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'Queer Eye' Season 4 became self-aware. That's a big change.

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Six minutes into the first episode of Queer Eye Season 4, something happens that has never happened on the show before. The Fab Five — Tan, Karamo, Jonathan, Antoni, and Bobby — enter a gymnasium packed with high school students and are greeted
'Six minutes into the first episode of Queer Eye Season 4, something happens that has never happened on the show before. The Fab Five — Tan, Karamo, Jonathan, Antoni, and Bobby — enter a gymnasium packed with high school students and are greeted with wild, screaming applause. The school is in full pep rally mode, Jonathan performs with the cheerleaders, and the Fab Five take turns hyping the crowd up on the mic before whisking hero Kathi Dooley off for her weeklong makeover. For the rest of the episode the Fab Five hang around the school, taking over classrooms and talking to students who appear starstruck and thrilled to be hanging out with real-life Netflix stars.  Read more.. More about Tan France , Jonathan Van Ness , Queer Eye Season 4 , Entertainment , and Movies Tv Shows'

Things I'd Tell My Younger Self Before College, So Listen & Learn

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The word around the block is that you graduated high school. About a month ago, you tossed your cap with your besties by your side, promised each other that you'd stay in touch, and started looking toward the future. For you, the future brings a…
'The word around the block is that you graduated high school. About a month ago, you tossed your cap with your besties by your side, promised each other that you'd stay in touch, and started looking toward the future. For you, the future brings a whole lot of \'new,\' but you're more than ready for it. You're going to college, living in a place filled with skyscrapers instead of hiking trails and tiny ice cream shops like your hometown, and diving headfirst into your dreams. You may not entirely know what to expect from the experience. But, you're excited, nonetheless. I felt the same way, and if I could do it all again, these are the things I'd tell my younger self before college . The truth is, like most millennials who come to their campus without a clue as to where the buildings are or what pasta dishes are so good at the dining hall, you'll figure things out as the semesters go. You'll learn about all the clubs and extracurricular activities you can be part of, and that some classes don't require books because all of the material is online or in slides. You may switch your major, call your mom for advice, or complete a bunch of paperwork so you can study abroad. Together, it'll be your college experience. These are the five things I wish I knew when I was in your shoes. , 1. Take Time To Make Genuine Friends First things first: If I could go back in time and space, and chat with my younger self, I'd tell her to take some time in college to make genuine friends . Although I found my people and love the memories we made together on campus and now, it wasn't always that way. My first semester or two, I hated the idea of navigating college alone and probably rushed into some friendships that weren't meant to be. I spent entire weeks hanging out with girls from my classes who didn't have any of the same interests as me, or making awkward small talk with people who lived on my hall. My mindset was quantity over quality. Surprise! That mindset was, well, wrong for me. Yes, it's essential to meet different people at college, have talks with them about their passions, opinions, and favorite snacks, and stay open-minded. But, I learned it's also important to find friends who will have heart-to-hearts with you at midnight, give you space to be yourself, and make your experience so fun and loving. 