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Racism Is an Impeachable Offense

Career and Work The Intercept

You couldn’t name a single serious employer in this nation that would allow an employee to say and do what Trump and his followers are saying and doing.
'President Donald Trump holds up a photograph of Rep.Ilhan Omar during a Cabinet meeting at the White House on July 16, 2019 in Washington, D.C.Photo illustration: Elise Swain/The Intercept; Photos: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (3) Donald Trump has a rich, varied history of racism, bigotry, and discrimination going back to at least 1973, when the Justice Department filed a racial bias suit against him for mistreating Black applicants and tenants all over New York.At the time, it was one of the largest lawsuits of its kind.That was 46 years ago.Since then, the list of offenses has piled up . In a better time, his racist behavior would have prevented him from ever being elected, but here we are.He’s president and now he’s openly carrying that bigotry right into the Oval Office.Not only do I think he is violating his oath of office — I think his open, flagrant bigotry is an impeachable offense.In the days when Trump was busy tempting the front pages of tabloids in between guest appearances on professional wrestling pay-per-view shows, his racism, misogyny, and even open accusations of sexual assault and harassment were frequently dismissed by the general public with a wink and a nod.An equal mix of wealth, white privilege, and the public’s obsession with celebrities that allowed him to ride above it all.But now he’s president of the United States, not just an NBC employee with a bad reality TV show where not a single “Apprentice” ever developed into an actual meaningful employee.And he is, in theory, subjected to the Constitution and all of the laws governing the presidency.But the thing is, somebody actually has to enforce them.Do you know the difference between implicit bias and explicit bias?I need to explain it for what I’m about to say to really make sense.Across the country, corporations and government agencies, including police departments, are offering a wave of what’s called “implicit bias training.” The fundamental theory is that, in this country, otherwise well-meaning employees can be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or xenophobic in ways that they may not really even be aware of.It’s the notion that people unknowingly or unconsciously discriminate against others.Racial slurs might not be used, but the resulting bias and discrimination are real and painful.It’s about preferences and promotions, and who’s punished and who’s spared.I’m not saying I buy it; I’m telling you that’s what implicit bias is.Implicit bias training is designed to teach people how they may be advancing systemic oppression without being fully aware.Why don’t corporations and agencies have training for explicit bias?The answer is simple: Explicit bias literally violates thousands of laws, codes, and policies across the country.When you are an open bigot on your job, the standard operating procedure is that you don’t need training, you need to be fired.That’s because bigotry is dangerous.It’s dangerous to have a racist doctor or nurse.It’s dangerous to have an openly bigoted police officer.That’s why responsible prosecutors are now ignoring cases from police officers found to have been openly bigoted on social media — because it’s impossible to trust a person’s judgment and credibility, especially about people different than them, when they publicly admit to hating those people.All over the country, people are routinely fired for explicit bias.As they should be.If this past week has taught us anything at all, it has taught us that Trump is not implicitly biased.To tell four sitting congresswomen of color that they should “ go back ” to where they came from is so overtly bigoted that an almost identical phrase is listed on Trump’s own government website for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Ethnic slurs and other verbal or physical conduct because of nationality are illegal if they are severe or pervasive and create an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment, interfere with work performance, or negatively affect job opportunities.Examples of potentially unlawful conduct include insults, taunting, or ethnic epithets, such as making fun of a person’s foreign accent or comments like, ‘Go back to where you came from,’ whether made by supervisors or by co-workers.Can we pause there for a moment?The United States government literally specifies the very phrase that Trump just uttered as a prime example of unlawful workplace misconduct.The paragraph also alludes to why explicit bias is so dangerous.After Trump first targeted the four congresswomen on social