jannik Hansen står nu uden kontrakt. Da sæsonen slutter flyver Jannik Hansen hjem til Danmark og spiller VM på hjemmebane. Sammen med Mikkel Bødker forstærker de det danske landshold markant, og er med til at lave den store sensation på hjemmbane – Finland bliver besejret med 3-2. Det bliver ikke til nogle point for Jannik i de fire VM kampe han når at spille, men hans utrættelige arbejdsindsats gør en stor forskel. Mødet med Mikkel Bødker kom der dog noget sjovt ud af. Både tv-reklame og et såkaldt lip reading Battle. Sidste stop: CSKA Moskva Jannik Hansen fortæller til danske medier at han ikke vil tilbage til San José. Det er begrænset med tilbud fra NHL klubber. Lidt sporadiske ”prøvekontrakter” har ingen interesse fra Janniks side. Usikkerheden er for stor og vil også have for stor betydning for den lille familie med 3 børn, der kan risikere at blive rykket frem og tilbage. Pludselig kommer der et tilbud fra CSKA Moskva der spiller i KHL. En sikker mesterskabskandidat og udsigten til en international by hvor børn og kone vil kunne komme med, gør det attraktivt for Jannik Hansen, og danskeren siger ja. Problemer med visa til familien gør dog at Jannik tager alene afsted, med familien hjemme i Canada. I KHL er der et maks antal udlændinge der må være på holdkortet og Jannik Hansen ryger derfor ind og ud af holdopstillingen i starten af sæsonen, men stille og roligt får Jannik Hansen spillet sig fast på holdet over en længere periode. I 45 grundspilskampe, scorer Jannik Hansen 7 mål og laver 11 assists. Jannik Hansen vinder Gagarin Cup (KHL mesterskabet) som første dansker nogensinde. Han spiller 9 kampe i slutspillet, hvor det bliver til et enkelt mål og 2 assists. Der er desværre ikke spilletid i finaleserien for Jannik Hansen. Undervejs i sæsonen oplever Jannik Hansen at spille for et rekord stort publikum. En kamp mellem de to sværvægtere i russisk ishockey SKA St. Petersburg og CSKA Moskva spilles på St. Petersburg stadion foran ikke færre end 67770 tilskuere. Jannik Hansen scorer i kampen som Moskva vinder med 4-1. Højdepunkter fra den kamp kan ses her Efter sæsonen vælger Jannik Hansen at indstille ishockeykarrieren.'

Aktier presses: Kinesisk politbureau signalerer færre stimulanser

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Fra Zerohedge: On Sunday, when commenting on last week’s latest Chinese politburo meeting, we said “If your bullish thesis to buy stocks in recent months has been […]
'Fra Zerohedge:On Sunday, when commenting on last week’s latest Chinese politburo meeting, we said “If your bullish thesis to buy stocks in recent months has been anchored by the expectation of aggressive monetary easing by China reinforcing the narrative that “bad news is good news” for the market, you may consider selling” because, as Goldman put it simply, the “politburo meeting signaled a less dovish policy stance.”One day later, it appears that quite a few investors did indeed consider selling, because shortly after Beijing signaled it is far less amenable to adding stimulus, and in fact is once again contemplating pushing deleveraging (as we explained in detail) the world’s best performing stock market is suddenly looking a lot more vulnerable as China’s CSI 300 Index of equities traded in Shanghai and Shenzhen sank 2.3% on Monday, its biggest loss in a month and 3rd worst drop of 2019. Property developers led the plunge, along with companies reliant on consumer discretionary spending and so-called old economy shares such as banks and industrial companies.It wasn’t just Chinese stocks that got hammered: the yield on China’s 10-year sovereign bonds soared above 3.41%, closing at the highest level since November, and continuing a three-week surge, following comments that China needed to keep a proper balance between tightening and loosening.As Bloomberg follows up this morning, after Chinese equity soared almost 40% this year, “investors have grown increasingly sensitive to whether the authorities will maintain the massive scale of stimulus seen in the first quarter.” And, as we noted yesterday, Friday’s Politburo statement was interpreted “as meaning the economy is on a stable enough footing that extended support isn’t needed“, i.e., less dovish, and instead there was a focus on deleveraging and avoiding speculation in the housing market.“The key takeaway from the meeting is that there is limited room for further marginal monetary easing,” said Tommy Xie, an economist at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. in Singapore. “Since the second half of 2018, China’s bonds rallied mainly on expectations of easing policies, but that has changed after signs that the Chinese economy is stabilizing.”