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The Editor speaks: Why are WE silent HERE on polluters?

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Sir Ronald Sanders has written a commentary EVERYONE should read. EVERYONE in the Caribbean and especially EVERYONE here in the Cayman Islands. We have published it here today under the title “Name and blame the polluters”. The polluters are the
'Colin Wilson Sir Ronald Sanders has written a commentary EVERYONE should read. EVERYONE in the Caribbean and especially EVERYONE here in the Cayman Islands. We have published it here today underthe title “Name and blame the polluters”. The polluters are the countries who arepolluting our atmosphere and keep on doing so with no regard foranyone. In the USA we have a stubborn President who is either braindead over the global warming problem and refuses to believe it is aproblem, or he has a an ulterior motive that belies his common sense. Sir Ronald writes: “The world is now set to storm itsway through the 2 Celsius limit set by the much-vaunted butinadequate agreement reached in Paris in 2016. “Small island states and countrieswith low-lying coast-lands in the Caribbean and elsewhere are injeopardy. They ought to reject promises from the industrializednations and, instead, insist on concrete action to address thelooming danger. Accepting promises of future action does no more thangiving additional time for the industrialised polluting countries todo nothing while conditions deteriorate fatally for small countries. “In a recent report to the UN HumanRights Council, Professor Philip Alston, the Special Rapporteur onextreme poverty and human rights stated: ‘Sombre speeches bygovernment officials at regular conferences are not leading tomeaningful action as States continue to kick the can down the road.The essential elements of climate change were understood in the1970s, and scientists and advocates have been ringing alarm bells fordecades. Yet States have marched past every scientific warning andthreshold, and what was once considered catastrophic warming nowseems like a best-case scenario’.” Therefore, it is not just Donald Trump. At least we all know where he stands on the problem There is noproblem. The other leaders speak the good talk, promise everythingincluding the kitchen sink, everybody claps, pats on the back, smilesall around, and everyone goes home feeling warm inside. It is very hot outside and gettinghotter. Sanders: “A kind of ‘climateapartheid’ is developing which will lead to rich countries insulatingthemselves from extremes of weather while locking-out from theirborders people seeking to escape heat stress, vector diseases, lackof water supply and little capacity to grow food.” Sir Ronald asks this question: “Whatsteps are Caribbean governments taking to prepare for the hurricaneseason? To what extent have hurricanes and tropical storms held backCaribbean countries’ economic growth and social development over theyears? What short-term and long-term measures should countries in theregion implement to better deal with the preparation for, andrecovery from, natural disasters?’. Have you heard one of our electedgovernment MLA’s bang their drums, go on the talk shows ranting andraging, getting up in the LA and shaking their fists, etc. etc.? Oh,yes. On every subject you can think of. Except our polluters. Sir Ronald warns us , “Faced with thechallenges of living in current conditions, few persons contemplatenightmare scenarios in what looks like the distant future. Theproblem is that a future, determined by climate change, is no longerdistant. Across the world, nations are sleepwalking into the climatecatastrophe that lies ahead. “Every time that representatives andnegotiators for developing countries and small island states acceptthat a handout here and there from industrialized nations to ‘buildresilience’ is better than nothing, they merely postpone the hour atwhich their countries will no longer be salvageable.” Why are we silent about it? Why aren’twe rattling our sabers or more realistically waving our machetes? Whyaren’t we organising another and more meaningful Peoples InitiatedReferendum on naming our polluters and making our governmentanswerable why they are doing nothing to save us from catastrophe? I leave you with Sir Ronald’s finalwords: “The governments of developingcountries, especially small ones, can’t force the governments ofindustrialised countries to pay, but they should at least trumpetthat grudging handouts are not reparations and declare loudly thatinadequate funding cannot sustain the future. Polluters should benamed and blamed.” POLLUTERS SHOULD BE NAMED AND BLAMED!!!'

