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Fox News accused Ilhan Omar of a “profanity-laced attack on Trump”—the only profanity being his own words.

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You can't make this stuff up.
'I'm losing track of how many times I've said, \'You can't make this stuff up,\' but here's one more to add to the list. Fox News published  an article  earlier this week with the headline \'Watch: Ilhan Omar delivers heated, profanity-laced attack on President Trump.\'                               Screenshot via Fox News The problem? The only profanity in the entire \'attack\' was the president's own freaking words, quoted from his own freaking mouth and tweets. Someone must have pointed out the obvious, because Fox News has quietly updated the headline, which now reads \'Watch: Ilhan Omar uses president's words to deliver heated, profanity-laced attack on Trump.\' But it's not like adding \'uses president's words\' in that spot clarifies that  the only profanit were  president's own words. (BTW, you can still find the previous headline cached in a Google search—see screenshots below—or on  Way Back Time Machine . See how everything lives on the Internet, kids?)                               Screenshot via Sioux County Radio                                   Screenshot via Google Want to know what an actual profanity-laced attack on the president would look like? This:  \'President Trump is an a**shole who knows precisely jack sh*t about government and wouldn't know human decency if it hit him in the f**king face.\'  If someone said something like that, a news outlet could justifiably call it a \'profanity-laced attack.\' But nothing even close to that happened. In a response to Trump's attacks against her and her colleagues, Omar didn't use a single swear word that was not a direct quote from the president. Here's the \'profanity-laden\' part of what she said: \'This is a president who has said 'grab women by the p——. This is a president who has called black athletes 'sons of b----es.' This is a president who has called people who come from black and brown countries 'sh--holes.' This is a president who has equated neo-Nazis with those who protest against them in Charlottesville.\' All the president's actual words. Receipts  here ,  here , and  here . Now, we all know that most media outlets have some bias, and some have more than others. It's no big secret that Fox News is in the business of making progressive lawmakers look bad. But this is more than a bit of bias—it's a blatantly dishonest headline and designed to mislead an ignorant audience. The unfortunate truth is that most people don't read past the headlines of articles. (I guarantee there will be people commenting on this very post on Facebook without reading it first. Happens every time.) So when a headline is  that  misleading, it's a problem. I wouldn't even call it \'clickbait,\' as most Fox News followers won't click to read the whole story—they will simply read the headline, imagine Omar spewing her own profanities at the president, and feel righteously justified in calling her evil.  Even though that didn't happen. There's no excuse for this. Someone quoting a person's own expletives is not a \'profanity-laced attack\' on them. Not in any universe—even the one in which people believe Fox News is \'fair and balanced.\' Honestly, I'm not sure how The Onion even stays in business anymore. The truth has truly become stranger than fiction.'

This bizarre optical illusion has people either seeing a car door or the beach.

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What do you see?
'Chad Horwedel / Flickr and Cuba Gallery / Flickr ' /> Ancient sage Obi-Wan Kenobi once remarked, “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” Well, he’s right, kinda. Our eyes bring in information and it’s our brain’s job to decipher the image and determine what we’re seeing. But our brains aren’t always correct. In fact, sometimes they can be so wrong we wonder if we are accurately interpreting reality at all. After all, our brain can only label things if it knows that they are. If you lived on a deserted island your whole life and a cow showed up on the beach, you’d have no idea what to label it.  The latest baffling image that’s making people across the Internet doubt their senses is a picture tweeted out by Twitter user nayem. “If you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist,” the comment reads. But some people who see it also think it looks like a car door. What do you see? nxyxm / Twitter ' /> If your brain told you that the picture is of a lovely evening laying on the beach then you’re definitely an optimist. But, according to [name], the photo is of the bottom of a rusted out car door. Not every romantic, is it? nxym /Twitter ' /> The tweet has since gone viral, earning over 5,000 likes. Here’s what Twitter users thought about the illusion. This guy must be hungry. This guy is having flashbacks to 2015. Your perception determines your reality. This guy explains it perfect.y. This guy has a great imagination.'

Easy Prompts to Help You See the GOOD!

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Because sometimes it's harder to see the positive amongst the negative!
'Are you having another week where you feel stuck and frustrated? Feeling like you haven’t done enough and another week is going by and you haven’t achieved anything? When was the last time you actually thought about all of the things you love and are proud of? In your life and in yourself? It’s so easy to listen to the inner critic about all our shortcomings, but it’s even more powerful to acknowledge and relish in the good things. When I’m working with my clients and their natural tendency is to look at what they still have to achieve or everything that they didn’t get to, I encourage them to use these prompts to think about all that is amazing in their life RIGHT NOW! Use these prompts to help shift your viewpoint into one that will start working FOR you instead of against you! Disconnect from social media, work, any distractions, get a pen and paper (or journal), sit quietly with a cup of tea and explore the following prompts: What are the things I really loved about this week? Month? Year so far? What things have I done this week that have filled me up and made me feel good? What am I really proud of this week? Then… What do I want to welcome in more of? Where do I need to create space to fit in more of what I want? Take action… What is ONE step I can take today that will get me closer to my dream? The step that not even my inner critic can stop me from taking?! What are your answers to these questions? Post them in the comments below or send me a message ! Shifting your mindset takes work and it takes consistent practice of changing the way you look at the world and at yourself. If this is something that you particularly struggle with and working through the prompts on your own isn’t feeling like it’s working, reach out to me and let’s chat! My signature Life & Mindset coaching series is specifically designed to help you shift and remove the thoughts and blocks that are holding you back!'

