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Halsey's Quotes About BTS Explain Their Deep, Deep Connection

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Can we talk about BTS and Halsey for a sec? Because I'm pretty much obsessed with this relationship. The 'Bad at Love' singer and the seven-member boy band just seem so simultaneously in awe and supportive of each other, and they truly appear to…
'Can we talk about BTS and Halsey for a sec? Because I'm pretty much obsessed with this relationship. The \'Bad at Love\' singer and the seven-member boy band just seem so simultaneously in awe and supportive of each other, and they truly appear to enjoy being together. You can tell their bond is the real deal because Halsey's quotes about BTS are always super encouraging (and vice versa). The eight of them are pretty much besties at this point. I mean, Halsey even bought matching pink friendship bracelets for the whole crew. First of all, how freaking adorable is that? Second of all, does this mean friendship bracelets are a thing again? Because I think I might still have mine stashed somewhere from middle school. Either way, this alliance is total goals and don't try and tell me otherwise. I just have to figure out what to call them, because \'Balsey\' somehow doesn't feel right. (Hal-TS, maybe?) Anyhoo, BTS and Halsey first met at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Fast forward two years and the Great 8 just made that up, so roll with it, please dropped their first collaboration with\'Boy With Luv\' and even performed it together at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. In other words, theyve really come full circle. Which is why now seems like as good a time as any to take a trip down memory lane and see where it all began. Here, then, is everything Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (yup, that's Halsey's real name ) has ever said about BTS. May 21, 2017 Hot off the heels of releasing \'Closer\' with The Chainsmokers and \' Not Afraid Anymore\' from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, Halsey met BTS at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. The septet took home the prize for Top Social Artist , and Halsey hit up Twitter to gush that she thought they were \'the coolest.\' The \'Nightmare\' singer even brought the boys churros because she heard they liked them, then later posted a video to Twitter with the caption, \'Here's to new friends and music bringing people together. Safe travels guys.\' Aug. 7, 2018 After Halsey performed in Seoul as part of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom world tour , she hung out with BTS and then hit up Twitter to share her excitement. \'You know there was no way Id come all the way to Seoul without seeing these guys,\' she tweeted. \'Cant wait to see them play Staples Center!!! Im HELLA proud.\' She then added a follow-up post, in which she said she was \'so lucky\' to know BTS and even credited them for inspiring her \'so much.\' Check it out: Aug. 11, 2018 During a sit-down with MYX Philippines, an interviewer asked Halsey who her favorite member of BTS was. \'Awww, thats hard!\' she replied. \'I cant pick one.\' Then she stage-whispered \'RM\' into her mic. The whole thing was actually really cute. Watch: Nov. 6, 2018 In another interview, this one with heatworld , Halsey credited BTS with inspiring aspects of her 2017 album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. \'I was watching some of their earlier concept videos and I saw some of the philosophical references they were using, and the colors, and the warmness, and just all of it. It inspired me so much,\' she said. \'It helped me make [ Hopeless Fountain Kingdom]. I told them that the first time I met them.\' heatworld on YouTube March 9, 2019 As rumors swirled about a possible BTS x Halsey collab , a fan on Twitter tweeted \'I like BTS,\' at Halsey, who then promptly responded, \'Me too!!!!!!!!\' March 27, 2019 BTS dropped their first trailer for Map of the Soul: Persona , which featured RM rapping. Halsey shared the link on Twitter, along with the caption \'joon. king.\' April 7. 2019 After weeks of speculation, BTS announced that their first music release of 2019 would be the video and single \' Boy With Luv,\' featuring Halsey . Halsey then shared the track's teaser video on Twitter, writing \'Showtime baby.\' A pril 1 1 , 2019 As anticipation for the collab dropping continued to build, Halsey hit up Twitter again the day before \'Boy With Luv\' was set to be released. \'Im so glad to see everyone excited and talking about Boy With Luv!\' she wrote. \'ARMY, thank you for embracing this collab. Remember your boys love you and always want to make you happy. This has been a historic opportunity and weve had a blast.\' A pril 1 2 , 2019 The music video for \'Boy With Luv\' finally dropped, and the singer shared some deets on Twitter about what it was like to work with BTS on the choreography. \'I was nervous cause Ive never done choreo in a video before!\' she explained. \'But they were so awesome haha they made me so comfy and gassed me up.\' April 17, 2019 BTS earned a spot on Time magazine's 100 most influential people list of 2019 , and Halsey praised the boys' success in an amazing tribute inside the publication. Here's what she wrote, in part: Over the past few years, [BTS] has taken the music industry by storm.. all the while remaining exemplary ambassadors for their Korean culture. But behind those three letters are seven astounding young men who believe that music is stronger than the barriers of language. Its a universal dialect. With positive messages of self-confidence, intricacies of philosophy hidden in their sparkly songs, true synergy and brotherhood in every step of their elaborate choreography, and countless charitable and anthropological endeavors, BTS have put their 14 best feet forward as role models to millions of adoring fans and anyone else who finds themselves drawn to BTSs undeniable allure. June 7, 2019 Halsey made a surprise appearance during BTS' concert in Paris, where she crashed the stage and performed a quick dance break with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook during \'Boy With Luv.\' \'These boys are so special, theyre my family,\' she told the crowd in French! afterward. \'Come on, let's all scream, BTS!\' June 20, 2019 Halsey stopped by The Zach Sang Show to talk about her new album and her experience with BTS ARMY. \'It was obviously a very intimidating thing getting involved with BTS because you know the power of ARMY,\' she explained. \'You know how protective they are. And rightfully so, because this is a band that has been taken advantage of in many ways. You know what I mean, by people promising them spins and radio play in exchange for social media power, because the fanbase feels like, they know what they can accomplish. Theyre amazing, and so theyre protective, as they should be. And Iyou know, come alongand Im like 'Hi, were doing a collaboration, please dont kill me.' And they were so awesome. Theyre so nice. It was amazing. They were super supportive, I think they can tell its really genuine.\' Zach Sang Show on YouTube We can too, Halsey. Can't wait to see what's up next for this beautiful friendship.'

Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Troll Who Called Her Engagement Posts ‘Obnoxious’

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While Sarah Hyland was just trying to shade herself from her diamond ring’s sparkles, a hater tried to throw some shade underneath the ‘Modern Family’ star’s video.But Sarah got the last laugh!Sarah Hyland’s too “blinded” by the sun and her massive
'While Sarah Hyland was just trying to shade herself from her diamond ring’s sparkles, a hater tried to throw some shade underneath the ‘Modern Family’ star’s video.But Sarah got the last laugh!Sarah Hyland’s too “blinded” by the sun and her massive engagement ring to be blindsided by any hate!The shine on the 28-year-old actress’ oval diamond ring rivaled the UV rays in a video of her and new fiancé Wells Adams , 35, as they kicked back on the sand.The engaged couple both repeated how “sunny” it was, as Sarah unabashedly zoomed in on what was actually blinding — Sarah’s new bling. “Blinded by the ☀️ or the 💍 ? #wouldyoulikesomeapple,” the Modern Family  star wrote on July 19, but one critic didn’t appreciate the engagement humor. “Most obnoxious engaged dips**t award goes to you!!!” the troll commented, clearly not getting the joke.Sarah helped the hater out by replying, “omg!I AM going for the most obnoxious!!!!! How’d you know??” This isn’t the first time Sarah has played the role of over-excited fiancée on Instagram, after she revealed that Wells popped the big question on a tropical beach on July 17!On the same day the engagement news broke, Sarah posed for a photo with her groom-to-be while rocking a frilly white bikini and holding out  that  hand. “My fiancé… my FIANCÉ…. MYYYY FIAAANCÉÉÉÉÉ!!!!!,” the actress wrote under the photo, not able to contain her excitement (or caps lock). Let Sarah sing it from the rooftops — she’s finally engaged to her soulmate after two years of dating!Wait what sun. #CommentsByCelebs A post shared by Comments By Celebs (@commentsbycelebs) on Jul 19, 2019 at 9:15am PDT Seriously, Sarah does not have time for the haters.She even flipped the bird, her engagement ring planted right on her middle finger, in a feisty photo that Wells shared to his own Instagram on July 17! “My fiancée is cooler than yours,” the  Bachelorette  star wrote, and we’ll repeat what we wrote in his comments section: “That statement is true.” Source: Read Full Article . The post Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Troll Who Called Her Engagement Posts ‘Obnoxious’ appeared first on Best World News .'

Chinese Netizens Praise Mom After Son Pees on Subway Floor, Cleans it Up

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A Chinese woman is being praised online for cleaning after her son when he urinated on the floor of a metro train.The video, which was shot in a Xi’an subway carrier earlier this month, shows the mother carefully wiping the floor of the train with
'A Chinese woman is being praised online for cleaning after her son when he urinated on the floor of a metro train.The video, which was shot in a Xi’an subway carrier earlier this month, shows the mother carefully wiping the floor of the train with some tissue paper, according to Shanghaiist .   The actions of the mother was so commendable that many netizens posted positive feedback online.Here’s what some of them wrote under a Xinhua Twitter post : That is real Nationalism.Hats off to that mother. — Sanjay Awasthi (@sonju2k7) July 18, 2019 That’s wonderful, am proud of her — Dr Ronald Neng (@Ronald_neng) July 18, 2019 we should encourage people and post more videos like this so that our citizens will be more civilized — Shelly lin (@shelly_QAQ) July 18, 2019 Featured Image Screenshot via Miaopai . The post Chinese Netizens Praise Mom After Son Pees on Subway Floor, Cleans it Up appeared first on NextShark .'

