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Lawsuit claims Encore Boston Harbor skewing payouts

Law and Order Boston Herald

A New York gambler is suing Encore Boston Harbor, accusing the Everett casino of tilting the blackjack payout odds when he played there last week. Reading attorney Joshua Garick on Monday filed a class-action lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court
'A New York gambler is suing Encore Boston Harbor, accusing the Everett casino of tilting the blackjack payout odds when he played there last week. Reading attorney Joshua Garick on Monday filed a class-action lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court against Encore Boston Harbor and Wynn Resorts on behalf of plaintiff Richard Schuster, claiming the $2.6 billion casino tilted the blackjack payout odds at 6 to 5 instead of 3 to 2, in violation of state law. Garick claims this change could reduce payouts by $85,440 each day, translating to $30 million in additional profits each year. In a response to the lawsuit, Encore spokesman Michael Weaver said in a statement: “Since opening, Encore Boston Harbor follows the Massachusetts Gaming Commission regulations for blackjack payouts.” The lawsuit was filed the same day Encore announced the casino brought in $16.7 million in its opening week, from June 23 to June 30. Of the total gross gaming revenue, about $9.1 million was from slots and $7.6 million from table games, according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. The class-action complaint also claimed Encore failed to refund slot credits to Schuster once he cashed out on a slot machine. “When a slot player cashes out his or her winnings at a ticket redemption machine positioned throughout the casino, these machines only pay out in whole dollar amounts, without paying change, and without instruction on how to obtain the balance,” the lawsuit claims. “The unredeemed change, therefore, is never returned to the player and is simply added to Encore’s coffers.” Garick said other gamblers reached out to him on Monday after he filed the lawsuit. “We assume other people have also been upset with this,” he said. A spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission said the board is “aware of the lawsuit and is reviewing its content to determine next steps.”'

Two things raise women’s risk of vulvodynia

Research and Science Futurity

Vulvodynia, or chronic, debilitating vulvar pain, affects an estimated 16 percent of women over their lifetimes. New research identifies risk factors.
'Tight-fitting pants and hair removal increase the risk of vulvodynia, research shows.Although vulvodynia, or chronic, debilitating vulvar pain, affects an estimated 16 percent of women over their lifetimes, very little is known about the condition or what might cause it.New research offers some clues, finding that wearing tight-fitting jeans or pants or by removing hair from the mons pubis (the soft mound of skin above the genitals), increases the risk of vulvodynia.Published in the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease , it is the first study to show a link among clothing, grooming, and the condition. “It’s very underdiagnosed because of the stigma attached to it.” “Microabrasions to this sensitive area [caused by hair removal] may predispose young women to immune-inflammatory complications,” says study senior author Bernard Harlow, professor of epidemiology in the Boston University School of Public Health. “Likewise, tight-fitting jeans or pants can create an environment that fosters genital tract infections, which have been shown to be associated with vulvar pain onset.” The study participants were made up of 213 women between the ages of 18 and 40 with clinically confirmed cases of vulvodynia, and were from a large healthcare network in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metropolitan area.The researchers analyzed this group of women’s self-reported histories of personal hygiene behaviors a year before onset of vulvar pain, and then compared that information with self-reported personal hygiene behaviors during a similar time period among 221 women—in the same healthcare network and age range—who had no history of vulvar discomfort.They found that women who wore tight-fitting jeans or pants four or more times per week had twice the odds of vulvodynia compared to women who never or rarely did.Roughly 70 percent of the women in both groups reported removing pubic hair, but those who removed hair from the mons pubis were 74 percent more likely to experience vulvodynia than women who only removed hair from the bikini area.Compared with women who reported removing only bikini-area hair less than monthly, those who removed hair from the mons pubis weekly or more were nearly twice as likely to experience vulvodynia. “It’s very underdiagnosed because of the stigma attached to it,” says coauthor Tamran Wang, a former master in public health student who is now a data analyst in the epidemiology department. “It was important for me to know that this is a highly prevalent condition, and that there are women out there who are embarrassed to talk about it.” Coauthor Jessica Rosenberg, now a data analyst at Boston Medical Center, says there is a lot of work left to do to eliminate gender disparities in acute and chronic pain treatment, “but I am hopeful that this study’s findings will lead to further research into evidence-based predictors of vulvodynia, and improve physicians’ understanding of and treatment of this condition.” Source: Michelle Samuels for Boston University . The post Two things raise women’s risk of vulvodynia appeared first on Futurity .'