media, his followers then ran with it and gave his initial attack a life of its own: Thousands of attendees at a Trump rally in North Carolina began chanting “send her back, send her back” to Rep.Ilhan Omar.I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think it was and is one of the single most bigoted moments in modern American politics.The next day, Trump, who has told over 10,000 lies in office, told one of the dumbest of them all – saying that he tried to stop his followers from making the bigoted chant.He said that like we don’t have eyes and ears.He basked in the chant.He stopped giving his speech and allowed the chant to grow.And did so for a full 13 seconds.And when he started speaking again, he said nothing of the moment.In fact, he restarted his attack on Omar as soon as the chant died down.Let me share a quote with you.And then I’d love for you to guess who said it.Donald Trump is not just allowing it to happen, but actively encouraging it to happen, is an indefensible disgrace.The President keeps insisting he’s not a racist, and I’ve repeatedly said that in the 13 years I’ve known him, I’ve personally never witnessed him being a racist.But since running for the White House, his inflammatory language has flirted ever closer to crossing the line into overt racism, and now he’s crossed that line.Big time.Let’s be very unambiguously clear: what happened in North Carolina last night was not just racist-fueled demagoguery but bordered on fascism.There was the President of the United States whipping his supporters into a hyper-animated state of rage about a political opponent because of her ethnicity.That was from the blowhard  Piers Morgan : a lifelong friend and defender of Trump.Before we applaud him, I should note that soon after Morgan made this bold, respectable statement on Trump, he went into his own indefensible attack on Congresswoman Omar.But the greater point is this: Piers fucking Morgan said it “was not just racist-fueled demagoguery but bordered on fascism.” Presidents and prime ministers across the world are calling Trump out and openly saying that the bigotry demonstrated by Trump and his followers is depraved and unacceptable . On top of that, you couldn’t a single serious employer in this nation that would allow an employee to say and do what Trump and his followers are saying and doing.I’d call that a problem.It basically means that the only reason Trump isn’t fired is because he’s president of the United States.He’d be fired from any other major corporation for this dangerous tomfoolery.And only Congress has any real power to hold the president accountable.And while scores of progressive members of Congress have called for impeachment hearings to proceed, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for whatever reason, is against it.Let’s examine what the presidential oath of office actually says.It’s one simple sentence.It says, “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” I have questions.Can we sincerely say that a man who has done what Trump did this week is honoring that oath?Can an explicitly biased person “faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States?” Can an overtly racist person “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution?” I emphatically say, hell no.An explicitly racist person cannot “preserve, protect, and defend” the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment or the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.Both of those clauses were authored to protect groups of people who would otherwise be marginalized.They’ve been challenged and successfully defended for over 150 years because they were designed to ensure that all American citizens are treated equally.When Trump became president, he swore an oath that he, too, would play by these rules.Can a person who is explicitly, overtly racist treat everyone equally under the law?I feel dumb even asking such a question.Now if you let them tell it, they’ll tell you “yes” a hundred times.But you can’t let a racist be the judge of whether or not their racism negatively fuels and shapes the way they think and make decisions.It’s the very reason why overtly racist people are fired from every single type of place of employment.If you are an overtly racist person, Walmart will fire you from bagging groceries.Uber will fire you from driving cars.Amazon will fire you from packing boxes.McDonalds will fire you from making burgers.Because you are a liability, and you can no longer be trusted.The president of the United States should be held to a higher standard than an entry-level employee at any Fortune 5000 company in this country.Right now, he isn’t.And only Congress has the power to change that. . 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Detective Gomez: The Private Detective Who Catches Cheaters:

