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Food producers put taste of Northern Ireland on menu at Open

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Food producers put taste of Northern Ireland on menu at Open BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Almost a dozen of Northern Ireland’s best-loved food producers have secured a place for their products on the prestigious menu at The 148th Open taking place at
'Food producers put taste of Northern Ireland on menu at Open BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Almost a dozen of Northern Ireland’s best-loved food producers have secured a place for their products on the prestigious menu at The 148th Open taking place at Royal Portrush this week. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/food-drink-hospitality/food-producers-put-taste-of-northern-ireland-on-menu-at-open-38314368.html https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/uk-world/article38314367.ece/403b1/AUTOCROP/h342/2019-07-16_bus_51847618_I1.JPG Email Almost a dozen of Northern Ireland’s best-loved food producers have secured a place for their products on the prestigious menu at The 148th Open taking place at Royal Portrush this week. And 1,200 people have been recruited to serve that menu at what is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Of that number, 750 staff have been recruited from around NI. Among the locally-made products to feature on the menu are butter, fish, ice cream and bakery brands which were chosen by international catering firm Sodexo which has held the contract for the golf competition for 20 years. They include the North Coast Smokehouse, Abernethy Butter, Ballylisk Dairies, Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil, Burren Balsamics, Irish Black Butter, Lough Neagh eel, Morelli’s Ice cream, Causeway Prime Meats and the French Village Bakery. Together they will supply up to 77,000 slices of bacon, 28,000 beef burgers, 14,000 fillets of accredited sustainable haddock, 1,000 rolls of butter, 220kg of sliced ham and 200kg of artisan cheese, along with delicacies like dulse and eels. Armagh cheese producer Ballylisk, run by brothers Mark and Dean Wright, will supply 60kg of its Triple Rose cheese. It is no stranger to catering to elite names and is currently stocked at Fortnum and Mason in London. Mark Wright said: “It’s a marvellous boost for a small producer like Ballylisk to be part of such a wonderful event which will showcase the very best of Northern Ireland to an amazing global audience. “It will be tremendous for Northern Ireland and for Ballylisk of Armagh in particular to be part of such a wonderful event.” Abernethy Butter’s Allison Abernethy and her team have been working overtime to supply 250kg of butter rolls to the golfing tournament. She said: “We are very honoured to be supplying to what is one of the biggest events to be held here. “A lot of work has gone into producing butter for the event. The extra 250kg is three full days’ work that we fitted in on top of our other business so we’ve been extremely busy, working weekends and holidays.” Mrs Abernethy said the deal, which was set up through La Rousse, a leading supplier of gourmet foods, could pave the way for further business, adding: “If you supply a major event and you do well and supply on time you will find that if they’re happy they will use you again.” Pat Close, chairman of Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-operative, which will supply eels to the event, described the opportunity as “an honour”. He said: “We are thrilled to be giving visitors from across the globe the opportunity to taste our award-winning, world class product, right here in Portrush. “Being included on The Open menu follows on from a tremendous month for this three-star Great Taste Award product, with Smoked Lough Neagh eel recently winning the Artisan Fish Produce Award.” Smoked Lough Neagh eel is one of the few food products from Northern Ireland with protected food name status. Sodexo says it has been planning its catering service for The Open for over 18 months. Stephen Frost, an executive head chef for Sodexo’s sports and leisure division and a veteran of Open catering, said: “Catering for an event as prestigious and world-famous as The Open is an intensive, almost 24-hour a day, operation that has to run like clockwork over the seven days. “We’ll be serving over 20,000 meals in the private hospitality areas and around 100,000 meals in the public areas.” He said that around 1,500 media and external contractors, as well as security, police and gate staff, will also savour the local menu. Belfast Telegraph'