Dodgers’ Chris Taylor has a fracture in his left forearm after HBP in Boston

Games and Odds Daily Breeze

Taylor was hit in the left wrist by a pitch in the 11th inning of Sunday's game against the Red Sox. Initial examination did not reveal the fracture, but X-rays taken Monday in Philadelphia did.
'PHILADELPHIA — Chris Taylor suffered a fracture in his left forearm during Sunday night’s 12-inning game in Boston and went to the Injured List on Monday. There is no timetable for Taylor’s return at this point. The Dodgers recalled outfielder Matt Beaty from Triple-A Oklahoma City to take Taylor’s spot on the roster. Taylor suffered the injury when he was hit by a pitch just above his left wrist in the 11th inning against the Boston Red Sox and left the game the next inning. A fluoroscopy was taken at the time and did not reveal the fracture. After arriving in Philadelphia, Taylor underwent a more extensive examination and X-rays revealed the fracture. Taylor went through a similar experience with the Seattle Mariners during spring training in 2015. Initial X-rays were negative but an MRI taken two days later revealed a fracture of the triquetrum bone in his right wrist. Taylor was out of action for four weeks that time. Taylor is batting .261 with eight home runs and a .787 OPS in 90 games this season, recovering from a poor start that had him batting .162 on May 2. Since then, he has hit .299 with a .903 OPS. More to come on this story. Related Articles \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t \t\t\tDodgers blow lead, reclaim it in the 12th inning to beat Red Sox\t\t \t\t\t \t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t \t\t\tA.J. Pollock’s return means squeeze for playing time in Dodgers outfield\t\t \t\t\t \t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t \t\t\tDodgers hit four home runs in rout of Red Sox\t\t \t\t\t \t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t‘It’s going to turn’ for slumping Austin Barnes, Dodgers manager believes\t\t \t\t\t \t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t \t\t\tDodgers’ offense has a soggy start to second half in Boston'

‘Behind-the-counter’ meds could safely treat opioid addiction

Research and Science Futurity

'I am definitely less concerned about people with opioid addiction misusing buprenorphine compared with misusing..oxycodone, fentanyl, or heroin.'
'Making opioid use disorder medication more accessible as a behind-the-counter drug could save lives, researchers say.As of now, the Food and Drug Administration has approved only three medications to treat opioid use disorder: Methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine.But the opioid-based medications require a prescription for use, which can make them difficult to obtain for people who urgently need them to avoid relapse.In a new editorial in JAMA , Boston University addiction experts Payel Roy and Michael Stein argue for making one of these three medications, buprenorphine, more accessible to patients as a behind-the-counter drug that pharmacists monitor and administer.Here, they discuss why they think behind-the-counter buprenorphine could make a difference for people suffering from opioid withdrawal who don’t want to relapse to using drugs like heroin or fentanyl or painkillers like oxycodone. . The post ‘Behind-the-counter’ meds could safely treat opioid addiction appeared first on Futurity .'

‘Racist And Bigoted Lies’: Pressley Responds To Trump’s Continued Attacks On 4 Congresswomen