Career and Work Thrive Global

With a dash of charisma and a concentrated effort to stay mysterious, Daniel Gomez’s profession is not just a job that pays the bills but its his passion and life mission as well. Private Detective Gomez, as many known him as, has a strong and
'With a dash of charisma and a concentrated effort to stay mysterious,  Daniel Gomez’s  profession is not just a job that pays the bills but its his passion and life mission as well. Private Detective Gomez, as many known him as, has a strong and powerful personality which will make anyone curious about what he is all about. Gomez , raised in Texas, has a multifacet and fascinating career. He was part of the at the Dallas Fort-Worth Metro Police Department for over 20 years. Later, he went to start his own detective agency called the  Gomez Detective Agency , secured and authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety, becoming the top detective and investigative agency in North Texas and attracting the attention of the national television program, Cheaters. Detective Gomez  received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Dallas Baptist University. In addition, Detective Gomez completed his master’s degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix. Then he served for more than twelve years in law enforcement, ten of those years in the metropolitan area. His law enforcement experience provided him a set of skills to succeed in private detective work. With experience in criminal and civil cases, Detective Gomez has set the foundation for his agency and provided opportunities for the agency to excel and grow. Shortly after Cheaters reached out for Gomez to be part of the cast, he rose to Chief Detective of the reality show.   In addition to the success of the program,  Gomez’s agency  has appeared in national publications such as Morning News, GQ Magazine, D Magazine, Woman’s, Fort Worth Weekly, ABC 20/20, FOX 4 News, Telemundo, Al Dia, and Telegrama estrella. What separates  Gomez  from others is his profession is the knowledge and unwavering focus on the client’s situation. “When I meet with a new client or even a potential client, I give everything I can, ask the necessary questions and analyze the needs of the clients to make sure that the objectives are achieved and we can unmask the truth,” Gomez said about his focus interacting with the client. When a client comes to his office for the first time, Gomez understands that the relationship is the most important factor.  Detective Gomez  pays special attention to the client’s situation and is as empathetic as possible to ensure that their experience is first class. This in turn gives the client reassurance that the process will be easy and that they can have an answer to their doubts. Gomez , a dynamic leader with experience in the field of law enforcement, also understands the value of communication and knowledge. He is always looking for ways to grow with both his company and staff to be able to give a better service to all of his clients. Part of his success, he says, is to focus on the client and the challenges they face when they arrive at their office for a consultation. When we talk about  Gomez , it is clear that he understands each one of his clients well and that his service is recognized nationally. When it comes to serving his community, Gomez is especially proud of his podcast,  “Beyond Cheaters: The Detective Gomez Files,”  which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. Aside from his day to day investigations, Mr. Gomez runs a successful online spy shop,  p.i. spy tools , where you can find the latest spy tools used by law enforcement units and the best detectives across the country. For more information about the Gomez Detective Agency, click  here .'

Christian Wade hails ‘crazy’ Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as he eyes historic NFL debut – The Sun

Career and Work Best World News

CHRISTIAN WADE insists walking out onto the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as an NFL player would top anything he achieved in rugby.The former Wasps flier, 28, was released from his contract in October so he could pursue a career Stateside, where he will
'CHRISTIAN WADE insists walking out onto the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as an NFL player would top anything he achieved in rugby.The former Wasps flier, 28, was released from his contract in October so he could pursue a career Stateside, where he will try an earn a spot in the Buffalo Bills squad.Spurs threw open the doors of their £1bn new home – the first in the UK with custom NFL facilities – to host trials for a groundbreaking academy in North London.And after giving some of the hopeful schoolkids a pep talk, Wade set his sights on joining them on the turf one day.Asked about the arena, he told SunSport: \'It’s sick.I came here for the Manchester City game in the Champions League and I was blown away. \'I didn’t even know it could transform into this.When I first came and when they showed me the videos I said ‘ this is crazy’ and now I’m here today to see it in the flesh, it looks awesome. \'Playing here would definitely top everything I’ve done in my career I’ve had some pretty big moments – playing in a Premiership final, representing the British and Irish Lions – but this would definitely be right at the top of the list.\' NEW PATH TO GLORY Wade faces astronomical odds in reaching the NFL via the International Player Pathway Program, which awards teams an extra spot in their practice squads to welcome potential stars from abroad.Carolina Panthers star Efe Obada – who grew up in London – became the first graduate to skip the traditional college route and make a start in the league in 2018.But there are moves being made to bridge the gap, with youngsters from all over the country – and even Europe – aiming to earn a spot in the NFL academy in Barnet.The newly-formed program will provide specialised coaching in the sport for its students designed to imitate the American High School system.I'd give myself a B so far but the real work starts when we get padded up.That's the man test.Next up for Wade is an intense pre-season schedule, where he will wear pads for the first time, and the former England speedster firmly believes he has the skills to make the Bills.Wade added: \'It’s tough, being able to learn plays and learn lots of information to being physically ready to go when your name’s called to go – you can be on the sidelines for a while. \'The Bills have been incredible everyone’s been welcoming.The coaches and other running backs are always there to ask questions of, we're all working to be the best we can be as a team. \'I’d give myself a B so far, I’ve picked up the playbook pretty well and I haven’t really dropped too many balls.I've fumbled a few, which I guess you want to get them out of the way early doors because if you fumble you aren’t going to make a team. \'I feel like I’ve been able to mix it with the guys and show a glimpse of what I can do – but the real work starts when we get padded up.That’s the man test – to see who is really man enough to play this game. \'I don’t have anything to prove to anyone except for myself.I've always been someone who wants to be the best they can be and I feel like going into the NFL, that’s something that’s going to force it out of me. \'In order to play with those guys you have to compete every day and strain to be the best version of yourself.\' Please visit www.nflacademy.com for more information.Source: Read Full Article . The post Christian Wade hails ‘crazy’ Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as he eyes historic NFL debut – The Sun appeared first on Best World News .'

