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How 'Booksmart' went from a 2009 script collecting dust to this year's must-see movie of the summer

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'Booksmart' (currently playing in theaters) is a critical darling and the must-see movie of the summer. But before it became the feature directing debut of actress Olivia Wilde, it was a 2009 selection of The Black List and went through two

Game of Thrones

We've collected all the latest news about the tv-series Game of Thrones.

Disturbing before-and-after photos show how US cities — and their famous landmarks — could be underwater in 80 years

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Last year was the   warmest on record for the planet's oceans , and the fourth-warmest year ever for the Earth's surface temperature. Scientists are discovering that Greenland and Antarctica's ice sheets are melting much faster than they


Latest climate-related news from all kinds of news sources.