Trump Administration Just Gave Clinics Until September to Prove They’re Not Referring Women for Abortions

Community VICE News

About 4,000 clinics receiving federal funds for family planning services will be affected by the new rule.
'The Trump administration is giving almost 4,000 health care clinics around the country until September to prove that they are not referring women for abortions, VICE News has learned. On Saturday, the administration told health providers that participate in the $286-million federal family planning program known as “Title X” that they have weeks to show they are complying with a new rule, put into effect this week, that clinics receiving Title X funds may not refer patients for abortions. Founded in 1970, Title X is the nation’s only federal program dedicated solely to funding family planning services. It provides about 4 million low-income people receive services like STI tests, cancer screenings, and birth control each year. Many clinics that participate in the Title X program don’t offer abortions, and it is already illegal to use federal funding to pay for abortions, except in limited circumstances. Under the Trump administration’s changed rules, clinics must also must now financially separate any services that may involve abortion from those that don’t — a move that, Trump officials say, ensures that no funds intermingle and preserves the “integrity” of Title X’s family planning mission. “It will absolutely change the way in which services are delivered across communities in this country,” said one Title X grant recipient, who asked to remain anonymous. According to the guidance sent out to grant recipients on Saturday, clinics taking Title X money must send the administration an “action plan” that outlines how they plan to comply with the changes to Title X, dubbed “the Final Rule,” by August 19. They must also submit a signed statement testifying that their program doesn’t offer abortions, and that abortion is not offered as a method of family planning. Then, by September 18, providers need to give the Trump administration a statement declaring that their programs are in compliance with the changes. A requirement that facilities also physically separate abortion-related services from other offerings won’t go into effect until March 2020. The guidance makes it clear that the rule changes are in effect and compliance was required as of Monday. But Trump officials said they won’t bring enforcement actions against providers as long as they demonstrate that they’re making “good-faith efforts” to follow the new rules. Several grantees have already announced that they can’t accept the changes. As of this week, Planned Parenthood are no longer using Title X funds and are instead relying on limited emergency funds. (Planned Parenthood cares for about 40% of all Title X patients nationally.) Illinois will also stop accepting the funds, Gov. J.B. Pritzker said this week. And Maine Family Planning has said it will withdraw from the program entirely. Several reproductive health groups and states have sued over the rule changes, which they say amounts to a “gag rule” on providers’ ability to refer patients for a legal procedure. But a panel of judges from the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled earlier this month to let the changes go into effect while that litigation plays out. Still, the news on Monday that the Trump administration would start enforcing the changes came as a surprise to providers in the Title X program. Diane Foley, deputy assistant secretary for the Office of Population Affairs, made the announcement in an evening email to grantees on Monday just as many had arrived in Washington, D.C. for a multi-day meeting with administration staffers. The reaction to that email, according to one meeting attendee, was, “Well, now what do we do?” Cover: Protestors hold signs during Stop the Bans Speak Out Tour at the corner of Culver Drive and Alton Parkway in Irvine, CA on Wednesday, June 19, 2019. (Photo by Paul Bersebach/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images)'