The Best Way To Break Up With Someone You Really Care About, According To Experts

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Ending a relationship is never easy, but this is especially true when it comes to breaking up with someone you really care about. Maybe you value your partner's support but your feelings have become platonic, or perhaps you were friends before you…
'Ending a relationship is never easy, but this is especially true when it comes to breaking up with someone you really care about. Maybe you value your partner's support but your feelings have become platonic, or perhaps you were friends before you began your romance . Whatever the case, splitting with your S.O. is a delicate process, especially if you're determined to spare their feelings as best as you can. Turns out, a lot of people stay in relationships too long because they don't want to hurt the other person, or because they fear what life would be like without them. But the reality is, if you don't see a future together, delaying the inevitable is unfair to both of you. Ahead, two relationship therapists weigh in on the most effective and gentlest ways to call it quits with someone you still care about. From identifying why you're still in an unfulfilling relationship to tips on handling your ex's feelings afterward, remember that as hard as it is to break someone's heart, being honest is the kindest thing you can do in the long run. And who knows? After all is said and done and you've both had time to heal, you and your ex may even become friends . Be Honest With Yourself The very first step is to be clear about your wants and needs: Are you happy in your relationship? If not, why are you and your beau still together? Gabrielle Freire, a licensed marriage and family therapist, says that some \'may stay with their partner during the holidays, until after a planned vacation, or around their partners birthday.\' Then, of course is that matter of living together, and needing to find a new place to stay, which can be a monumental task in cities like New York or San Francisco. Further, says Dr. Sue Varma , a board-certified psychiatrist and couples and sex therapist on faculty at NYU Langone ( @doctorsuevarma on social media), another common reason for procrastination is fear. \'Breaking up is a painful process; it means that our lives are about to change, and we will need to embrace the unknown,\' she says. \'We fear being alone, and have distorted perceptions about never finding someone again. It's a common thought and a reason we stay in dead-end relationships.\' And a final thought: \'It's possible to love someone even when you are not 'in love' with them,\' she says. Point being, these reasons just prolong your unhappiness, and the two of you may be missing out on other romantic possibilities. At the end of the day, if you're unhappy, it's probably time for a change and the sooner, the better. Pick A Private Place To Talk Out of respect for your partner, \'I dont generally recommend a public break up,\' says Freire. Instead, it may be kinder to broach the subject at one of your homes, or even on a walk through a quiet neighborhood. \'This is because a breakup [entails] a private conversation; restaurants are often loud, people are moving, and there are a lot of distractions.\' Also keep in mind that they're going to feel vulnerable, and they deserve to be in a place where they can express their emotions. However, Freire says that there is an exception. \'If your partner is hot-headed, then breaking up with them in public may be safer for you (and them). A coffee house is a safer place, and outside seating could be appropriate, too (and more private).\' Try Not To Catch Them Off Guard Another reason to refrain from a perceived as a date spot? The break-up talk may leave your S.O. feeling blindsided. \'They might think everything is fine in the relationship, then bammo , the 'I want to break up with you' conversation starts, and that could be surprising to your partner,\' notes Freire. Instead, planning your meet-up by saying something like \'There's something I'd like to talk to you about\' may give them an inkling that they're in for a serious conversation. Be Honest With Your Partner First, what not to do: \'Ghosting is so common these days but unacceptable,\' says Dr. Varma. \'You get to avoid confrontation, but you cause a lot of pain and uncertainty for the other. Having a clear break-up with someone is civil, respectful, and allows the other person to properly mourn and ultimately move on.\' In addition to being direct, she says that staying positive (saying things like \'I enjoyed the time we were together,\' and \'You're an amazing person and deserve someone who's a better match for you\'), empathetic, and supportive are key to keeping it kind. Freire agrees. \'This might sound odd, but if you have a hard time being assertive and you've finally mustered the strength to break up with your partner, you may want to write some notes about why you are breaking up with them,\' she advises. \'Its not that you want to confront them with a long list, but having a few valid reasons about why you want to breakup with someone gives them actual info about why the relationship didnt work.\' Freire shares some ideas for conversation-starters: \'I want to talk to you about something..\' \'This isn't easy..\' \'I've been thinking about this for a while ..\' \'You know we've tried and this isn't working ..\' \'I'm not happy anymore ..\' Finally, \'Let them know that you don't want to hurt them but you want to be honest with yourself and with them; the relationships isn't working and you want to break up,\' she says. Be Sensitive To Their Feelings, Even Afterward Remember, to truly be kind to your ex, stay cognizant of how your actions will still affect their feelings, even after you've had the tough talk. \'If youre the person that broke up with your partner, I wouldnt call or text them,\' says Freire. \'[It sounds] a bit harsh, but you are setting a boundary that you are done with the relationship. If you reach out too soon after the break up, you might be giving the person mixed signals by texting or calling him or her.\' Dr. Varma seconds this, saying to only respond to messages if your former S.O. is still seeking closure. \'Don't ghost, but be clear and consistent in your messaging,\' she suggests. Above all, \'don't draw them back in.\' And it may sound extreme, but Freire says to consider keeping your distance from the places you know you might bump into your ex, at least for a few months, and especially if you're with another date. After all, seeing you with someone else can send them reeling and re-open the emotional wound. Of course, it's important to consider what you post on social media, too. \'Posting pictures of you and your new partner on vacation may be very hard for [your ex],\' Freire points out. \'Perhaps when you break up with your partner, you unfollow or unfriend them to allow the healing to begin. There is a lot of cyber stalking, and as a therapist, I find that only prolongs the healing.\''