2. Early Morning Classes Aren't That Bad The summer before I started college, I spent a few days on campus at freshman orientation. There, I listened to lengthy presentations about the fitness center and the study abroad programs that were offered. On the last day, I signed up for my classes. I scrolled through the different professors, class times, and concentrations for English, math, and astronomy, making sure that I didn't sign up for anything before 8 a.m. After all, I had heard horror stories about those early morning classes and having to wake up and walk across campus before noon like a zombie. But, as my college years went on, I came to find that those early morning classes weren't that bad. In fact, it's refreshing to wake up, grab your coffee at the dining hall before the crowds come in, and get started on your to-do list for the day. It leaves you more time for everything hanging out with your friends, getting involved with the student-run radio station, and going to a cute coffee shop around the corner. 3. Find A Cozy Study Spot On Campus Next to all the new experiences you have at college, like living on your own and moving into your first apartment , you'll do a lot of studying. That's what you're there for to get a degree in medicine, journalism, marketing, or something else. It may not be the most exciting part of your four or five years, but it'll absolutely be the most rewarding, especially if you find a cozy study spot to call your own. This may be a picnic table near the quad, or a corner booth in the dining hall that's quiet and has prime access to snacks. It may be a room near your professor's office, or an oversized chair at a caf that's five or 10 minutes away. Either way, it'll be your go-to space for when you have a huge exam to study for, or a presentation to finish before midnight. It'll make you feel calm, while you try to be productive, and turn this new place into \'home.\' 4. Don't Overpack Your Schedule Spoiler alert: You can do anything you set your heart and mind to, in college and beyond. But, you can't do everything . This is a lesson I've learned the hard way, as a college student and a verified member of the \'real world.\' It's something you can and should , remind yourself of every day, before you say \'yes\' to another club, class, or commitment. It can be really easy to stretch yourself too thin, especially when you have a lot of interests and ambitions. As a freshman, you'll likely find yourself putting your email address and name down for so many things, from group trips in the city to rush for Greek life. Don't be afraid to say \'no\' sometimes, and give yourself space, time, and energy to enjoy college. This experience usually only comes around once, and you don't want to miss out on things because you're overwhelmed with stress. Chase your dreams, leave yourself with zero regrets, but also learn the difference between being able to do anything and actually doing everything . 5. Two Words: Study Abroad Last but not least, if I could give you or the younger version of myself one piece of advice before going to college it would be this: Study abroad. Although it can be scary to leave your campus and what you're used to behind, it was by far the most beautiful experience of my college career, and let's be honest, life thus far. It turned me into that kid who always talk about her semester in Florence , but happily so. Although I was away from my campus and a bunch of my friends for five months, I was traveling to new countries, making once-in-a-lifetime memories, and learning valuable lessons about the world. I was soaking in the saltwater of the Mediterranean Sea, and eating chocolate croissants at midnight with friends who turned into family. There has been nothing like that semester in my life thus far. I'd highly suggest having that experience for yourself, and going to London, Barcelona, or Rome. It'll teach you so much about yourself, give you incredible stories to tell, and introduce you to even more \'new.\' The best really is yet to come.'