AOC responds to Trump’s claim he ‘doesn't have a racist bone in his body.’

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“You have a racist mind in your head, and a racist heart in your chest.”
'Dimitri Rodriguez / Flickr and Gage Skidmore / Flickr ' /> When President Trump told four women of color to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” on Twitter , people all across America shuddered at the blatant racism. Not just because it was the President of the United States, a person who should represent all Americans, spewing vile racism, it was because they had heard it before. On the street. In their cars. And on the Internet. Many times, as in Trump’s case, the people were born in the United States or chose to come live in this country and love it as dearly as those born within its borders. Three of the four Congresswomen Trump attacked on Twitter were born in the U.S.: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. The fourth, Ilhan Omar, immigrated to the U.S. from Somalia. As Michael Lou pointed out in The New Yorker , some variant of “Go back to your country” was used during three recent, racially-motivated murders. Srinivas Kuchibhotla was murdered by a man who screamed: “Get out of my country\' at a bar in Kansas. Rodolfo Rodriguez, a 91-year-old man, was walking in a neighborhood in South Los Angeles when he was beaten with a brick by Laquisha Jones, who shouted, “Go back to your country. Go back to Mexico.” Mustafa Ayoubi was shot to death by a man named Dustin Passarelli who allegedly screamed “Go back to your country” as he pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, those men couldn’t respond to the cry to go back to their countries, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortzez spoke for many Americans when addressing Trump’s racist diatribe. After people began accusing Trump of being racist, he responded with a tweet claiming that he “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.” Then Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let him have it. “You’re right, Mr. President - you don’t have a racist bone in your body,” she tweeted. “You have a racist mind in your head, and a racist heart in your chest. That’s why you violate the rights of children and tell the Congresswoman who represents your home borough, to ‘go back to my country.’” Hopefully soon we can take our country back from those who scream, “Go back to your country.”'

How you can make your mind into positive way?

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Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind
'You could work at the same time with allof those ways; however it’ll be way more effective if you choose somestrategies to begin. You would like to provide them your full attention,instead of skipping around and diluting your efforts. Remember, you’ll be able to continuallyincorporate further techniques over time; however it’s counselled that yousimply begin with image. Your nous responds well to photos. Image may be a goodway to reprogramming your subconsciousmind with positive, empowering pictures. Strive disbursement 10-15 minuteseach day visualizing positive scenes that feature you and your lifeexperiences. Hereare some unit some belongings you might want to visualize: • Associate abundance of cash • A gorgeous home • Fulfilling relationships • A fashionable automobile • Passionate work • Exotic vacations • A slender, fit body • The rest you want to draw into yourlife As you are doing this systematically, youfinish up redrawing the negative photos keep from your past experiences, tears,worries, and doubts. EXERCISE 1. Shut your eyes quietly and take a deepbreath – simply fill your lungs with air, then exhale and relax. Breathe deeplyand equally and if you are feeling your respiration is rough and sharp, attempt to slow it down. 2. Breathe deeply and equally. With everybreath, imagine it’s sort of a swing that flies up; and as you exhale, imaginethe descent of the swing. 3. Respiration deeply and equally, youwill expertise the physical result of gravity within the lower a part of yourback, in your neck, or in your shoulders. Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Allthose imagine that you simply are a unit directly targeting the situation ofthe gravity with the life giving you’re breathing. Imagine the cleansing andtreating you. As you continue your relaxation respiration, quietly, there’s nownot any tension and you expertise the sensation of gravity merely dissolve. 4. As you expertise deeper relaxation,you may be aware of feeling your heart beat. Relax your head muscles. Let allthe muscles in your face, mouth and lips relax. The muscles in your neck andought tiers should be flaccid and at rest. Your hands ought to feel serious, asthey’re well stretched and relaxed. Monitor the sentiments in your hands andfingers for sensations of tingling, throbbing, pulsating, and warmth or cold. 5. Be calm and quiet as you’re respiration.Pay shut attention to the sensation you’re being encompassed by. Everyone’s expertiseduring this suggestion is going to be totally different. Whereas one personmight feel however serious their legs, hands, or whole body became, anotherperson might feel that they need become weightless which they’re floatingwithin the air. You will feel like your legs area unit liquefiedwith different objects near or that they’re tingling. Create it a degree tobecome acquainted with your feelings and sensations once you area unit feelingrelaxed. Listen to those body signals, as a result of they’ll indicate once youhave reached grade of relaxation; once you start reprogramming your subconsciousmind will communicate positive steering and recommendation.'