F.A.T.E. From Addict To Entrepreneur With Dustin Tyler & Michael G. Dash

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Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you describe your childhood for us? I was born in Mankato, Minnesota and grew up in a middle class family. I was raised mainly by my mother as her and my biological father were never married and they had
'Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you describe your childhood for us? I was born in Mankato, Minnesota and grew up in a middle class family. I was raised mainly by my mother as her and my biological father were never married and they had separated while I was still a youngin. When I was around 4 years old my mother met my stepfather and they got married and decided to move to Oregon. Moving to a new state where I knew nobody wasn’t easy but as I got older I made my circle of friends. The kids I chose to associate with probably wasn’t the best choice as nowadays most of them have either passed away from drug overdose or have been in and out of the corrections system. As a kid I always remember my mother trying her best to make me attend school but I had a defiant personality and that rarely happened, instead I chose to run around the streets with my friends, skateboard, smoke weed and raise hell. My juvenile like behavior continued until about my sophomore year of high school when I had an epiphany that I needed to change and wanted to do better for myself. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to graduate but didn’t have enough credits to earn my diploma, so I attended night school and eventually earned my G.E.D. I started hanging around a whole new group of guys that were a much more positive influence on me and therefore my late teens and early 20’s I managed to stay out of any serious trouble. Can you share with us how were you initially introduced to your addiction? What drew you to the addiction you had? I believe I was introduced to my addiction through prescription pain pills, Vicodin to be exact. I remember I had gotten into a fight and fractured a few of my ribs, every breath I took I had felt a sharp shooting pain in my side and needed to go to the emergency room. I left the hospital that night with my prescription pills and loved how they made me feel, I was hooked from this point and it was all downhill from there. The thing that drew me to the pain pills was the feeling of escape and numbness to any problems I had going on, there was a sense of euphoria that I had never experienced or felt from anything like it. What do you think you were really masking or running from in the first place? I believe I was masking my depression. Whenever I was high it didn’t matter how bad things were going for me in my life, I was on top of the world, until the effects wore off, then it would be time to get high again. After living this lifestyle for a period of years I became mentally and physically dependent , not only did I want the pills but I needed them in order to stay functional and do everyday tasks like getting out of bed and going to work. Can you share what the lowest point in your addiction and life was? The lowest point of my addiction came from desperation and not wanting to be sick so I would use heroin in order to prevent myself from going into opiate withdrawals. Other low points was just the type of questionable characters I would hang around and the shady things I would do to hustle people, even if it meant ripping them off to make money to feed my addiction. Can you tell us the story about how were you able to overcome your addiction? Basically I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I reached out to my family to see if I could come stay with them under the condition that I check myself into a rehab facility and get clean. If I was ever going to get this addiction under control I needed to get as far away as physically possible from the drugs and all enablers. At first I voluntarily checked myself into a detox facility and from there entered a 30 day in-patient program to ensure that I would have enough time to get through all the withdrawals and have some clean time under my belt. I wouldn’t say I’ve beat my addiction as the cravings will always be there but I’ve definitely learned how to at least manage it. How did you reconcile within yourself and to others the pain that addiction caused to you and them? I reconciled within myself and to others by showing them change. I got healthy and showed people that I was serious about this and it was time for a new Dustin and a fresh start. I began hitting the gym and losing all the unhealthy weight I’d gained and the big dark bags under my eyes even started to disappear. I was starting to look good again, like my normal self and was not only talking the talk but walking the walk. When you stopped your addiction, what did you do to fill in all the newfound time you had? Working out and going to the gym became my new healthy addiction and was filling in a lot of my down time. I also started to work more hours at my job to increase my social life and made honest money a higher priority in my life. What positive habits have you incorporated into your life post addiction to keep you on the right path? I found that trying to eat right and caring more about my health and physical appearance has been a great positive habit. Hitting an AA or NA meeting from time to time has also been something I found to be a good habit as it helps keep me in perspective and on the right path. Can you tell us a story about how your entrepreneurial journey started? The way I got started was actually through a friend of mine from the gym who has a clothing line, he asked me if I’d like to do some modeling for the brand and its Instagram page, of course I was flattered and said “yes” . After we had finished doing the photo shoot my friend had told me that he thinks I should make my own personal Instagram page, as at the time I didn’t have one, I took his advice and now here we are today. What character traits have you transferred from your addiction to your entrepreneurship? Please share both the positive and negative. To start let’s begin with a positive trait, I would say my people skills and the hustle within myself that helps me confidently make deals with different brands and companies. A negative quality however is my lack of trust that I have within people and it makes it hard for me to want to work with certain people because I sometimes feel as if they don’t have my best interest although maybe they really do. Why do you think this topic is not discussed enough? I think people either feel embarrassed or ashamed of their addiction or maybe they have a certain public image or reputation they are trying to uphold. Sometimes you have to open up, reach out and make yourself vulnerable to your loved ones in order for them to understand what’s really going on with your situation so that they can attempt to help get you on the right path because when you’re in an active addiction your judgement and choices are a bit skewed. Can you share three pieces of advice that you would give to the entrepreneur who is struggling with some sort of addiction but ashamed to speak about it or get help? My top 3 pieces of advice would be to not be afraid to reach out and ask for help, there’s people out there who love and care for you and genuinely want to see you succeed. Attend some AA or NA meetings when you can as everyone there is extremely welcoming and accepting of any suffering addict. They will help provide you with the coping skills and knowledge that it takes to manage your life. Last but not least live your life one day at a time, dont worry about staying clean next week or a month from now, just worry about the present day and before you know it you will form a clean streak. Sometimes looking too far into the future can be discouraging if you don’t fully believe that you’re capable of doing it. You got this! How can our readers follow you on social media? You can find me on Instagram @iamdustintyler Thank you so much for your insights. That was really inspiring!'

