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Zuma channels Jon Snow: Tells Zondo “I don’t know”

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During a long and tiresome day in front of the Zondo Commission, it’s becoming clear that Jacob Zuma’s testimony is not going to live up to the hype.
'It’s quite possible that our expectations were just too high. What we have learnt is that Jacob Zuma needs new spectacles. The pair he brought along to the Commission seems unfit for the task of sifting through legal papers. We have also learnt that through a combination of poor memory and denials, it’s unlikely that we’ll know any more about the former president’s role in the State Capture when his appearance at the commission is done than we did when the week started. Plausible deniability Zuma seems to have plausible deniability concerning the individual allegations that are being lobbed at him. “No, I’ve got no idea what’s happening here” At the moment it looks as though Zuma’s story seems to be that he is the victim of a 29-year-long conspiracy. A conspiracy which culminated in the supposed state capture to remove him from office. As for the allegations of his involvement, Zuma is daring Pretorius et al. to prove that he ever did the bidding of the Guptas. Much of the testimony shows the Gupta’s threats are disconnected from the direct power of Zuma where the relationship is assumed but seemingly never spoken aloud. “Well, I know nothing about this matter.” The Gupta-Zuma nexus is the shadow that cannot be named and it lurks in the background of each story that Zuma is being confronted with. But as at the end of day two, only the Gupta’s are visible through the darkness. “No, let me not comment because I don’t know about these things.” In addition, Zuma denies ever being at the Gupta residence with Vytjie Mentor, even saying that the didn’t know who she was. He only remember who she was after he was a shown a picture of her. Ear lier this year, Mentor claimed at the Commission that Zuma was with her at the Gupta house when Ajay Gupta offered her a ministerial posistion. But of course, Zuma knows nothing about that. “No recollection whatsoever at all. Nothing, nothing, nothing like that.” Also read – State capture inquiry: Vytjie Mentor unpacks the Zupta connection Zuma’s drama and death threats The day did start with a bit of drama at least, as the former president revealed that he received death threats against his own life, that of his children as well as his lawyers; seemingly in response to his explosive statement yesterday. Zuma certainly threw the cat amongst the pigeons yesterday. While he may not know much about what the Zondo Commission is asking him, he must have known that his threats and accusations would be very unpopular among certain groups within the ANC. The day adjourned as the former president was confronted with Barbara Hogan’s evidence. The optimist in me hopes that tomorrow will bring a “you can’t handle the truth!” moment like the one from A Few Good Men . I’m not holding my breath. South Africa’s former number one citizen is reminding us why, at one time, he was in charge of the ANC’s intelligence operations. So tune in again tomorrow to find out about more things Zuma doesn’t know anything about. Let’s leave you with the reaction of Twitter users. Once again, netizens brought the fire and we don’t deserve data… Jacob Zuma trying to avoid implicating himself #ZumaTestifies pic.twitter.com/DJEsP5HnMy — Property Guy 🇿🇦 (@Thakhani_R) July 16, 2019 Summary of Zuma’s evidence: “I can’t recall” “I don’t know” “I can’t remember” “I wasn’t there” “What’s that got to do with me?” “I can’t comment on that” “He he he he!” #StateCaptureInquiry pic.twitter.com/WrD0EReFPv — Sentletse (@Sentletse) July 16, 2019 Zuma’s Lawyer: Remember what we discussed. You either say “I don’t know”, “I don’t remember” or “No comment” #ZumaTestifies #ZondoCommision pic.twitter.com/HiPVFCqhsh — Ruth_B (@RuthBCurious) July 16, 2019 Mr Zuma, you were once the President of RSA, please take us through your experience. JZ: I don't remember. #StateCaptureInquiry #JacobZuma pic.twitter.com/Z4JlEdOPt6 — Zukisani Ndwendwe (@MrNdwendwe) July 15, 2019 So someone threatened to kill Zuma and all of his twentysomething kids…? pic.twitter.com/Pi67vuQrDW — Bushy….🤘 (@Pondolegend) July 16, 2019'

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Former president Jacob Zuma says he has had enough of a decades-old campaign against him — and threatens the accusers from the witness stand at the Zondo Commission.
'Former president Jacob Zuma says he has had enough of a decades-old campaign against him — and threatens the accusers from the witness stand at the Zondo Commission.'