Politics CBS Boston

Even as White House officials moved Monday to defend his incendiary weekend tweets, Trump refused to apologize.
'WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — President Donald Trump is not apologizing for his weekend tweets that four congresswomen of color should go back to the “broken and crime infested” countries they came from. Instead, Trump tweeted Monday that they ought to apologize to him for past remarks about Israel and about him. When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said. So many people are angry at them & their horrible & disgusting actions! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 15, 2019 Trump’s tweets about the “Congresswomen” are an almost-certain reference to a group of women known as “the squad” that includes Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. Three of them were born in the United States and all are American citizens. The president told reporters on Monday that his controversial tweets are “not at all racist.” Trump said Monday at the White House, “If you’re not happy in the U.S., if you’re complaining all the time, you can leave, you can leave right now.” Democrats and some Republicans have condemned Trump’s tweets as racist and divisive. But Trump says that “a lot of people love” what he said. Pressley responded in a tweet over the weekend, saying “THIS is what racism looks like.” On Monday, she followed up with a statement saying that Trump’s “racist and bigoted lies are disgusting and unsurprising.” “His cruel efforts to rile up his base have serious consequences on our collective safety and well-being,” Pressley said. “We will not be dismissed and we will not be bullied by a Twitter thug.” The four congresswomen spoke at a press conference Monday afternoon. Pressley referred to President Trump as the “occupant of the White House.” Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. “I will always refer to him as the occupant as he is only occupying space,” Pressley said. “He does not embody the grace, the empathy, the compassion, the integrity that that office requires and that the American people deserve.” Pressley described the tweets as a “disruptive distraction” and encouraged people to not take the bait. Omar, born in Somalia, ignited a bipartisan uproar in Washington several months ago when she suggested that members of Congress support Israel for money. Tlaib, of Michigan, riled up a supportive crowd by calling the president a profanity and predicting that Trump will be removed from office. “Let’s be clear about what this vile comment is: A racist and xenophobic attack on Democratic congresswomen,” tweeted Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, about Trump’s tweets. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh also weighed in on the president’s attacks on Monday, calling his words “shameful and racist.” Thank you to @AyannaPressley & our representatives in Congress for doing what you were elected to do: advocate for your constituents. — Mayor Marty Walsh (@marty_walsh) July 15, 2019 “Our representatives and the American people deserve more than a fearful, small-minded commander-in-chief who continues to belittle the Americans he was elected to serve,” Walsh said. Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, also condemned the president’s “disgraceful” tweets. “The tweets were shameful and racist and there’s no place for them in public discourse,” he told reporters. “Tweets like that send a horrid, debilitating, hateful message.” (© Copyright 2019 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)'

Purple & Bold: Meet the new Lakers

Ice hockey Los Angeles Daily News

Recapping what we've learned from the rapid fire introductions of the new Lakers players
'Editor’s note: This is the Monday, July 15 edition of the Purple & Bold newsletter. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here . Remember the first five days of July, when Lakers free agency news was trickling out sparsely and seemed to be moving at a glacial pace? Those were the days, huh? The Lakers quickly slapped a roster together after the Kawhi Wait , and last week, the team started the process of introducing the new guys to the local media. There are some interesting stories that have come out since they started speaking, but they all came in so quickly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you missed some of them. So for our newsletter this week, here’s a collection of observations with links to our stories about the new Lakers additions