Divorce = Uncomfortable Change

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Divorce represents a change to everything that was, so how can we embrace it and feel hopeful about the future?
'“We are getting a divorce.” Did you really just say that out loud? There are no “top 10” lists or spiritually enlightened comments that I can offer to calm the tsunami of emotion and mental gymnastics that are now flooding your body and brain. For some, it is the shattering of how one defined oneself, for others it is the fear of being alone, or the fear of being financially challenged, or not being able to parent the same way. For many it is dominated by rage and betrayal, and in some cases, it brings a feeling of profound relief and liberation. No matter what the situation, it is for everyone,  uncomfortable change. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. So here is the enlightened comment I can offer, life happens. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to stop it from happening. Whether it is cancer, a life-changing accident, a business failure, or even a natural disaster, significant life transitions, like divorce, happen. It happens to family, to neighbors, to colleagues, to your boss, to your child’s school teacher, to your bus driver, to so many people. It happens. The problem is, you definitely never thought it would happen to you. So, now what? As a major life transition comprised of emotional layers, a complex business transaction and an entirely new family dynamic, the weight of it collapses us. From day one of just thinking about it to many months or even years later when it has been completed, it is a painful process of change to absolutely everything that was.  Some people are wired to embrace change and thrive with it. Others are thrown into a complete tailspin because stability supports and protects them. The key to divorce, and likely a factor that contributes to the chaos and systemic failure, is that it is different for everyone. The mindset, the facts, the emotional impact, the family situation -everyone has a different experience and a different reaction and response. But for everyone it represents change. Divorce professionals can be unintentionally insensitive to the anxiety we feel around change. They will casually toss around the fact that you’ll sell the house or a parenting schedule where you don’t get to take the kids to school activities, or the fact that you have to go back to work full-time. Whatever the scenario, it is the profound and sometimes psychologically debilitating change that is being forced upon you due to circumstances beyond your control. For many, this is the essence of divorce – the emotional response to the upheaval and uncertainty and endlessly uncomfortable change. So, how to embrace change? Divorce brings grief over a significant ending, but it can also represent new beginnings and hope. Even the smallest step forward each day is a step toward establishing new routines. It is a chance to redirect our day with a new approach to time and schedule, open new doors, create new relationships and re-define the parts of us that may have been set aside in a marriage. It is important to acknowledge and work through the grief and any resistance to change, which for some might be through work with a mental health professional, reaching out to friends and family for deeper connection, or indulging in an activity or interest you haven’t been able to pursue. In a divorce, many people spend a lot of time looking backward, but it is essential to also look forward. The changes brought on by divorce are undoubtedly uncomfortable but as a hopeful optimist, I believe in the transformation of uncomfortable change to unimaginable happiness for the long-term.'

