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What are Charities and Funders Going to do About Brexit?

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'Giving Compass’ Take: • NPC brings up a good point that Brexit has become a major distraction in Government from the social issues people are facing and the charities and funders trying to help.  • How can philanthropy take back control and make impact in the face of the challenges likely to confront post-Brexit Britain?  • Here’s an article on Brexit’s impact on civil society in the UK.A stark question maybe, but three years since the vote and after a couple of false starts, there’s no time left to mince words.Despite some figures from within the sector speaking out, the likely impact of Brexit on charities, and the people, places and causes they care about, has received neither the attention nor the debate it rightly deserves.We’re hoping to change that next week.Together with the Brexit Civil Society Alliance (BCSA)and Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales (LBFEW), we’re launching ‘New Frontiers’, a short conference series which aims to start a debate about the future and evolving purpose of the social sector as we pick our way, gingerly, through Brexit.The first conference will be held in London on 26 April (book your place before they run out!), with a second in Greater Manchester in June.We undertook the fieldwork for our first State of the Sector research report in the summer of 2016, in the immediate aftermath of the referendum.While politicians went into meltdown, charity leaders were keeping their heads: 63% said that Brexit would have no impact—positive or negative—on their charities or on demand for their services.Only 36% thought that the result might adversely affect the cohesion of the communities they work in.Read the full article about what charities and funders are going to do about Brexit by Tom Collinge at NPC. . The post What are Charities and Funders Going to do About Brexit? appeared first on Giving Compass .'

SDG Philanthropy Platform Connects Global Network of Philanthropists

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'Giving Compass’ Take: • Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors created a platform that connects philanthropists by providing resources and information sharing tools concerning SDG progress.  • How will this platform help spread awareness throughout donor networks? • Read about how philanthropy makes some big bets on the SDGs.The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lay out an extraordinary but ambitious vision for our future.With a 2.5 trillion funding gap and an amplified need for innovation, philanthropy will have a critical role to play in the realization of the SDGs.Aware of this, the SDG Philanthropy Platform has launched a website, SDGPhilanthropy.org, during the 72nd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.Developed specifically as a community platform, the new SDGphilanthropy.org will facilitate productive collaboration and resource sharing.Using the community tools on the site, philanthropists, foundations, government stakeholders, UN professionals, and social innovators interested in the Global Goals can now for the first time collaborate and engage in direct dialogue with like-minded peers, post updates on SDG initiatives and events, and share best practices and lessons learned. . The post SDG Philanthropy Platform Connects Global Network of Philanthropists appeared first on Giving Compass .'