to the roster, in case you’ve been caught by surprise by the uptick in pace: Anthony Davis, 6-foot-11 forward: OK, so you know this one. But the Lakers blew out a Saturday press conference to introduce Davis alongside Rob Pelinka and Frank Vogel. Some things to take out of the proceedings: The Lakers are expecting to build their team around Davis for the foreseeable future , even though he’s technically only under contract for one year, so they’ll have to do everything in their power to keep him next summer. The other factor is that Davis, 26, is ready for something to change about his image after a seven-year career in New Orleans that rarely took him far in the postseason. DeMarcus Cousins, 6-foot-11 center: This is the player the Laker identify as the “X-factor” of the season, a low-risk, high-upside gamble that, if he can reach his All-Star heights, could profoundly raise the ceiling of the team. People have noticed that Cousins looks slimmer than he did even last season, and he offered a glimpse into his motivation. Danny Green, 6-foot-6 wing: Green was a needed get at his position, and has championship experience with the Spurs and the Raptors. A three-point specialist and competent defender, he ate up much of the cap money the Lakers had once set aside for Kawhi Leonard. As someone who had to wait for Leonard to make his choice, Green offered a lot of interesting insight on his former teammate’s process. Quinn Cook, 6-foot-2 guard: Another shooting specialist, Cook was expecting to be back on the Warriors next year until free agency developments took him by surprise. But the D.C. native has a good relationship with LeBron James, and that was part of the reason the Lakers were able to pounce on him late in the game. Now he’ll play for the team he loved as a kid. Avery Bradley, 6-foot-2 guard: Any Clippers fan will tell you that the past few seasons have been anything but easy for Bradley, who has bounced around the league since he was an All-Defensive team honoree in Boston. He started to approach his old self during his last stint in Memphis, and Bradley talked about why he thinks that might continue when he joins the Lakers. Jared Dudley, 6-foot-7 wing: The consummate “locker room guy,” Dudley might not play major minutes, but he’s expected to bring value as a 12-year veteran. Pelinka calling him crafty might be a nice way of talking around his unintimidating figure, but Dudley described why he’s had a long career even though he knows he was never “built for speed.” Troy Daniels, 6-foot-4 guard: The way the Lakers have stacked the roster, eventually there’s going to be a guy at the end of the bench. Daniels, 28, might well be that guy, but he’s mentally prepared to accept that role and fight for playing time. On his birthday(!), Daniels described how a career of being overlooked has allowed him to toughen up for those situations and hit big shots when it counts. A COACHING ADDITION WORTH NOTICING There’s only one man who has been to the Finals the last five years and has not been a member of the Golden State Warriors during that time : Phil Handy. It’s intriguing, then, that the Lakers have hired Handy to be an assistant on Frank Vogel’s staff, according to an ESPN report. Handy has worked for the Lakers before, as an assistant to Mike Brown. He then went on to join Ty Lue’s staff in Cleveland , before being picked up by the Toronto Raptors in the offseason. He’s won two championships in that span. Handy’s reputation is as a skills development guy: He’s worked extensively with Kobe, LeBron and Kawhi during his career, and having him around speaks to the Lakers’ championship intentions this season, as well as how they want to handle their stars. It will be intriguing as the Lakers draw closer to fully finalizing their staff how roles will be occupied. – Kyle Goon Thanks for reading the Monday, July 15 edition of the Purple & Bold newsletter. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here . Linking to the finish … Pelinka’s plan: The general manager spoke to media about assembling the roster, waiting for Kawhi Leonard and explained the team’s cap management now and for the future. From the mind of Frank Vogel: Another key figure in the shape of the team gave insight into how he wants to play next year. Tampering coming to a head: Adam Silver was forced to acknowledge that maybe the NBA’s rules on tampering don’t make much sense . What we still don’t know: I offered a few questions that still need sorting out after the Lakers assembled their roster.'