7 Surefire Signs He’s Not *The One*

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Codependent No More or Codependent Still? Today's un-expert advice and perspective as a school-of-lifer and woman-in-progress dives into this question. Let's consider, together, how to identify the red flags in relationship and what to do about them
'Relationship after relationship, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Was I broken or was he? Were all men really the same as my momma had drilled into my head since childhood? As each relationship failed, I failed to recognize that I couldn’t fix it or him regardless of how much I tried or how much I tried to please, or change, or make excuses, or pretend or, most importantly, how much I lost my identity in trying to become the person he thought I should be . The one thing I later learned with 100% certainty is that my behaviors were the classic definition of codependency. Codependency is E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G ! If you’re anything like me, you could use some help recognizing red flags, warning signs, the you’d-better-get-out-now signs! So let’s dive in. 7 Surefire Signs He’s Not *The One*: 1. It’s all about him. In his eyes, he IS the most important person in the relationship, he IS the perpetual victim and has played no role in your couple problems, and he IS only going to do what he wants with no regard for your desires. His lack of emotional attachment, his inability to feel empathy for others, and his conditional love (I will love you ‘if’ or ‘when’ you do X), make it impossible to move forward. The relationship revolves around him and his needs only. Need-I-go-on? These behaviors do not get better with time, in fact, they often worsen. Don’t run the risk of losing yourself in your quest to try to make him happy by succumbing to his wants, needs, and desires. This is not okay or safe. This is not a relationship. 2. You feel like the momma he never had. Do you want to be in relationship with an equal partner or do you want to raise another child? For some reason this guy is carrying some major unresolved issues from childhood and can’t get past them. These unresolved issues come to life with vigor and vengeance when anger strikes or conflict arises. You didn’t get in relationship with a grown man to raise a little boy. Over time, you begin to feel like his momma as he responds and behaves immaturely in conversation and in conflict. If he’s willing to get professional help to move past this, then the two of you stand a chance. If not or if he doesn’t stay the course of treatment, you have a decision to make. Whatever you do, make a healthy decision for you. It’s okay to walk away. 3. He behaves in violent ways and claims they are *no big deal*. Erratic driving, damaging property, raging, harming animals, unpredictable anger typically over a negligible incident, financial control games, and yes, name-calling. These are the behaviors, seemingly innocent [acts of classic domestic violence], that can ultimately lead to physical violence. At first you want to dismiss these behaviors away, make excuses, pretend to not see them, or blame yourself for the behaviors (if you hadn’t had done X, he wouldn’t have done Y). And besides, he claims they are no big deal and that you are overreacting if you address your concerns around these behaviors. You find yourself feeling a little crazy (because he tells you that you are), and walking on eggshells in hopes of preventing an episode, to no avail. The episode occurs or he explodes, then apologizes, has a period of remorse giving you signs of hope (known as the honeymoon phase), only to repeat the process. You find that each incident has a shorter and shorter honeymoon phase, if any, before the next occurrence. Rinse and repeat. Girlfriend, you’ve got to get out while you can OR set some serious boundaries by distancing yourself (think personal safety) and getting professional help and guidance to further ensure your safety. If your guy isn’t willing to commit fully to changing these behaviors by immersing in therapy and more, there is no hope for you having a safe place in this relationship. If you’ve already said ‘I do’, I highly suggest you quickly say ‘I don’t’ and get out today! You are worth so much more. 4. He picks fights, deflects, and blames. He picks fights for no reason then takes no responsibility by blaming you for his (drinking, anger, abandonment, rage, erratic driving, fill-in-the-blank) behavior. If he does apologize, his sorry is meaningless as there is no behavior change. Ladies, if your man, or anyone for that matter, is genuinely sorry you will see behavior transformation. To repent is to change and not repeat the behavior (or at least start taking steps toward this goal). A couple common lines that will help you identify this red flag are as follows: “If you wouldn’t have done X then Y wouldn’t have happened.” “You should be grateful that I don’t (sleep around, go out to bars, beat you, quit my job, divorce / break up with you, drink, smoke, do drugs).” You are NOT the reason or the blame nor do you bear responsibility for these behaviors. This relationship is going nowhere fast and will be taking you down with it. Don’t buy into the lies. 5. He suddenly becomes unavailable with no explanation. You feel like you are on a constant roller coaster ride. He’s in your life then he’s gone then he’s back in again, behaving as though nothing happened. He claims that if you don’t let him have time away, that you are insecure and don’t want him to have any fun, and that you need some serious help. You start to feel like you are going crazy. Are you really being unrealistic in your requests for communication and for stability? These seem like normal requests, but are they? Girlfriend, if this describes your current situation, I suggest you both seek professional help to equip yourselves with a toolkit that serves to either change these behaviors or, if he’s not willing to get the help, then you will need to end the relationship. STAT. This is a roller coaster you do not want to ride ever again because it.will.not.end. And you are NOT crazy. 6. He name-calls. As time passes and he get more comfortable in your relationship, you find that when conflict arises he has some choice names for you and they are not categorized as affectionate. No, these are names like the b-word, the c-word, the effen-B-word and whatever other ugly name-calling word/s that comes to his mind and uncontrollably out of his mouth. What is in the mind comes out of the mouth. Is this the life you want to live? You are worthy of so much more. Do not settle. 7. He issues threats. He uses threats as a way to try to control you and his environment because he has no personal self control. Threats come in many forms, however, some of the most common come in the form of things that he says you need to change or else (the relationship / marriage is over, I won’t be around, you’ll be single again, no man will ever want you, one day a man is going to beat you). His primary goal is to threaten you into voluntary submission and fear. The problem with this behavior is that once you change to accommodate one of his threats, another threat follows. You will never be able to change enough to satisfy him. The list will be never-ending until one day you simply won’t or don’t have the energy left to change. Newsflash, you don’t have to change to make someone happy as this is not your responsibility. A healthy relationship includes both parties working on becoming the best versions of themselves and encouraging one another on the journey. Are you the best version of you, for you, so that you can be your best for someone else? Is he? For things to change, you have to first change. After years of choosing men who weren’t right for me, I sat on my therapists chair and cried. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and why I kept making the same choices, even when I thought I wasn’t. Oh, how proud Einstein would’ve been watching me prove his insanity theory by repeating the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. My therapist told me that to change the insanity cycle, for things to change so that I could reach a different outcome, I had to first change. I didn’t get it, at first. The more I immersed myself in learning and the more I learned about how our thoughts shape our world and become true, the more I realized that I was self-sabotaging through my own thought cycle. The more I thought myself unworthy, the more underserving I felt, and the more I settled into wrong relationship. Until one day it clicked. Things started changing around me. I started seeing things differently. I started setting boundaries for what I would and wouldn’t allow in my life. I surrounded myself with healthy people, including people committed to their own their healing journey. [ By the way, if your man won’t stick to his healing journey, with consistency, commitment, and application, he isn’t the one for you. You cannot cause someone to change who isn’t willing to participate in his own rescue and recovery. ] You are only responsible for yourself and how you see and respond to the world around you. You are NOT responsible for everyone else (also known as codependency). Sis, it’s time to put on your glasses and see things clearly. To see things differently. To get the help you need. To stop the insanity cycle. To change. You’ve got this.'