“People have come to a clear consensus that there won’t be any aggressive stimulus that floods the economy with excessive liquidity, indicating limited room for valuation recovery,” said Dai Ming, a Shanghai-based fund manager with Hengsheng Asset Management Co. “The market is entering a consolidation period that may last one to two months.”China’s weakness quickly spread across the globe, and S&P futures dropped on Monday amid very subdued trading…… while stocks in Asia were mixed, as MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan down 0.3 percent, and dropping from a nine-month peak scaled last week after Chinese economic data beat expectations and eased concerns about the health of the world economy. Japanese shares swung between gains and losses before finishing slightly higher as most of Europe – including markets in Britain, Germany and France – remaining closed for Easter Monday.In Sri Lanka, bonds and the rupee slipped after Easter Sunday’s terrorist attacks.The most notable move in an otherwise quite overnight session, was the surge in oil following a late Sunday WaPo Op-Ed, since confirmed by the WSJ, which said that the US scrapped waivers allowing the purchase of some Iranian crude, threatening to remove about 1 million barrels from circulation. Brent and WTI futures surged to nearly six-month highs on news reports that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will announce “that as of May 2, the State Department will no longer grant sanctions waivers to any country that is currently importing Iranian crude or condensate.”“The U.S. chief Iran hawks indeed have the President’s ear as (Secretary of State) Pompeo and (National Security Advisor) Bolton are singularly focused on bringing Iran’s economy to its knees,” said Stephen Innes, head of trading at SPI Asset Management. “Predictably oil prices are rising,” he said.While markets today may be subdued due to continued Easter celebreations, corporate reporting season enters its busiest week, with 34% of the S&P on deck to report in the coming days, giving investors clues as to whether the dovish policy pivot from the world’s central banks can shore up global growth enough to overlook a potential contraction in earnings.As Bloomberg notes, for now the stock market appears to be saying yes, with the MSCI world index on track for a fourth month of gains.Investors will also be focused on the U.S. economy, with the first look at Q1 GDP due this Friday.In currency markets, the dollar index posted modest gains despite higher yields; the Canadian dollar outperformed peers thanks to oil’s surge on reports that the U.S. won’t renew waivers that let countries buy Iranian crude without penalty. The Australian dollar slipped as risk assets were sold. Trading was subdued with markets including Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand closed. Emerging Asian market currencies fell as trading resumed after the Easter holiday; rising crude prices damped the outlook for oil-importing nations; stocks and bonds were steady. The pound held steady with U.K. markets closed for Easter and lawmakers set to return Tuesday.Expected data include existing home sales and the Chicago Fed National Activity Index. Halliburton, Kimberly-Clark and Whirlpool are among companies reporting earnings.Market SnapshotS&P 500 futures down 0.3% to 2,902.75MXAP down 0.1% to 162.88 on MondayMXAPJ down 0.2% to 542.42 on MondayNikkei up 0.08% to 22,217.90 on MondayTopix up 0.1% to 1,618.62 on MondayHang Seng Index down 0.5% to 29,963.26 on ThursdayShanghai Composite down 1.7% to 3,215.04 on MondaySensex down 0.8% to 38,816.92 on MondayAustralia S&P/ASX 200 up 0.05% to 6,259.82 on ThursdayKospi up 0.02% to 2,216.65 on MondayBrent Futures up 2.6% to $73.85/bblGold spot up 0.3% to $1,279.47U.S. Dollar Index down 0.02% to 97.36Top Overnight NewsTourists are scrambling to leave Sri Lanka and hotels are bracing for cancellations after a deadly terrorist attack that killed 290 people targeted foreigners and churchgoersThe Trump administration won’t renew waivers that let countries buy Iranian oil without facing U.S. sanctions, according to four people familiar with the matterUkraine’s most-watched comedian won a landslide victory in Sunday’s presidential runoff as voters vented their frustration at the ex-Soviet republic’s lack of progress since a revolution five years agoThe 2020 Democratic presidential race moves into a crucial new phase this week as the release of Mueller report and the expected entry of former Vice President Joe Biden into the fray reshape the debate and reset what’s been a fluid field of contendersUS Event Calendar 8:30am: Chicago Fed Nat Activity Index, est. 2.6, prior -0.310am: Existing Home Sales, est. 5.3m, prior 5.51m; Existing Home Sales MoM, est. -3.81%, prior 11.8%'

This plan is an island: New centre for bilingual theatre seeking to put Copenhagen on international map

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Teaterøen founders keen to establish a support structure for theatre groups – both Danish and foreign