A Waiting Game for Kenya Over Stalled EAC-EU Trade Deal

Community African Eye Report

July 21, 2019//-Kenya was last week putting up a brave face after the European Union rebuffed its plan for a variable geometry in the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement with the East African Community. Nairobi has the biggest stake in the
'The European Union is Kenya’s biggest export destination for cut flowers, French beans, fruits, fish, textiles, coffee and tea. FILE PHOTO | NMG July 21, 2019//-Kenya was last week putting up a brave face after the European Union rebuffed its plan for a variable geometry in the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement with the East African Community. Nairobi has the biggest stake in the EPA because it is a middle-income country and, without the protection of the deal, it would have to start paying duty for its exports to Europe. Kenya exports mainly cut flowers and vegetables to the EU. Principal Secretary in the Department of Trade Chris Kiptoo was oozing confidence, as Kenya still enjoys a timeless access to the EU market under the Market Access Regulations (MAR) 1529. It allows developing countries that are still negotiating EPAs to access the EU market until the agreement is signed. “Kenya’s market access to the EU remains safe in the foreseeable future until all EAC partner states sign the EPA,” said Dr Kiptoo. The bloc’s member states still hold the key to the stalled trade pact after failing to reach a consensus on the EPA, due to varied economic and political interests. Meanwhile, all EAC countries are accessing EU market duty and quota free, with Kenya under the MAR and the others—which are considered Least Developed Countries—enjoying the Everything but Arms arrangement. Kenya now hopes that its partners will sign the pact in the interest of regional integration. “Now that the EU has said it will go with the original decision for all EAC members to sign, then we just have to wait. I’m optimistic that Tanzania will sign the EPA as and when it is ready,” said Dr Kiptoo. However, Tanzania has raised reservations about the economic implications of the trade pact. The EU insists that Dar’s concerns have been addressed and it is upon the EAC member countries to agree on the way forward as a bloc. The EU ambassador to Kenya Stefano Dejak told  The EastAfrican  that the EU is awaiting formal communication from the EAC to decide how to proceed, “taking into consideration any relevant developments within the EAC itself.” The EU in 2017 cautioned the EAC against signing the EPA as individual countries rather than a bloc, arguing this would undermine regional integration. But, early this year, Kenya tabled a proposal before the EAC Council of Ministers seeking to be allowed to implement its own trade agreement with the EU as other partner states sort out their issues. Although Kenya settled for the principle of variable geometry, the proposal had to get the backing of all the EAC member states, which it did not. Uganda, which has expressed interest to sign the agreement, is keen on the on the principle of solidarity, which requires all countries to sign. Negotiations for the regional EPA were successfully concluded on October 16, 2014 and all EU member states signed the agreement as a bloc. The deadline for all EAC countries to sign the agreement had originally been set for October 1, 2016, but the EAC Summit asked for more time for the region to study the implications of the EPA on its manufacturing sector. Currently, Europe is East Africa’s largest export destination but in terms of imports, the EU ranks third after China and India. https://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/business/A-waiting-game-for-Kenya-over-stalled-eac-eu-trade-deal/2560-5203446-8qnedk/index.html?'

Vatican Begins Examining Bones From to Identify Them

Community Voice of America

Will the mystery of Emanuela Orlandi, daughter of a Vatican employee, ever be solved?
'Two ossuaries found under the Pontifical Teutonic College in the Vatican were opened Saturday and forensic experts began to analyze the bones. The ossuaries were discovered by the Vatican last week after the opening of two tombs of princesses at the cemetery earlier this month revealed they were empty. The tombs had been opened as part of investigations into the disappearance of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee, in 1983. The mystery of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, 36 years ago, continues to deepen at the Vatican, giving rise to more questions rather than answers. The latest mystery involves bones recovered on Saturday for analysis, located in two ossuaries found last week. Earlier this month the Vatican had opened two tombs and found the remains of the bodies that should have been there were not. Church officials said the bodies of the two German princesses who were buried in those tombs may have been removed and never returned to their original resting place. The tombs were opened following a request from the Orlandi family. A demonstrator wears a shirt with writing in Italian reading \'Please give the justice dossier for Emanuela\' on the outskirts of the Vatican, in Rome, Thursday, July 11, 2019. Outside the Vatican walls, a group of supporters of the Orlandi family said they would continue to demand the truth about the disappearance of young Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared in 1983 as she was on her way to a music class in Rome. Emanuela’s brother, Pietro, still holds out some hope his sister may still be alive. The family had requested the tombs be opened after receiving an anonymous letter earlier this year that stated Emanuela's body might be hidden among the dead in the Teutonic Cemetery where a statue of an angel holding a book reads in Latin “Rest in Peace.” Pietro Orlando will not give up until he is given answers. After no bones were found, Pietro Orlandi said that “it could not end here because obviously I want to know why in the last year, people whose names I know, have directed us there”, to look for Emanuela’s remains. In a statement on Saturday the Vatican said that “with this latest expert operation… the Vatican is again showing its openness towards the Orlandi family. This openness has been shown from the outset in agreeing to check the Holy Teutonic Campus even on the basis of a mere anonymous report.” Over the years, the Vatican has often been accused by the Orlandi family of failing to do enough to help with investigations into the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. The identity of the bones recovered on Saturday remains a mystery. The Vatican statement also said it is “not possible, for the moment, to predict how long it will take for the morphological analysis of the remains to be completed”. The Vatican added that further tests would be carried out July 27.'