Michelle Obama Is The World’s Most Admired Woman, Overtaking Angelina Jolie For Top Spot

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A new poll has revealed Michelle Obama has taken over Angelina Jolie to become the world’s most admired woman.  There’s no doubting the 55-year-old has achieved some incredible things in life. As well as being the first African-American First Lady
'PA Images A new poll has revealed Michelle Obama has taken over Angelina Jolie to become the world’s most admired woman.  There’s no doubting the 55-year-old has achieved some incredible things in life. As well as being the first African-American First Lady of the United States, she is a lawyer, a mother, a writer and a role model. Michelle made efforts to help solve childhood obesity and supported service members and veterans as well as young people and girls around the world by launching multiple initiatives, including Joining Forces, the Reach Higher Initiative and Let Girls Learn. Getty With everything she’s done it would be difficult not to look up to her and she can now add ‘world’s most admired woman’ to her list of achievements because according to an annual study by YouGov , looking at which public figures people look up to, she’s now earned the top spot. Angelina Jolie, who earned the title last year, dropped to third place behind US talk show host and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, who came in second on the 2019 list. Queen Elizabeth II held on to fourth place while Harry Potter actor-turned philanthropist Emma Watson came fifth. The top ten most admired women also included Malala Yousafzai, Peng Liyuan, Hillary Clinton, Tu Youyou and Taylor Swift. YouGov As for the most admired men, billionaire tech mogul Bill Gates remained in first place, having topped the list every time since the survey launched in 2015. He was followed by Michelle’s spouse and former President Barack Obama, who joined Jackie Chan, Xi Jinping and Jack Ma to form the top five. They were followed by Narendra Modi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dalai Lama, Lionel Messi and Vladimir Putin. Getty A vote by the British public placed David Attenborough and the Queen as the most admired figures in Britain. Attenborough was followed by Barack Obama, Prince William, Prince Harry and Bill Gates while the Queen headed the list in front of Michelle Obama, Dame Judi Dench,  JK Rowling and Malala Yousafzai. Getty Within the United States Barack and Michelle were voted the most admired man and women. The former President was followed by Donald Trump, Clint Eastwood, Bill Gates and Dwayne Johnson while Michelle stood ahead of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Melania Trump, Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Elizabeth II. What do you make of the results? If you have a story you want to tell, send it to story@unilad.com.'