11 Truths Of Moving Into In A Dorm That'll Help Make The Transition Smoother

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Pretty soon, you'll be off to college, but right now, you're packing up and getting everything together that you might need to live your best #DormLife. If this is your freshman year, you might not be entirely sure what to expect. You may wish to…
'Pretty soon, you'll be off to college, but right now, you're packing up and getting everything together that you might need to live your best #DormLife. If this is your freshman year, you might not be entirely sure what to expect. You may wish to have something similar to Rory's dorm situation from Gilmore Girls, but the truths of moving into a dorm aren't exactly the same as something you'd see on TV or in the movies. I can definitely tell you that Felicity's \'NYU\' dorm was certainly not my experience. I had to share a room half that size with two other roommates and closet space that wasn't even big enough for one person. It was an adjustment, but I actually loved it. In fact, I lived in the dorms all four years of college. As much as I wanted rooms like Rory and Felicity's to be real, I was faced with adjusting to living in the dorms those first few weeks of freshman year. It's not the same as living at home with your own room, and having your siblings, parents, and friends there to help out. For the first time ever, you might be on your own. Luckily, it's a lot easier to manage when you're faced with these 11 truths ahead of time. As long as you're prepared, you'll be ready to tackle the school year with all the confidence. , 1. Your Dorm Is A Blank Canvas You Get To Decorate Every dorm room starts out the same, but with each new student living there, it becomes a reflection of their unique personality. I loved going to Target to buy decor to make my dorm feel like a new home away from home. If you love decorating, you'll love filling your walls with all the artwork and posters you want. 2. You Can Adjust The Bed To Your Liking Just like every dorm starts out bare, your bed is just a generic bed. It may not start out as cozy as your bed at home, but after a little bit of work, you can make it your go-to spot to lounge in after a long day of lectures. 3. You And Your Roomie Might Need To Compromise On Volume Levels One of the first things you and your new roomie should consider doing when you move in is having a meeting to set some ground rules you're both happy with. Some people like their room to be pretty quiet, and other people love having the TV on all the time. You can both come to a compromise on quiet times needed for both of you. 4. There May Not Be Space For Everything, So You Can Get Creative Most dorm rooms don't necessary come with a ton of storage space, so you'll need to get a little creative. Consider buying some bed risers so you can store things under there, or invest in cute storage containers that won't take up too much space. 5. Having People Over Should Be Planned In Advance Since you're living in a shared space, you should check in with your roommate whenever you want to bring people over, and vice versa. Neither of you will likely appreciate unexpectedly coming home to a room full of people after a long day. 6. Adding Laundry To Your Weekly To-Do List Is #Necessary Get in the habit of setting aside a day every week that's just dedicated to laundry. You can even make a fun plan out of it with your roomie and grab smoothies or pizza afterwards. 7. You're In Charge Of Waking Yourself Up In The Morning Waking up is all on you. Don't get too attached to that snooze button, because you are adulting now, after all. Your roommate won't love hearing your phone go off every few minutes with the same alarm, either. 8. You And Your Roomie May Bond Pretty Quickly Living in the same space, you'll get to know your roomie real quick. That'll just help you become fast friends who can help each other navigate the new campus, and eat dinner together in the dining hall before you really get a chance to make additional friendships together. 9. Your Desk May Be Multi-Functional The question of whether or not your desk will actually get used to do any schoolwork is up to you. If you know you'll be doing most of your work in the library, that desk may just become an extra storage unit or makeup table. 10. Scheduling Your Bathroom Time Is Important Since the bathroom might be being used by multiple people, you have to plan your time wisely and coordinate schedules. At first, it could be a race to get there first. 11. Your Neighbors Will Make The Most Incredible Friends You and your roomie might become fast friends, but you may also get super close to your neighbors. My freshman year squad comprised of my entire floor. We had movie nights, games nights, and spent hours just laughing together in the hallway.'

Berkeley’s City Council Voted To Remove Gender-Specific Language From Their City Code

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'Manholes' are now maintenance holes, and 'craftsmen' gets an upgrade. If you're irked by this.. consider going outside?
'Getty Image/Uproxx A new ordinance passed in Berkeley, California this past Tuesday that will remove gender-specific language from the city’s municipal code. According to the LA Times , manholes will now be called maintenance holes, craftsmen will become artisans and firefighters and police officers will no longer be identified by their respective genders . If you’re screaming at the screen right now “who f*cking cares about this sh*t!” then exactly! Who cares? You’re so right! Your life will not be ruined by suddenly hearing the word maintenance hole rather than manhole — that’s what it is , also artisan is 100 times cooler sounding than craftsmen and we don’t understand why you’d ever need to identify a police officer by their gender anyway. Berkeley’s city council unanimously supported the ordinance, which will see over two dozen terms in the city’s municipal code changed to a gender-neutral form. In a letter to the city council regarding the matter in March of this year, council member Rigel Robinson wrote: “In recent years broadening societal awareness of transgender and gender-nonconforming identities has brought to light the importance of non-binary gender inclusivity… it is both timely and necessary to make the environment of City Hall and the language of city legislation consistent with the principles of inclusion.” If this is the type of stuff that boils your blood — ugh, please start paying attention to the wealth gap instead and let this other thing slide. It’s a small tweak and you’re borning for being irked. I don’t know why you spend time talking about manholes anyway. You sound like you’re on a dark path toward living in the sewers or freaking out before breakfast. “Excuse me, sir, please stop shouting about manholes, you’re freaking out everyone in this Bagel Boss .”'