'The first thing that strikes you walking towards Teaterøen (Theatre Island) is how high the vaulted sky is and how spacious the surrounding area is. It makes you raise your head and breathe more deeply.It recalls the Danish idiom ’højt til loftet’ (high ceiling). Danes like to say this when they want to suggest an environment where imagination, inspiration and off-the-wall ideas can flourish untrammelled by rules or convention.And it’s remarkable to think all of this is located just a short journey from central Copenhagen on the island of Refshaleøen, the city’s former shipyards, which is quickly transforming into the Danish capital’s biggest hub for culture, street food, startups and extreme sports.Theatre Island is perfectly placed to capitalise on the first full of year of business at Reffen, the new home of street food following the 2017 closure of Papirøen, with hundreds of thousands expected to visit the area this year.Not only is that good news for theatre in general, as more members of the public will learn to associate the area with the genre, but it is also good news for the English-language scene, as Theatre Island has a strong international focus.Bilingual profile Theatre Island may officially be a platform for theatre groups, but looks and feels more like an artistic collective – a vibrant, collaborative and constantly shifting community for Danish and international actors and artists.The agenda advocates pushing boundaries and defying traditional expectations in an attempt to put Copenhagen on the map internationally as a place where theatrical possibilities are being rejuvenated and redefined.The place already has a bilingual profile (Danish and English), and according to its founders, Peter Kirk and Tilde Knudsen, the intention is to appeal to both Danes and foreigners.Some plays are therefore available in both languages – and some plays will be taken on the road so theatre-lovers far from these shores can experience what Theatre Island is all about.In strong demand “We call Teaterøen an ‘open platform’ for performing arts – open in the sense of being curious about and open to new formats, audiences and concepts,” explained Kirk and Knudsen.“We are experiencing a great need for foreign language theatre, and we are slowly building this up – both for tourists and expats. And we have also discovered a growing need for foreign artists to have a platform, and it makes sense for us to open up for being ‘international in a local way’.”Among the pair’s plans are expanding their annual Asteroid international theatre festival (very probably from 2020), running a bilingual theatre festival for young audiences in September, and presenting one-off English versions of all their Danish-language plays – on what will be billed as “all-English days”.Additionally, they view Theatre Island as a “port” to welcome performing artists and theatre groups from all over the world – for short or long visits, guest plays, residencies, summercamps, workshops and collaborations with Danish artists.Kirk and Knudsen have mostly self-funded the island – a location they first started using as a rehearsal space 13 years ago, which they officially opened for business as Teaterøen in 2013.A cavernous complex Within the walls of the three-building complex is a complete theatrical landscape. This means Teaterøen can offer the groups who use its various rooms the complete journey: from early-stage development to experimentation to rehearsals to a performance in a 150-seater auditorium.The site includes lofts, groves, uncategorisable nooks and crannies, halls, barracks, a shipyard annex, a military battery and a demagnetisation facility (all now decommssioned, of course).Outside the grounds are pretty huge, and as well as the three main buildings, there are two smaller buildings, outdoor saunas and caravans.Saviours of the stage Teaterøen is a godsend for theatre groups like Leftfield Theatre, as finding a suitable venue can often be a problem.Leftfield is staging its next play – Truth by Falsehood, which starts on April 23 (details on pages 5 and 21) – in Teaterøen’s 150-seat auditorium, and its artistic director Lee Elms could not be happier.“Finding good venues in Copenhagen is difficult and expensive and the ones that are affordable are usually rundown and managed in a slipshod way,” he told CPH POST.“Take Huset KBH, for example, where live music can drown out performances, equipment gets stolen and the committee are discriminatory about who they let perform there. Everyone’s feeling sorry for poor old House of International Theatre (HIT).”Elms is confident Kirk and Knudsen have a hit on their hands at a location that will quickly become “the hippest part of town”.“Like many of us, Peter and Tilde are theatre nuts, and they and their staff are so supportive, making it possible for smaller theatre groups and individuals with limited resources to put on shows,” he continued.