3 Important Skills to Deal with Difficult People

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Most of us have at least one difficult person in our lives, and often more. Dealing with them takes skill because you have to balance your well-being, along with theirs and that of the relationship. Here’s how!
'Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina begins with this beautiful line:“All happy families are alike. Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. I believe that the same can be said of relationships.Healthy relationships are mostly alike. Difficult ones are difficult in theirown ways—and few of us will go through life without having to deal with them. I have my share of difficult relationships. And I knowthe feelings of frustration, the slivers of optimism when you think you’vefigured them out, and the hopelessness that comes when you realize nothing hasreally changed. I’ve lived through the emotional drain of walking on egg-shells,the guilt of reacting in ways that weren’t my best, and the sleepless nights ofdisappointment that follow. There are a few things I’ve learnt on the way. They mayhelp you if you’re struggling with a negative friend or a toxic colleague atwork. Or with a family member who hasn’t yet learnt how to keep their emotionsand expectations of others in check. Lesson # 1: LookAfter Yourself To save yourself the downward spiral of negativity thatcan also lead to guilt and shame over your reactions, be as well resourced aspossible. On a physical level, look after your health and wellbeing, especiallyimportant if you spend large chucks of your day with the difficult person. It’spractically impossible to be centered if you haven’t eaten or slept, becausewillpower is a depleting resource that needs regular replenishment. Similarly,be emotionally resourced—a good rule of thumb is to increase the positiveemotions in your life when you’re dealing with difficult people by a ratio ofat least 3:1. Write down the things that bring you joy and engage in them regularly.Have creative outlets for yourself, spend time in nature and with friends youlike being around. Cook, sing, swim, dance—whatever it is that shifts yourattention from the negativity you’re surrounded with. At the same time, limit itsimpact by not ruminating about it. Pluck out angry and resentful thoughts fromyour mind and commit to treating it like a beautiful garden. Lesson # 2: Be LessHelpful As a mother, I’ve found that one of the reasons I getenmeshed in my children’s emotions is that I try and solve their problems forthem. This over-helpfulness is part maternal instincts, part a helpful natureand part the fear of losing control. Many of us struggle with this fear—wecannot sit with other people’s emotions while they sort them out by themselvesbecause our own emotional surge overwhelms us. If you tend to feel overlyresponsible for helping others when you don’t need to, create If/ Then plansfor the people and situations that are difficult. For example, IF my colleagueis snarky at work, THEN I will remind myself that they need to learn to dealwith their challenges. Remember, difficult people are difficult because they’restruggling (sometimes unconsciously) with their own inner world, and ourjumping in to rescue them prevents them from taking responsibility for theiremotions and behaviors. Being less helpful actually helps them grow up—andsometimes even adults have a lot of growing up to do. Lesson # 3: Set ClearBoundaries Clear and consistent boundaries are essential if you wantto preserve your core and stay grounded. There’s nothing magnanimous about allowingyourself to be at the receiving end of other people’s negativity. Sooner orlater, your suppressed emotions will burst through and create a mess that’s farmore difficult to clean up. Trust me, I know—there have been many moments whenI’ve lost it over the smallest thing and come across as unreasonable oremotionally volatile. Setting boundaries takes empathy and mutual consentbecause more than one person exists in the same relational space. Think throughto what the boundary will look like and whether it’s reasonable. Distinguishbetween safeguarding your well-being vs. protecting your insecurities byexpecting others to be a certain way. Convey the boundaries to the other personso they know what is expected of them instead of arbitrarily setting it in amoment of frustration. Listen to any grievances or disagreements they express andmodify the boundary if needed. And finally, ensure that it’s respected—both bythem and by your own self. If all of this feels like a lot of work and you wish thedifficult person would just fix themselves (or leave), remember the wisdom inEckhart Tolle’s words: Relationships make us conscious. There’s much to begrateful for even in the most difficult ones.'

What's The Last Text You Sent Your Partner? 12 People Share Theirs & It's SO Telling

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It's time to face the facts: Your texts with bae actually provide a wealth of insight into your relationship. Do your exchanges mostly consist of hilarious memes or heartfelt affirmations? Do you always wish each other good morning and goodnight?…
'It's time to face the facts: Your texts with bae actually provide a wealth of insight into your relationship. Do your exchanges mostly consist of hilarious memes or heartfelt affirmations? Do you always wish each other good morning and goodnight? Are your convos peppered with pet names, or inside jokes? All of these elements say something not only about your personalities and the kind of connection you have but also what sort of communication you value as a couple. And whether you know it or not, the last text you sent your partner can be super telling as well. So, lets play a little game. What was the last message you sent your SO? Was it a short note showing your support before their big presentation? A racy message oozing with flirtation? Or a lengthy rant about your miserable day at work? Odds are, that one single message will sum up your bond in a surprising way. Ill go first. My last text to my boyfriend reads: Thanks boo. Im bummin. The context around this exchange is that both of us had tuned into a radio station that was supposed to air my song, and after 30 minutes of listening, we realized we might have missed it. So, what does that little four-word text indicate? Its a moment of pure commiseration and its a pretty solid representation of our dynamic because when Im disappointed about something, I can count on my boyfriend for some empathy. When I asked Redditors about the last text they sent to their partners, the responses ranged from LOL hysterical and charmingly mundane to downright sweet. So, without further ado, here are some of the most memorable messages they shared. , The Short & Sweet Memo 'Love you, be safe. ' He was leaving for work. kehtolaulussa The Anniversary Plan 'Also, wanna make dessert together to be romantic? ' We're celebrating six months tomorrow and I've known her for almost five years. mistersalman The Wisdom 'Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.' DonVito68 The Much-Needed Reassurance \'It's OK, you aren't bugging me. My meeting doesn't start for another 20 minutes anyway, so I'm chillin' with my phone.\' obitrice-kanobi The Quick Boost \'Have fun at work today! \' tomstays The Compliment \'Youre welcome, pretty eyes.\' Pencilshtick86 #SamePage \'I don't want one either.\' (A baby.) TheObelisk The Morbid Joke \'Bah, there's a wait list for the cardio doc. Hope I don't die in the meantime.\' DasPike #Priorities \'Tonight we might actually have to sleep.\' tamsa98 The Basic Care & Concern \'Drive safe.\' (Theyre heading to a cabin for the weekend and wont have cell service.) Name_Checker_Outer The Classic \'Good morning :)\' ccabanillas The Fair Warning \'Get out! Cops are coming!\' The5thMonkee Of course, your texting habits do change over the course of your relationship. And just as every relationship goes through phases and has its ups and downs, the nature and frequency of your digital communications will likely fluctuate and evolve as well . Sometimes, your last text will be kind of meaningless taken out of context. Sometimes it will be misleading. And sometimes, it will even be slightly out-of-character. But odds are, if you scope it out at any given moment, youll realize that every single thing you say to your SO does actually reveal something about your relationship. So why not make it count, eh?'