Tipper X: The Wall Street Informant

Career and Work Careers | The Epoch Times

Tom Hardin was working as an informant for the FBI, and had been trying to get a stock trader to incriminate himself on tape on 15 different occasions with no success. One Sunday afternoon, the man called Hardin and told him that he wanted to have
'Tom Hardin was working as an informant for the FBI, and had been trying to get a stock trader to incriminate himself on tape on 15 different occasions with no success. One Sunday afternoon, the man called Hardin and told him that he wanted to have dinner and that they needed to talk. Hardin put a wire in his shirt pocket and took a train from Grand Central Station out to Connecticut where the man lived. He met Hardin at the train station, and told him that he had brought swim trunks and that they were going to go swimming at his mother’s house. Hardin and the man walked into a mansion, and the man started to disrobe. Hardin went into a bathroom, and removed the wire and put it into his jeans pocket. The two headed outside to the swimming pool, and started to have an awkward game of catch. “Tom, I have to ask you a question,” the man said. “Have you been approached by the SEC?” “No, not the SEC,” Hardin responded truthfully. The trader began making incriminating statements about stocks Hardin had asked him about in the past once he realized Hardin wasn’t wearing a wire. Unfortunately, none of the conversation was caught on tape. “That was the time where I felt my life was in danger,” Hardin told The Epoch Times. A Young Trader Hardin is 41 years old, and lives in Westwood, New Jersey. In the early 2000s, he worked as a junior partner at a hedge fund. His job was to pick and analyze stocks in the technology sector, and present them to the senior partner. He could either go “short” and bet against a company, or go “long” and invest in a company. At the time, the culture of the hedge fund industry in the technology sector was quite lax about ethics, according to Hardin. Trading stocks based on insider information was commonplace. Tom Hardin engaged in insider trading, and rationalized his behavior. (Courtesy of Tom Hardin) “At the time, it didn’t seem it was being prosecuted at all,” Hardin said. Hardin and others found it easy to rationalize insider training, as he viewed it as a victimless crime. The pressure to perform, the opportunity to commit the crime, and the rationalization process made it easier to commit crimes like insider trading. Crossing the Line In the spring of 2007, Hardin received a call from another analyst in the industry named Roomy Khan. She told him that he had made a lot of money for her and had a lot of great ideas, and told him that she had encountered some information that had to be kept private. Khan informed him that a Moody’s analyst, who was her cousin’s roommate, told her that a company called Kronos was going to be acquired by another by a private equity firm. She knew the exact date and the price of the acquisition. “Before that phone call I hadn’t had any formal training on where the line is, but I knew in my gut when I got the call that this sounds illegal,” Hardin recalled. As long as the purchase was less than one percent of the assets he managed, Hardin could buy a stock without consulting his boss. Tom Hardin rationalized his behavior by telling himself that he was committing a victimless crime. (Courtesy of Tom Hardin) Other firms were taking out huge positions on stocks based on insider information, and Hardin rationalized his decision to purchase the stock. Firstly, he was taking a much smaller position on the stock, and didn’t think he would get caught. Secondly, he didn’t think he was hurting anybody. After Hardin had placed the trade, Khan called him and asked him to pay off the Moody’s analyst whose name was Deep Shah. Hardin called a friend he had passed the information to and asked him to get his colleagues to collect the pay off. Hardin’s friend dropped off a FedEx envelope with $10,000 cash at his office. Hardin left his office and went to the corner of 41st Street and Lexington. Hardin went to the corner, and a man asked him “Are you Tom?” Without making eye contact, he gave Shah the envelope. A Slippery Slope Hardin’s insider trading would only escalate from there. He would cross the line three more times. In 2007, Hilton Hotels was acquired by the Blackstone Group, and Hardin bought shares of Hilton Hotels based on insider information from Khan. “I felt pretty gross the first time,” Hardin said. “Over the next few months, the next few trades, I got more desensitized to it.” On his third occasion, in 