“If Denmark is ever to become a major player in performing arts, or the scene is saved from itself, it’s creative meccas like Teaterøen who’ll be providing the new roadmap because they’ve broken down the gates, opened up the sky to all of the possibilities and, ahem, like Leftfield, they’re redefining the theatrical landscape.”A hive of activity In addition to theatre, Kirk and Knudsen are keen to get the maximum usage out of their site, and they welcome all manner of events, from concerts and exhibition, to symposiums, conferences and festivals.Weddings and one-off event bookings are welcome as well, and among its current regular events is Teater Tapas, a monthly gathering of theatre-lovers who watch each other perform short pieces and enjoy tapas together.Kirk and Knudsen not only run the island, but also produce a lot of theatre themselves. Since 2003, their group, Asterions Hus, has earned a strong reputation for experimental and physically-charged performances.Theatre Island William Wains Gade 11,Refshaleøen, Cph K; 4049 0487; teateroen.comTo redefine the theatrical landscape of Copenhagen, Teaterøen will need the support of like-minded groups like Leftfield, which since its foundation in 2017 has sought to push the boundaries of the artform.Lee Elms, its artistic director, took some time out ahead of Leftfield’s next production ‘Truth by Falsehood’, to talk to CPH POST about his ambitious staging and future plans in an environment that he believes is badly in need of a shake-up.Lee ElmsThe title ‘Truth by Falsehood’ suggests you’ll be tackling some huge themes with which our culture seems to be wrestling at the moment? I could wax indignant about fake news and liars in power and Twitter lynchings and how widespread social and mainstream media is triumphing and flattening all communication into a single, homogenous surface, but the truth is that ‘Truth by Falsehood’ has nothing to do with any of that.I’ve got to keep my cards close to my chest because there’s some huge twists in this production, but with this title we’re acknowledging that most theatre audiences willingly suspend disbelief and overlook the fact they’re watching a staged performance and accept it as reality in order to be entertained. With most productions, the audience and artists know it’s not real life, and many times the message and themes being delivered have a different meaning for those who receive it than for the ones who issue it.Actual reality touches our sensibilities to the quick, is more visceral, and with these four pieces we’re conceding immediately that yes some of this is fiction (the falsehood of the title), but we’re also delivering home truths and plenty of facts rather than out-and-out fiction, such as mysteries, whodunits etc. Christ, there are other stories to tell!With these plays these are truths not generally recognised, like how it’s the male partner from a heterosexual partnership that usually comes off worse after a separation; or how these days a person would film someone with their phone who was suffering rather than help; or how women are just as kinky as men.You had no theatre experience when you took a part in a CTC production, ‘Kafka’s Dick’ in 2016, so what made you think you could produce your own work, ‘The Pillowman’, a year later? I’ve educated myself and I’m trying to educate others. If this working-class idiot from a mining family who quit school and ran away at 15 can do it, anyone can. I’ve learned the artist’s way: done my homework, read the books, seen the plays, studied art, heard the right music, watched the obscure films, loved remarkable people, walked the road less-travelled. That’s where life’s rich treasures are to be found and that really make life worth living.I’m obsessed with theatre and I am a cultural snob. I wish others were and others were more demanding of their cultural experiences, but most people like what they’re told to like and don’t care enough or aren’t culturally savvy enough to question it. But I do. I very much care how I’m spending my time and how I’m being entertained or educated and I want value for my hard-earned pennies.Do you see yourself as an outsider on the Copenhagen theatre scene? Once you become a pariah you kind of revel in it. You have to. And it’s a tricky one, because I don’t want it to seem that I’m creating the sickness to sell the cure or I’m red in tooth and claw – because I’m not. But if I have a platform to shout that “the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes” and push to improve Copenhagen’s theatre scene (Denmark’s creative scene even), then I will.One of the major things I’m trying very hard to do is to not make it all about me. It’s about the stories – and the creative effort and the sport and the comradeship. That’s where the