GOP governor: Trump’s tweets “shameful and racist”

Politics Boston Herald

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is condemning President Donald Trump's attack on Twitter aimed at four Democratic congresswomen of color, including Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Boston.
'BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is condemning President Donald Trump’s attack on Twitter aimed at four Democratic congresswomen of color, including Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Boston. Baker, a frequent Trump critic, told reporters Monday the tweets were “shameful and racist” and said they send “a horrid, debilitating, hateful message.” Baker said he hopes other Republicans reject Trump’s tweets, saying that a big part of the job for those in public service is to represent everybody, even if they don’t always agree. Trump tweeted that four congresswomen of color should go back to the “broken and crime infested” countries they came from, ignoring the fact that all are American citizens and three were born in the U.S., including Pressley. Pressley tweeted “this is what racism looks like,” referring to Trump’s tweets.'

Baseball Report: Twins, Yankees Likely Buyers At Trade Deadline

Event CBS Tampa

With MLB's trade deadline approaching, the Twins and Yankees, both leading their divisions, could be in the market for some pitching help.
'( CBS Minnesota /CBS Local) — As summer heats up, so too does the MLB trade market. The official trade deadline is July 31. And in the next couple weeks, contenders will look to sure up rosters, while laggards try to offload expiring contracts and add assets. The goal, in either situation, is playoff contention, either this season or in seasons to come. Playoff races will also be heating up, as the All-Star break fades in the rear-view mirror. Most division titles remain in play, and more than half the teams still have a theoretical shot. The Baltimore Orioles find themselves among the few teams that decidedly do not have a shot. The Tampa Bay Rays threatened to add insult to injury, taking a combined perfect game into the ninth inning Sunday. This week’s Baseball Report reveals some of the likely buyers and sellers at the upcoming trade deadline, highlights the various division races and breaks down the Rays’ almost-perfect game Jorge Polanco (Photo Credit: Ed Zurga/Getty Images) MLB Trade Deadline Buyers and Sellers Teams eyeing the playoffs are hoping to bolster lineups, with quality pitching in particular demand. The Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees, all division leaders, fall into the buyer category. On the other hand, teams that have been fading since April are aiming to offload veterans in exchange for promising young players. The Miami Marlins, New York Mets and San Francisco Giants are sellers. And each team has talent it’s willing to part with for the right price. Let’s look at the buyers first… Los Angeles Dodgers The Dodgers have been baseball’s best team for much of the season. They control the National League West, with a 14.5-game lead on the Rockies as of Monday. And they just took two of three games from the Red Sox. Even with their stellar roster, they could use another arm in the bullpen . Possible Targets: Ken Giles, Nick Anderson, Austin Brice Minnesota Twins The Twins may be this season’s surprise team, with a 6.5-game lead over the Cleveland Indians in the American League Central. But are they really a legitimate contender? Better pitching could certainly improve their standing among the elites. And their farm system includes enough coveted talent to bolster their staff. Possible Targets: Madison Bumgarner, Marcus Stroman, Ken Giles New York Yankees The Yankees have also surprised in the first half of the season. Decimated by injuries, the spring training favorite persevered with fill-ins who succeeded beyond all expectations. They still need starting pitching to make a World Series run, since the return of Luis Severino , now slated for August, won’t be enough. Possible Targets: Madison Bumgarner, Marcus Stroman, Zack Wheeler, Matthew Boyd What about the sellers? Miami Marlins The Marlins came into the 2019 season as the only National League East team not likely to contend. Fulfilling expectations, they’re 21.5 games back as of Monday, having lost eight of their last 10. Possible Assets: Caleb Smith (pitcher), Trevor Richards (pitcher) New York Mets Season after season, the Mets find new and exciting ways to self-destruct. And now they have promising rookie Pete Alonso to somehow ruin in future seasons. New York’s other team, at 42-51, is technically still in the NL East hunt. But a 14.5-game margin is a lot to overcome down the stretch Possible Assets: Zack Wheeler (pitcher), Jason Vargas (pitcher), Todd Frazier (third base) San Francisco Giants The Giants sit only six games under .500 in the National League West. They’ve won eight of their last 10 games, stretching back before the break. Yet they have among the worst records in the National League, with little hope of climbing into the wild card race. Possible Assets: Madison Bumgarner (pitcher), Will Smith (pitcher) Division Races Every division race, with the exception of the NL West, is still sort of close. And the National League Central is shaping up to be a barn-burner. Let’s take them in order… AL East With Yankees healing and looking to be active before the trade deadline, the AL East seems to be theirs to lose. The Rays have one of the Majors’ best pitching staffs, with a team ERA of 3.30 and a batting average against of just .223. They may not have enough hitting to catch the front-runners, however. The World Series champion Boston Red Sox continue to disappoint. AL Central The Cleveland Indians were expected to cruise to another title in the dismal AL Central. But it hasn’t worked out that way, at least not yet. The surprising Twins continue to be among the best-hitting teams in baseball, leading the majors in home runs (171) and team average (.271). Can they hold their lead in what’s already a two-team race? AL West The Houston Astros lead the AL West, as predicted. The Oakland A’s lurk just six games back, though, and they tend to come on in the second half of the season. Even the Texas Rangers continue to stick around. This order will likely persist, with the Astros taking the division again and the A’s competing for a wild card spot. NL East The NL East could get interesting. While the Braves lead by a healthy seven games, they will face the second-place Nationals 14 times and the third-place Phillies 10 times before the end of the season. With the Nats surging, and the Phillies hanging around, this race is far from over. NL Central The NL Central continues to be MLB’s closest race, with the entire division separated by only 6.5 games. The Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers, the division’s top two teams, have two three-game series in the next few weeks, which could provide some clarity. Then again, the St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds are all capable of making a run. So who knows? NL West The NL West belongs to the Dodgers, the best team in baseball. And the Diamondbacks and Rockies, both 14.5 games back, won’t catch them. They won’t even figure into the wild card conversation. The Dodgers, meanwhile, look destined for another World Series appearance in a National League ill-equipped to stop them. Rays’ Almost-Perfect Game Shutting out the Orioles is no great accomplishment this season. But the Tampa Bay Rays almost accomplished an MLB first: a combined perfect game . Ryne Stanek and Ryan Yarbrough threw eight perfect innings, getting outs on all 24 batters they faced. Stanek pitched the first two innings and Yarbrough the next six, before allowing two hits in the ninth. Oriole Hanser Alberto ruined the combined perfect game with his lead-off single in the ninth inning. The Orioles added two more hits and a run in the ninth, eventually losing 4-1, but saving themselves from further embarrassment.'