2007, Khan had received proprietary information about Google. Khan, Hardin, and several other hedge funds now had Google’s quarterly numbers before the public. Hardin made a trade based on the information. Again, Hardin was responsible for providing the source with a $15,000 pay off. Tom Hardin standing during a speaking engagement in May 2019. (Courtesy of Tom Hardin) He hid the money in his shirt, his pockets, and socks, and boarded a flight from LaGuardia airport to San Francisco. He went into a bathroom, and took the money off of his body and placed them in bank envelopes. After he exited the bathroom, he saw two TSA agents standing at his gate. One of the TSA agents stopped Hardin, and searched his bag. Then they let him board his flight. The fourth time was similar to the first trade he had made on Kronos. It was another acquisition deal, and Hardin made a trade based on insider information from Khan. Someone is Always Watching Hardin was dropping off his dry cleaning on July 8, 2008 at 55th Street and Eighth Avenue when a man behind him asked “Are you Tom?” He turned around and there were two FBI agents in front of him. They sat down at Wendy’s, and the agents told him that they knew about the four illegal trades he had made. They also told him they knew he had been in Atlanta for his nephew’s baptism, to let him know they had been following him. “My first thought was ‘Oh my God, my dad’s going to kill me,'” Hardin recalled thinking. The seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hardin was flustered, and immediately started making incriminating statements. The agents asked him if he knew if other firms had been engaging in this type of illegal trading. Hardin told them that insider trading was rampant in the industry. The agents gave him their card, and told him that he had an opportunity to build bigger cases. He called them the next day, and told them he would help. The agents told him that he was going to have to wear a wire to record conversations with anyone who was involved in the insider trading game whenever he had the opportunity. Hardin went home, and made a list of who he felt were the worst of the worst. The Informant Hardin would meet people at investment conferences and other engagements, and would record incriminating conversations. He would play up to senior managers’ egos, and try to get them to talk. At first, most people were guarded, but over time he was able to gain their trust. The FBI would then approach these people, and try to build bigger cases against the big players. Hardin knew he had broken the law, and thought that helping the FBI clean up the industry was the right thing to do. A portrait of Tom Hardin (L) at sentencing. (Courtesy of Tom Hardin) Hardin had found himself at the stock trader’s house playing catch in swim trunks. After Hardin told him he had not been approached by the SEC, which was true, he started making incriminating statements. However, the wire was in his jeans inside, and the conversation went unrecorded. In January 2010, the FBI had used Hardin as much as they could and released his name. Hardin had been revealed as Tipper X. Hardin’s work as an informant led to approximately eighty guilty pleas. Hardin plead guilty to securities fraud himself in December 2009, and was sentenced to no jail time. Pivoting Hardin’s professional reputation had been ruined, and he struggled to find employment. Every time he applied for a job, he had to check the box indicating that he had been convicted of a felony. Hardin became overweight, and doctors told him he had to get in shape. His wife signed him up for a 5K race, and he trained for it. Over time, he began running marathons and ultra marathons. “I think because I couldn’t work the only way I could express my competitive side was competing with myself in these running events,” Hardin said. While running helped Hardin psychologically, he still needed to find purpose in working. He thought there might be an opportunity to share his story, and help prevent others from getting drawn into the world of corporate malfeasance. Tom Hardin speaking at an event. (Courtesy of Tom Hardin) Hardin listened to podcasts about starting a business during his runs. He decided to build a speaking engagement business, when the FBI asked him to speak to the rookie agents about his case. Hardin now speaks at different firms about compliance, misconduct, and ethics, which are normally dry topics. However, Hardin’s story illustrates the importance of corporate ethics in a compelling way. “I can’t change what happened, but I can control how I move forward and process it,” Hardin said.'