Brewers Tell Us The Best ‘Summer Beers’ To Drink All Season Long

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What exactly is a summer beer? Anything you drink during the summer! Here's are the favorites of some of our favorite brewers.
'Unsplash Though you’ll see it scrawled on dozens of bottles and cans in the next month or two, technically there’s no such style as a “ summer beer/ale .” What constitutes a so-called summer ale is actually a wheat beer , blonde ale, koslch, or some kind of pilsner variation. The name “summer beer” has been popular since the early ‘80s, when famed San Francisco brewery Anchor released their first iteration of Anchor Summer Beer. It was a light, refreshing wheat beer (in fact, it’s now called Anchor Summer Wheat). In the subsequent years, other brewers have hopped on the bandwagon. What can we say? Summer sells. Since summer beer is more or less a made-up style — meant to describe juicy , refreshing, or light summer flavors — can a Mexican lager be a summer beer? If you drink it during the summer, sure. How about an IPA? Are you enjoying it on a sunny day with your feet in a kiddie pool? Then why not? You get the idea. This isn’t rocket science. We asked some of your favorite brewers to help us pin down the style a little better by recommending their favorite summer beers. They didn’t all stick to beers with “summer” in the title, but they definitely made picks that capture the spirit of the season. Pacifico Brian Morris, innovation brewer at Deep Ellum Brewing Company Isn’t any beer you drink in the summer technically a “summer beer”? Well, I tend to drink a ton of Pacifico throughout the summer. Light, refreshing — you can’t go wrong with that combination. Victory Summer Love Chris Amcher, head brewer at Blue Point Brewing Company My go-to summer beer actually has “summer” in its name. When summer comes along, I like to drink a Victory Summer Love. It’s a crisp, refreshing pale ale, perfect for the summer months. Firestone Walker 805 Andy Ingram, brewmaster and co-founder at Four Peaks Brewing Company Not sure of its reach, nationally, but it’s pretty easy to find 805 around the West. You can always count on Firestone Walker to make clean, fresh beer. It’s a great first beer to have while deciding what your next beer will be. Eppig Zwickelbier Shawn Steele, director of brewing operations at Coronado Brewing Company Eppig Zwickelbier is my go-to summer beer because it’s awesome and not many breweries make this style. It’s a young, dry-hopped, unfiltered lager that’s fresh and light, with enough bitterness to keep it interesting. Overall, it’s easy to crush and you can taste the craftsmanship. Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose Eric Warner, brewmaster at Karbach Brewing Co. My favorite summer beer that I don’t make would have to be fruited goses. They are refreshing, quenching, have low ABV, and are hydrating (salt = electrolytes). One of the best is Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale Rhett Dougherty, head brewer at Veza Sur Brewing Co. Deschutes Brewery’s Twilight. The way that Deschutes is able to embody the feeling of a summer evening at Twilight into a beer is amazing. This malt-forward light beer is freshened up with Amarillo hops for an amazing summer drinking experience. Bell’s Oberon Cameron Compton, brewmaster at Midwest Coast Brewing Bell’s Oberon. It’s a great wheat beer, and places start to promote it more when the weather starts to turn in Chicago. It lets the world know that we’re almost through another winter and ready to enjoy the best summer city in the nation. Shiner Bock Strawberry Blonde Brad Manske, beverage director at ViewHouse VH Beer Shiner Bock Strawberry Blonde because it’s light and refreshing. It’s made with pale and wheat malts, fresh local strawberries creating a crisp and smooth beer. Montauk Summer Ale Scott Francis, co-founder, president & CEO of Santa Monica Brew Works I’m originally from Long Island, New York, and visit often. So, it’s got to be Montauk Brewery’s Summer Ale. Great tasting session beer with a refreshing finish. Our brewery shares the same “come as you are and celebrate life” beach philosophy as Montauk Brewery – – only we do it 3000 miles away and on the opposite side of the country.'