Using university syllabi to map the connections between every scholarly and scientific discipline

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Joe Karganis writes, ' This is the 'Co-Assignment Galaxy' created by David McClure. It maps the top 160K titles in the new Open Syllabus 2.0 dataset, based on the frequency with which those texts are assigned (reflected in the size of the dot) and
'Joe Karganis writes, \' This is the 'Co-Assignment Galaxy' created by David McClure. It maps the top 160K titles in the new Open Syllabus 2.0 dataset, based on the frequency with which those texts are assigned (reflected in the size of the dot) and assigned together (reflected in the location and clustering of the dots). It's US centric given the composition of the syllabus collection, but also a unique representation of human knowledge as a collective, connected project.'

Global Strikes #2: To the youth leaders – don’t let your movement be co-opted!

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As a student trying to enact change in the environmental realm via writing, I have received patronizing reactions from adults who, with a friendly smile effortlessly dismiss what I have to say.
'Let’s face it: no adult wants to be mean to kids.It is bad press.It makes them look like real-life Ebenezer Scrooges . Especially adults who run multinational corporations that rely on public opinion and customer approval for their livelihoods.Or large governments that want to appease their electorates before their next campaign.So when youths demand for environmentally conscious practices, it is only natural that these institutions would accordingly race to incorporate articles, panels, and conferences that showcase their “achievements” in the sustainability field.Events like these offer them an easy way of symbolising their “ethical” sides.And what makes for a better story than national leaders and big corporations taking time to assure the climate kids that, “yes, we are concerned for your future, too”? \t\t \t \t\t\t \t \t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t \t \t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t \t\t \t\t\t A Pat on the Back from “Big Brother”  As a student trying to enact change in the environmental realm via writing, I have received patronizing reactions from adults who, with a friendly smile and an assurance that they will do something right “in the future,” effortlessly dismiss what I have to say.When I pitched original articles and op-eds about ongoing climate negotiations from COP24  to national media, many editors sent them back saying their papers were more interested in hearing about how I, as a young person, “was representing Vietnam” at an international event.Who cares about climate negotiation technicalities, right?After hearing from other student activists around the world as part of my #GlobalStrikes series, I’ve realized that my experience is not at all unique.South Africa’s thirteen-year-old national organizer , Lily Shaw , said that one major lesson she’s learnt throughout her eight months striking is that her government “loves” the climate kids. “ [The African National Congress] and other parties in power love taking pictures of me and asking me questions.” Shaw said.It is good for their campaigns.She politely responds to her questioners, but she is frustrated at their hypocrisy. “They’re not doing enough. . I think a big part of it has to do with greed. –  Parties are focused on making money, and a lot of people are comfortable with that.” The Thai activist Ralyn Satidtanasarn, meanwhile, recalled writing to the Prime Minister’s office and receiving a response that assumed the girl was writing as part of a homework assignment.In different ways, climate activists from all walks of life have had to cope with patronization.Sometimes, it may be hard to distinguish between genuine attention to your message and exploitation of your personhood to attract public sympathy.Most of the time though, the differences can be keenly felt, to those participating as well as watching the interaction.Who has the last laugh?In April this year, for instance, The Big Issue , ironically the UK’s leading street newspaper, ran an article headlined “ Our young climate activists asked M&S how clothing can care for the planet. ”  The problem was, well, the young activists didn’t quite have space to ask, confined to truncated, one-line questions that seemed like they existed as probes for the adults to make their point.After acknowledging that yes, fast fashion is “simply unsustainable,” the article gave heavy airspace to “the experts”—Mark & Spencer product development heads, as they elaborated on how the brand is on their way towards “100 percent” sustainability.Nowhere in the article did the climate activists have a chance to elaborate on their activism.The closest one of them was able to go was saying “ When we went to the march, me and Ella made banners.Mine said, ‘The World Can’t Fix Itself, Only We Can’.” Youth interest in sustainability was outright presented as a “trend,” to be caught onto by fashion brands in designing