How To Manage Your Money When Your Salary Is Over 100K

Career and Work The Zoe Report

Earning a six-figure income is the goal of many motivated career women, and once it's achieved, it should certainly be celebrated. But in a society obsessed with appearances, it's easy for high-earners to start squandering the extra cash, especially…
'Earning a six-figure income is the goal of many motivated career women, and once it's achieved, it should certainly be celebrated. But in a society obsessed with appearances, it's easy for high-earners to start squandering the extra cash, especially when their paychecks increase substantially. So whether you're making good money or it's a goal you're working toward, learning how to manage your money, especially when your salary is over 100K, will set you up for financial success, now and in the future. \'Earning a six-figure salary is an exciting milestone you should be proud of, but its important to not let yourself get carried away and overspend,\' says Dana Marineau, vice president and financial advocate at Credit Karma . She adds that there's no one-size-fits all financial formula, but the key here is simply to have a plan. \'Deciding how and when to spend and save your money is deeply personal, and its subjective,\' she says. \'You should set a realistic budget based on your life, your goals and your income.\' Ahead, two financial gurus give some money management tips for those whose salaries are six digits (especially if your big raise is relatively new). From staying on-budget, to planning on the future, to avoiding common spending mistakes, following this advice will help you divvy your funds in a way that works best for you. Stick To A Budget Whether you're borderline broke or a multi-millionaire or anything in between experts agree that sticking to a budget is key to getting or staying out of debt . This is especially true when your cashflow suddenly increases. \'The first mistake people make [when getting a big raise] is casting aside their monthly budget,\' explains Marineau. \'Adjust your budget based on your updated salary, and expand to allow for more savings opportunities .\' Not sure how to start your budget? Marineau says you can keep it simple. \'The 50/30/20 rule budget can be a great tool for people who dont have the patience for tracking their spending in detailed categories,\' she says. \'You spend 50 percent of your after-tax pay on needs, 30 percent on wants, and 20 percent on savings or paying off debts. With only three major categories to track, you dont have to dig into the nitty-gritty as much as you would with a normal budget.\' Prioritize Saving If you find yourself with money to spare, Marineau mentions that paying off debts, building your savings, increasing your 401K contribution, and seeking new investment opportunities are all smart avenues to channel your extra cash. \'Dont go overboard and throw caution to the wind just because you see an increase in your salary,\' she warns. \'Being thoughtful now can allow for a healthier financial future down the road.\' \'Saving, both for retirement, as well as other goals you might have, is crucial,\' adds Jill Gonzalez, an analyst for WalletHub . She advises building these categories right into your budget. \'The best strategy here is moving the money to savings each time you get a paycheck, before you start spending anything. You should distinguish between short-term and long-term saving goals, and have separate accounts for each.\' To put it into context, Gonzalez says, \'Ideally, you should start by saving about a quarter of your gross income, and increase with age; with a $100K salary, you should [start by] saving about $2,000 a month.\' Start Planning For The Future Speaking of financial forethought, Marineau says it's smart to map out future expenses so you can start saving for them. \'Planning can often seem like something you need to tackle month-to-month, but think long-term; if you know theres an important financial milestone coming in the next year or two, make sure to plan for that too,\' she says. Are you thinking of buying a house? Planning a wedding? Taking a bucket list vacation ? Now is the time to start squirreling some money away. \'The sooner you set expectations with yourself, the easier it will be to save and spend accordingly.\' And don't forget to prepare for the unplanned. \'No matter how much you plan, you never know what curveball will throw your finances into chaos,\' Marineau points out. \'Building an emergency fund that has three to six months worth of living expenses could help protect you from taking on debt or dealing with consequences.\' Consider Your Cost Of Living Of course, it's important to remember that the advantages of a six-figure salary are relative depending on where you live. \'The cost of living in each city determines how far your salary can take you and the living standard you'll be able to afford,\' Gonzalez points out. \'If getting a higher-paying job also implies moving to a new city, you should definitely do your research in terms what the costs would be for things like food, housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and taxes.\' She continues, \'Typically, housing and fixed costs (such as transportation or installments) shouldn't take up more than 30 to 35 percent of your income. If you're renting, housing costs include rent and utilities. If you own your home, they should include your mortgage and property taxes. Variable costs should make up another 30 percent of your income. These include groceries, entertainment or clothing.\' Avoid These Common Mistakes The temptation to splurge, says Gonzalez, is one that many big earners succumb to. \'The most common mistake people make when they start earning a six-figure salary is overspending, especially if it's a jump from what they were making before,\' she says. \'It can make you fall into the trap of buying expensive things you don't really need, like buying a home you might not be able to afford in the long run.\' As opposed to buying everything your heart desires, \'earning a six-figure salary should make it easier for you to save,\' she says. Always remember this simple rule of thumb: If you spend more than you make, you'll go broke no matter your income. \'The key is to avoid spending beyond your means,\' concludes Marineau. Yes, You Can Reward Yourself All that said, you can (and should) definitely enjoy your success. In fact, choosing to reward yourself for achieving financial goals is a smart way to prioritize your fiscal responsibilities while still allowing for some fun. \'One method for staying on budget is creating an incentive system,\' says Gonzalez. \'The way this works is by establishing milestones and rewarding yourself whenever you achieve them.\' Marineau agrees. \'Find ways to reward yourself when you hit a few key milestones,\' she says. \'Did you pay off any debt? Treat yourself to a fun meal or activity. Did you stay on budget three months in a row? Buy yourself something nice .. that is still within budget!\' After all, it's all about balance, right?'