Go Green, Be Lean: Staying In Shape On A Vegan Diet

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There are numerous people who still have their doubts about veganism. Throughout years many renowned scientists and experts have tried to lay solid evidence that while you are on a vegan diet you can lead a healthy, normal life and even stay in good
'There are numerous people who still have their doubts about veganism. Throughout years many renowned scientists and experts have tried to lay solid evidence that while you are on a vegan diet you can lead a healthy, normal life and even stay in good shape. Nowadays, with the contemporary world progressing, many people believe that’s true since you can cook and prepare almost anything, and there are others who are not so convinced. Even though there are many misconceptions that you cannot have fierce muscles and strenuous core solely by eating lettuce and tomato, the modern world has proven them wrong once again. Without a question, you can stay in shape, have powerful abs on a vegan diet. Notions behind ditching meat The first thing that comes to a person’s mind when they hear somebody is a vegan is that they want to lose weight. Or they cannot eat meat due to some healthy reasons. Eating meat and other dairy products is your own choice, and behind that notion can be many reasons. Whether it is due to health, free choice, or way of healthy and quality lifestyle, you can get ripped without eating meat without any problem. Yes, proteins are crucial, but there are many other sources of proteins that can help you stay in shape other than in meat. The pivotal point of building muscles, shredding your abs, and maintaining general health is basically totally identical whether or not you are a vegan. The goal is to avoid processed foods, limit refined sugars , eat foods that are high in nutrients for their calorie value, and eating loads of foods that contain omega-3 fats. Plant foods – natural energy providers First of all, you should rule out the fact that people result to veganism only to lose weight. Even if you will lose a lot of fat since all plant-based foods go through your digestive system much much faster, by eating plants you help your organism intake quality and clear nutrients, detoxify your system and have loads of energy. Many people opt for plant-based lifestyle to maintain his or her weight in the first place but later stick to it because they get acquainted with how much energy and stamina they get after a tense workout. Excessive workouts leave you exhausted and completely down, but due to natural energy that vegan staples provide, like whole grains, you will feel lighter and less sluggish and have a feeling of being full for hours. No meat, no dairy products, but still your fitness journey looks healthy and energized The abundance of versatile delights Another thing that confuses many people is what foods to eat and prepare, and whether will eating plant foods keep them satisfied and fulled. No matter if you practice yoga, train for a marathon or you are getting ripped in the gym, vegan proteins are non-acidic and they have a chock full of antioxidants that assist the muscle restoration process post-workout. Therefore, you will have a lot more stable energy when you eat greens and above all, you feel less bloated and droopy from your training after you eat plant-based foods. And then what to eat? If busy, there are companies that get you covered and you can always order healthy vegan meal delivery  that contains an abundance of delicious rich protein alternatives like tempeh, tofu, lentils, beans, and others. For breakfast try iron-based meals necessary to gain muscle strength like kale and dried fruit smoothie, whole-grain toast with peanut butter, nuts and cereals. You will also get covered with carbohydrates, healthy and minimally processed sources are beans, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Post-workout recovery People who work out regularly tend to experience muscle pain through recovery, hence they resort to food to help them succumb to that process. Vegan food options come to help there as well. Acidic foods like meat and dairy products may increase the acidity of your blood, which can automatically result in more acid, that is a pain, during recovery. Whereas you don’t encounter such issues when you are consuming plant-based food. Therefore in order to recover faster after a hard workout, you should more of alkaline plant-based foods . Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, nuts, cauliflower, and cabbage are perfect for that matter. Plus, by eating a fresh lettuce and cucumber salad you will lower the risk of cramps and nausea after exercising. Boost your diet with vital nutrients If not in meat, eggs, and dairy products, where do vegans get their proteins and essential vitamins and nutrients to heal and boost their muscles and strength? The answers are simple: greens and other excellent vegan sources, of course! Hemp, nut-based milk, seeds, quinoa, tofu, lentils, seitan, and beans. You only need to combine the proteins and nutrients just as you would do with meat. Just mix rice and beans, or hummus and pita, and there you have a meal rich in vital nutrients and proteins. In order to stay in shape on a vegan diet, you also need to consume loads of iron, calcium, vitamins C, D, and B-12, omega-3, and amino acids, all of which are found in various vegetables, soybeans, and hearty cereals. You don’t need any more extra protein than those found in plants when you are working out, as long as you meet the daily minimum amount for your weight and gender. Stay open-minded In the end, it all comes to your self-esteem, determination, and desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. When you work out on a regular basis , you burn fat, carbs and you need to recuperate your strength. A vegan diet can help you achieve all the goals you aim to get when you workout. The only thing you need to do is eat enough food to fuel the amount of training you are doing, and then the plant-based diet can ea easily provide all the energy and nutrients required to train at any level. Stay open-minded and make sure that your diet is balanced and made up predominantly of unprocessed foods. Everyone can stay in shape, build and maintain muscle mass when on meat and dairy-free diet. As long as you intake necessary proteins, keep a balanced diet, and not overload with poor processed foods, you will have stunning body core and have a perfectly defined shape.'