happiness is. And of course it’s a fervent two-fingered salute to those self-serving theatre groups out there. Taste is what I’m bringing with Leftfield. And balls. And the world belongs to people with balls.So the theatre scene isn’t fulfilling its potential? All it takes is a bit more effort from people and a whole new world will open up for them – a brilliant world. But instead they choose Hollywood and superhero movies or comedy or Dalí or major record company music or, at best, graphic novels.Theatre isn’t just for white middle-class people with disposable incomes. That’s why Leftfield’s ticket prices are so low. I want people to know we’re a wingin’ it, welcome to all theatre company – to show that anyone should see our shows and anyone can become involved with us and anyone can become a theatre-maker too.Because if theatre remains the same as it is now in Denmark – an expensive, exclusive, self-serving and uninspiring folly – it’s in danger of becoming even more irrelevant than it is now or, worse, dying out completely.What can you tell me about the crew you’ve assembled for your latest play? As much as I’m usually a one-man-army and am overseeing ‘The Director’, there’s two others that are directing the three short plays: ‘Confessions’, ‘Not I’ and ‘The Human Voice’. I chose the pieces and I am producing them, but former Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts (CISPA) graduates Nina Voit and Constantin Gindelle have adapted those plays and turned them into something very special. Plus we’ve got tech-wiz Igor Halicki making sparks fly.‘Confessions’ lines up Hinrik Kanneworff, who was placed  #2 on the CPH POST English-language Theatre Trailblazers for 2018, and Maria Winther Nørgaard, who is a regular TV/film actress and was the standout in Ian Burns’ ‘After Miss Julie’ a couple of years ago.Who would you cite as your biggest inspiration? Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company (John Malkovich, Laurie Metcalf, Gary Sinise, Ellen Burstyn, Joan Allen etc) took the power away from autocratic theatre owners by putting on and acting in their own productions. And they changed the nature of theatre.So that was a major point too with Leftfield. That we wouldn’t have to go sucking up to these awful artistic directors and do our dances for the pater familias. That we would produce, direct and act in our own shows – with our taste and our balls.What do you think about Danish theatre? If you asked the average person outside Denmark to name five famous Danes, most would struggle. Why does a country with say a million more in population than Ireland produce so few renowned people? Why so little cultural impact?  Is it janteloven? Are they too happy to create?Both those things I’d contend to be true, but are there really so many people without anything to say? We all know that most great art stems from the blues or having a fire up your arse, so is it because there is no great drama in Denmark that there is no great drama?People here want farces, romcoms, light entertainment, improv. But if we as creatives don’t represent all facets of life and the human condition, including the horrific, then we’re in danger of denying their existence. And just like a person in denial, problems don’t get solved until they’re acknowledged, confronted and explored – laughed at even and made light of. It’s Jungian. The more we expose demons the weaker they become.It begs the question is it better to live in contented oblivion and produce nothing of value and have nothing to say, or stare deeply into the abyss of truth and though there be monsters so there be gifts from the gods.I’ll argue the latter until I’m blue in the face and just like old man Nietzsche said:  “Art is the proper task of life” and “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”Why are you so drawn to taboo subjects? Art cries out for it. The public certainly cry out for out. It’s an artist’s job to represent their times, and Leftfield Theatre is never going to shy away from unmentionable subjects ; nothing representative is off limits.Taboo subjects, degradation and controversial subject matter pervade life. We like it, we seek it out, we’re naturally drawn to it. Especially when it doesn’t directly involve us.Which is why for example 1.5 million videos of the massacre in Christchurch last month were uploaded to Facebook within 24 hours. It’s one of the reasons why something like ‘Game of Thrones’ is so popular.It’s a cardinal sin to be boring. Theatre for me is one of the truest, most daring and astonishing of the art forms because there is no hiding behind a painting, a song, a film, a book. It’s live and the performers know they’re being scrutinised and judged every second they’re in front of an audience.Boring can never be levelled at Leftfield. It can, however, be levelled at most theatre in Denmark.'