6 Reasons Why students Should take up their Career as Fashion Blogger

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Career as Fashion Blogger
'Career as Fashion Blogger Change is the need of the hour. But how can you do it?Politician, activist, or volunteer is not just the only way. Blogging is becoming the new degree. A successful blogger is the one other way through which you can send your message across the world. Money is not the only advantage of having a blog. Alexa Chung, Leonie Hanne, Aimee songs and other bloggers enjoy the money which their fashion and lifestyle blogs bring in but money should not be the only criteria of having your own blog. The love and the lack of money is the root of all the evil. There are other reasons why fashion blogging is hit as a career. 1. Network Building “The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you look at a blogger? He/she has must be having a lot of contacts and this is what it’s all about. Astonishing blog posts make the readers message you personally. Those people are of two types- one would ask for your help and the other will help you. You can reach out to millions of people through one post. 2. Passion turns into business Sometimes a blog starts out as a hobby only to become a full-time business. Having own’s business has its own perks. Workers work hard enough not to be fired, and owners pay just enough so that workers won’t quit – Robert  T. Kiyosaki . So now it’s up to you, on which side you want to be. You can easily turn your hobby or passion by just having a fantastic blog. 3 . Increase your clientele base You can attract more clients but consistency is the only key that can make you succeed. A static website will neither retain or entice new clients. Publishing in-depth blog post will not only solve the problem of your readers but also make them trust and respect you. Your readers know where to find the solution to their problem and will share your articles ultimately expanding the horizon of your reach. 4. Voracious Learner One of the beauties of the blog is you will be judged by your thoughts and knowing your worth which is far more than a penny. Your weekly posting up a new content will keep the pursuit of knowledge always up. Blogging gives a great kick to your career.  5. Gain trust socially The popular saying “money can’t buy everything” is contradicted by “The person who says that, does not know where to shop from or to travel to”. But can money buy trust? No, it’s a value which is built over time. If you post valuable content, you will be able to earn the trust of your readers. It will be easy for you to accomplish goals online as the number of readers increases with time. 6. Better Job Opportunity 20 years ago, no blog existed but now there are millions of blogs that you will find. People are going digital. Solution to every problem can be found online. In the same way, these days,companies also hire employees who have a strong online influence to benefit their company indirectly.Bloggers always have an upper hand over the others in interviews. Some people have a good hand at writing while the others need to develop this skill and anyone can be good at writing by just practising. You can opt for a course in blogging. Pearl Academy is considered one of the best institutes for fashion blogging course . Hope this article helps you put your thoughts in place regarding career in fashion blogging.'