their new fast-fashion product lines.Ultimately, the big corporation had the last word;“ We have done a lot of good things and we’re telling our customers a lot more,” said Head of Sustainability Carmel McQuaid.To this, we are all supposed to collectively cheer on a fast-fashion brand that so far has tried to implement a clothes-swapping program, recycle hangers, produce synthetic leather footwear and put a washing temperature label on its products.Wup-dee-doo.As a result of their initiatives throughout the years, M&S has been awarded a “ European Business Award for the Environment ” from the European Commission (2012), among others.Meanwhile, M&S is still using viscose, exposing factory workers across Asia to potentially lethal amounts of carbon disulphide—according to a string of exposing articles published over the past three years.Look Around the Panel Before Speaking  The 2019 Voices Conference— Business of Fashion’ s exclusive cross-industry gathering for the leaders of the “fashion and luxury business” as well as “big thinkers” of other fields—is featuring climate activist Kelsey Juliana, who filed a lawsuit against the federal government for environmental damage .  BoF advertises itself as the leading authority on the global fashion industry, which M&S and countless unsustainable brands are a part of.More examples abound.At the UN climate talks this year, a Financial Times international conference on “FT Global Food Systems” was advertised, which will feature both student climate activist Izzy Warren and Sainsbury’s Director of Brand.The conference, slated for this November, is sponsored by Bayer and Syngenta, among other big-agriculture brands.Sainsbury, one of the UK’s largest department stores, has been criticized by environmental activists for its negative impact via excess production and packaging.In fact, it has been taken to court by Trading Standards over the later charge, i n a landmark 2010 case .  Bayer, one of the world’s most formidable pharmaceutical giants, has attracted so much criticism for its unethical and unsustainable practices, it has a network of activists dedicated to highlighting its malpractices ( Coalition Against Bayer Dangers ). The corporation regularly imports coal for its energy uses . Syngenta, meanwhile, is well-known for being the inventor and primary manufacturer of atrazine , a known hormone disruptor linked to reproductive harm and cancer.Public appearances of corporate leads and prominent environmentalists are by no means a new phenomenon.In 2017, New-York-based sustainability influencer Renee Elizabeth Peters , with close to 18,000 Instagram followers, was quoted in the Huffington Post saying that she turnt down “probably 10-20 approaches from brands every week.” The real shift here is adults are specifically targeting the climate kids.More recently, seventeen-year-old Jamie Margolin, founder of the global youth activism organization This Zero Hour, boasted of declining proposals from multiple, large corporations, including those in the fast fashion industry.This is a reality that us young environmental activists need to be aware of, so that our independent voices are not co-opted or dismissed by those who claim they know best.But where to draw the line?There is, of course, value in open dialogue across different strata of society regarding an impending threat that may doom us all.Many student activists, while speaking on panels with big corporations, genuinely wish to make a difference.And as a young person myself, I understand how hard it is to get your voice heard, how tempting the offer of a public platform can be.But make no mistake: the authenticity and independence of your voice matters . By attending these much-publicized meetings, us students can be inadvertently helping companies advertise their scarce sustainable projects — some laudable, no doubt, but most paling in comparison to the damage that they have been and are continuing to inflict upon the environment.The divide between intent and impact here is bigger than the divide between baby boomers and millennials.It is always inspirational to see other students standing up to patronizing offers from those in power.Margolin has written extensively to This Zero Hour and student strikers in the U.S. about not letting promises of money and fame distract them from their cause. “There are systems of oppression out there that need to be fought, a #climatecrisis to solve, and we cannot afford to get distracted!” the seventeen=year-old wrote on her instagram . Greta Thunberg, meanwhile, as well as multiple Climate Strike national leads, are committed to preventing their movements from being co-opted, recently accepting the honorary label of the oil industry’s “ biggest threat. ”  It may be a long and arduous journey, the inchoate stages of starting a movement in your area to change systems with deep roots.But it’s better to not take the easy way out.  \t\t \t \t\t\t \t \t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t . The post Global Strikes #2: To the youth leaders – don’t let your movement be co-opted! appeared first on Climate Tracker .'